WWE Royal Rumble 2011: Who Is The Favourite To Win?

The Jonathan CooneyyCorrespondent IJanuary 5, 2011

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The Royal Rumble is one of WWE's biggest attractions and has been ever since 1988, when Jim Duggan won the very first Rumble, however, he did not win the World Title he was expected to win.

Since 1988, we have seen some very strange things in the event, including Mick Foley entering the match three times with three different gimmicks, Bret Hart and Lex Luger both being crowned winners in 1994 and others.

It is hard to say for certain what will take place at the unpredictable event, however, one thing is for certain; it has all the props to be a magnificent occasion.

Alberto Del Rio - The Mexican was virtually unknown to much of the WWE Universe this time last year and now, he is one of the most hated heels of recent times.

Alberto Del Rio has taken out the likes of Rey Mysterio and Christian to prove to all viewers that he is truly "Mexican royalty."

Alberto could really win and is a real outside favourite to do so.

I would say the chances of Alberto Del Rio winning would be about 6/10

John Morrison - John Morrison has had an amazing year. He put on a solid performance in a Ladder Match against Sheamus and put on another five-star display in a match against The Miz on this week's RAW.

John Morrison also battled Tyson Kidd and Ted DiBiase and defeated them in fine form.

John Morrison is very like Alberto Del Rio in the sense that he is a deserving, impressive athlete who really could win and continue to shine.

The chances of John Morrison winning are about 7/10.

Rey Mysterio - The "Master of the 619" has become really boring and, well, "old" in my mind.

Mysterio won the Royal Rumble back in 2006 and I would be really disappointed if he, or any other main event star currently in the WWE, wins the Rumble.

The chances of Rey Mysterio winning are about 2/10.

Chris Jericho - In recent time, we are all very aware that the likes of Edge and John Cena have returned to win the Rumble and actually advanced to WrestleMania.

Will Jericho join Edge and "Superman" in doing so.

Given that he is going to be 41 in November and has basically won all that there is to win in the sport, will he actually return and win the all-important match?

If he does return and win, this could be what may set up a feud between him and another superstar as WrestleMania approaches

Considering the WWE is without Hardy, HBK and Batista, and maybe Triple H as well as the Undertaker, WWE will take advantage of all the "big names" available.

The chances of Chris Jericho winning are about 8.5/10.

Jack Swagger - Jack Swagger is probably the most talented superstar currently on SmackDown and the way he has been treated lately has been horrible.

The fact that this man clearly beat Randy Orton and Chris Jericho is amazing and now that he cannot even defeat Kofi Kingston is shameful.

If the creative team worried more about putting this man's talent before Edge and Kane's stupid feud rather than viewing figures, it would be much higher as well as my interest in the blue brand.

Swagger is talented and WWE may shock us by pushing him as far as winning the Rumble, however, it is very unlikely.

The chances of Jack Swagger winning are about 3/10.

Daniel Bryan - The United states Champion must be a top contender considering the year he has had with the WWE.

They must be really high up on him considering the fact that they brought him back after all the controversy around his sacking.

The fact that he was allowed to beat stars like The Miz and Edge also point out that the creative team and WWE officials must be high on him.  Not to mention the fact that he has had a strong run as US Champion.

If Bryan did win the Rumble and advance to WrestleMania as a number one contender for the top gold, I think him and Miz feuding would be as entertaining as it was in the past.

The chances of Daniel Bryan winning are about 6.5/10.

Christian - Ever since Christian's return to WWE, he was not used as much as I or others would like. But he did have a good reign in ECW as champion and face of the brand.

Ever since the closure, he has been treated poorly and has only one a handful of matches on RAW and SmackDown.

If Edge is still Champion after his match against Kane at the Royal Rumble, I think that Christian has a very good chance of winning it and feuding with Edge.

Although, considering the fact that Vince McMahon has not already paired these two in a high-profiled feud, or the fact that Christian has not been World Champion, that may mean that McMahon still has not decided to push Christian.

The chance of Christian winning are about 6/10.

CM Punk - Punk has dropped no signals on whether or not he will be in the Rumble, but I think he would be a pretty safe bet considering he seems to be entering a high-profiled angle with the Nexus.

The next two pay-per-views are based on gimmicks so it seems as if WrestleMania is where the two stars will compete.

CM Punk winning the Royal Rumble and John Cena winning the RAW Elimination Chamber for the World Title would be the most likely way these men will meet at WrestleMania

The chances of CM Punk winning are about 8/10.

Wade Barrett - The former leader of Nexus started his first year in the WWE with a big bang and I have an interesting prediction for Wade's "Road to WrestleMania."

Wade Barrett is the reason the Undertaker is nine feet under so I was thinking if Wade won the Rumble and Undertaker returned at Elimination Chamber and out-smarted both Edge and Kane to win the title and then battle it out with Wade Barrett at WrestleMania!

WWE seems to be high on Barrett considering they let him lead the company that centered 2010 on Monday Night RAW.

The chances of Wade Barrett winning are about 7/10.

Triple H - Triple H is one of WWE's biggest stars ever and saying that he has no chance of winning would be well over laughable.

This is one of WWE's most unpredictable Royal Rumbles to dates because stars like Jericho and Triple H may return and win it. Plus, others stars obviously have great chances.

Triple H vs. Sheamus is one of the most anticipated matches in WWE, in recent times.

I think the climax of this bitter rivalry is just around the corner and I cannot wait for it to be totally honest with you!

The chances of Trips winning are about 8.5/10.

Dolph Ziggler - The controversial Intercontinental Champion has shown strong signs of becoming a future main event superstar.

Throughout 2010, Ziggler has put on incredible matches against the likes of Daniel Bryan, Kofi Kingston, Edge and John Cena.

Dolph has no connection to any current main event star so the chance of him being victorious in the 30-Man Rumble match are definitely 50/50.

The chances of Dolph Ziggler winning are about 5/10.

King Sheamus - The Celtic Warrior continues to shock people ever since he put John Cena through the table more than a year ago.

Sheamus was a dark horse in the King of the Ring competition and will definitely be in the same case as the Rumble approaches.

If he is victorious, we all know he will keep his eyes on the "The Cerebral Assassin."

The chances of Sheamus winning are about 7/10.

Drew McIntyre - The sinister Scotsman has had a new change in attitude and has recently won several matches in a row now.

Just before WrestleMainia 26, many wrestling fans considered McIntyre a real favourite for the Money in the Bank but after a poor spell of form we were left in disappointment.

Is it a coincidence that McIntyre has been re-faced right before the big event?

The chances of Drew McIntyre winning are about 5/10.


I deliberately left out the likes of The Great Khali, The Undertaker, John Cena and Evan Bourne because I am not fully sure if they will be back in time for this year's event.



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