Alabama, Auburn In a New Era of Debate

Ben CulpepperContributor ISeptember 10, 2008

After reading a recent article about Alabama football and ignorant fans, I was motivated to write this article. The article I read was about ignorant Alabama fans and their constant reminders to the world of 12 national championships. Lately, even during the streak of six straight wins over arch-rival Alabama, Auburn fans have taken on the role of reminding people of national championships at Alabama.  

Since the arrival of Nick Saban, Auburn fans have been quick to resort to the past for rebuttals to Alabama fans and their newfound excitement over their program. Typical responses to the Auburn fan's bragging of the recent success over 'Bama are the following:

"At least we got Nick Saban!"

"Saban raked in the No. 1 recruiting class and is controlling the entire state!"

"We have Julio Jones and Terrence Cody."

"While Tuberville is out duck hunting, Saban is recruiting five-star players. Just wait and see."

You should be able to pick up a theme in the responses from 'Bama fans.  

Alabama fans, at least for now, are starting to talk about the present and future, not the past. Auburn fans' complaints about ignorant Alabama fans reminiscing about the "Bear" and 12 national championships are becoming as old as the last title 'Bama won in the '90s.

I feel as if Auburn fans have instead become fearful and irritable about what Nick Saban might, a big might, be able to do at the University of Alabama. Do not tell this to an Auburn fan, though, because they are in denial on the subject of the future at Alabama.

Auburn fans have switched roles with the 'Bama fans, and now they are the ones bringing up 'Bama's championships and the their past. Any Tide fan under the age of 40 is more likely talking about coach Nick Saban and the future of the program rather than the ancient championships won in the past. Understandably, Auburn fans had to get used to hearing about the past and all of the titles pre-Saban because, sadly, that's all 'Bama had.

Saban has brought a presence and message to a fan base that was starving for leadership. Never before have I seen a more outspoken, righteous group of rabid fans totally take a backseat to a head coach and buy into every word he spits out.

I am positive Auburn fans have heard more about the "process" that Saban has been preaching non-stop, rather than 12 national titles.

While both are annoying to Auburn fans, one can only be rendered speechless with all of the present-futuristic dialogue coming from the 'Bama fans. For this reason, it is my opinion that Auburn fans have been the source to conversations about the past championships recently. That sounds completely preposterous, but it is a very unusual situation.

Tigers fans are in a complete and utter state of confusion. I can only imagine the thoughts in the back of an Auburn fan's head when he hears about the future of the Alabama program instead of the typical one-sided conversation of Bear Bryant and 12 National Championships.

Surprisingly to some, 'Bama fans are starting to use future and Alabama football in the same sentences. It is at this time when Auburn fans bring up titles to snap the hypnotized 'Bama fan out of his abnormal state. In return, the Tigers fan gets the normal fanatical talk of the past, but now they are starting to find comfort in talking about the past.

The thought of talking about Bama's future with Saban at the helm is disturbing and not a very nice thought to the Auburn fans. I think for the Tigers fans, it is comforting to hear about the past because they have become accustomed to this for so long.  

Embrace these new breed of Tide fans, Auburn, or at least be creative in attempts to insult the 'Bama Nation other than criticize it for habits in the past. This is like criticizing a crack head for his drug use in the past when he is fresh out of rehab and trying his best to forget how good that crack made him feel.

The 12 national championships are like crack for 'Bama fans and they have just been released from the Nick Saban Clinic for High Expectations.

Tigers fans will not allow 'Bama to live in the present/future because the future seems too bright for the Tide and too dim for the Tigers.

For 'Bama fans, you are stuck between a rock and a hard place. If you talk about the past, you are a typical, ignorant 'Bammer. If you talk about the future and Saban, you are a delusional, lunatic fringe fan.

So my suggestion to you is choose the latter to discuss. Everyone knows about your past already. So for the sake of interesting and relevant conversation, speak of the current state of the program and realistic possibilities that may come. That is if you have to speak at all.

So for Auburn fans, I suggest this: Talk about your program and your program only. No offense, but when you do this, 'Bama fans will not be reminded of any championships and they will continue to stammer on about Saban and his recruits.

I cannot wait for the Iron Bowl!


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