While We Wait: Is Cain Velasquez-Junior Dos Santos Best UFC Title Fight Ever?

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While We Wait: Is Cain Velasquez-Junior Dos Santos Best UFC Title Fight Ever?

The phrase "best ever" is thrown around a lot these days.  Sometimes irresponsibly.  I should know.  I just did it.

It's still worth noting, though, whenever anything receives that moniker.  And such was the case back in October when the UFC put the wheels in motion for a heavyweight title fight between new champion Cain Velasquez and top contender Junior Dos Santos.

The bout was originally targeted for spring, but that was before Velasquez tore his rotator cuff. Now late summer seems like a more realistic time frame.

In the meantime, fans wait and talk about things like whether this fight could be the best title fight in UFC history.

So can it?

If any serious conversation with the words "best ever" is to take place, the fans should probably define their terms. First of all, given that it's subjective, who are the judges?  The best UFC fight for us hardcore MMA fans (/snaps honorary suspenders) will be far different than that for the general populace, who with all due respect would probably most want to see something like Brock Lesnar versus Chuck Liddell (with special guest referee Spencer Pratt!). So let's say we're talking about the best possible fight for the serious fan.   

It is also important that we define our terms, as "best" can mean different things.  Does that mean the most closely contested?  Most contentious? Most hyped?  Most lucrative?  Best ending?  Bloodiest?

For my purposes today, I'll use the fourth definition of "best" listed on TheFreeDictionary.com, which is, quite simply, "most highly skilled."

There are a lot of great title fights in UFC history. The great fights between Liddell and Randy Couture and Tito Ortiz come to mind.  So does Couture-Tim Sylvia.  Anderson Silva-Rich Franklin was a doozy.  What about Penn-Sherk?

No shortage of candidates.  And yet, when applying the terms and conditions as defined above, I believe the battle for the heavyweight strap pitting champion Cain Velasquez against challenger Junior Dos Santos could indeed be the best title fight in UFC history.  Here are five reasons why. 

Do you think this has the potential to be the best title fight ever?  If not, who do you give the nod to?

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