Talk The Talk: WWE Ranks The Top 25 Talkers In WWE History

RiZESenior Writer IJanuary 4, 2011

It is a subject some of us can't seem to agree on. Something we've asked for the company itself to rank—and surprise, they did.

The WWE released their list of the 25 best talkers in WWE History. Going over the ranks and the wrestlers listed, I'm not surprised by the picks and believe the list was inaccurate.

Without further ado, here is WWE's top 25 "Superstars Who Talked the Talk."

25. Sheamus

24. Rick Rude

23. Santino Marella

22. Ted Dibiase Sr.

21. The Miz

20. Jesse Ventura

19. Triple H

18. Paul Heyman

17. Edge

16. Mr. McMahon

15. Billy Graham

14. Mick Foley

13. Hulk Hogan

12. CM Punk

11. Randy Savage

10. JBL

9. Bobby Heenan

8. Dusty Rhodes

7. John Cena

6. Jake Roberts

5. Chris Jericho

4. Ric Flair

3. The Rock

2. Roddy Piper

1. Stone Cold Steve Austin


Ok let's see. Notice anyone missing Creatures? Yes, that's right, Shawn Michaels is not on this list. The greatest wrestler to ever lace up a pair of boots isn't on this list.

Besides that let's see what else is wrong here.

Why is Sheamus on this list? Don't get me wrong Sheamus is a model heel but on the "greatest" list? Already?

Roddy Piper and Stone Cold Steve Austin ahead of The Rock and Ric Flair? Yeah, that's one epic fail. If The Rock isn't No. 1, Flair is. It's absolutely ridiculous to have Austin as No. 1

JBL? John Bradshaw Layfield is ahead of CM Punk? Not exactly enthusiastic about that decision. I'm not happy with Jericho's placing either.

What was also surprising is the fact that the WWE overrated The Miz here. He's good but I can't consider him better than those ahead of him.

WWE should've altered the title of the list because Paul Heyman and Vince McMahon can't be considered "Superstars." I'm back and forth on McMahon being ahead of Edge.

John Cena deserves the top 10 and I'm ecstatic for his placing on this list. Santino's placement suits me because the guy is definitely entertaining.

So, well besides that the list is solid. Actually, one more thing I noticed: The Undertaker isn't on this list.

Question is: What do my Creatures think about this list?