Chael Sonnen vs. Lee Murray: The Most Hardened Mixed Martial Artists

Jason MolesContributor IJanuary 5, 2011

This is one of many pics that look just like this.
This is one of many pics that look just like this.

Late Monday evening, it was announced that UFC middleweight contender and current trash talking champion, Chael Sonnen, had pleaded guilty to money laundering. This news came about on the same day that the MMA world discovered that Sonnen was set to face Yoshihiro Akiyama at UFC 128, just after his CASC suspension is set to be uplifted.


With a maximum penalty of 20 years in prison, one would naturally begin to suspect whether any inmates would stand a chance against Sonnen. Neither Mike Whitehead nor War Machine stand a chance against the former politician. Lee Murray, the infamous bank robber and former UFC fighter, on the the other hand, may have the upper hand on Sonnen.


Tale of the Tape


Sonnen                                                  Murray

Weight:              185 lbs.                                                      185 lbs.

Height:                  6' 1"                                                          6' 0"

Reach:                  74 in.                                                      Unknown

Strengths:  Wrestling, Trash Talking                                   Street Fighting

Weakness:   Avoiding Triangle Choke                             Not punching people

Record:             25-11-1                                                         8-2-1


On paper, it seems that Sonnen would easily mop the floor with Murray. Sure, Sonnen's fought more than twice as many sanctioned fights, but experience alone can't stop a guy who died four times, came back, then robbed a bank. You may argue that Sonnen's performance against Anderson Silva proves that he could manhandle the toughest guys on the planet. Umm, you do remember who won that fight, don't ya?

Murray has what Sonnen does not—balls. I mean, yeah, Sonnen probably does in fact have balls, they just don't function properly. Murray is sitting in a 6'x8' cell for masterminding the largest bank heist in the history of the United Kingdom. He also knocked out then UFC Light Heavyweight champ Tito Ortiz in a street brawl back in the day. This is one criminal you don't want to pick a bone with.

This is a fight I think the world wants to see. Why? Better question: Why not? Think 'Undisputed', but with MMA rules. Betting lines are now open. Any takers?