Michael Null Contributor ISeptember 10, 2008

 What can be said about the man who has done everything there  is to do in the WWE? Shawn Michaels better know has HBK  is a grand slam champion having held every title in the WWE. Shawn has done battle with everyone from Brett Hart to The Undertaker, and has been in every type of matching including being in the fist ever Ladder match, hell in the cell, and elimination chamber match. HBK formed the greatest faction of all time  DX.  The list of achievements for Shawn are endless.

 The past year seems to belong to HBK, if you look at his feuds  and matches you see that this legend is on top of his game. For starters he was put in a  feud with Ric Flair that had  out attention and then at Wrestlemania HBK ended Ric's career with sweet chin music. He then went on to battle Batista and at  One Night Stand the two put on a stretcher match that was unforgettable with Batista walking out the winner as Jericho was begging Shawn to get up. Then came the "injury" and Jericho got  Sweet Chin Music when he wouldn't listen to Shawn saying he wasn't hurt.  Then Jericho attacked Shawn throwing him through the screen damaging his eye then at the Great American Bash Jericho continued to work on Shawn's eye witch forced the ref to call the match. Afteer weeks on wondering what was going om Shawn came to SummerSlam to announce his retirement along side his wife, when Jericho came out and confronted him as Shawn was getting ready to leave Jericho swung and hit Shawn's wife.  That incident put the two in a unsanctioned match at Unforgiven witch Shawn won.


 In my mind this is HBK's year he  had the best feuds and most entertaining matches. Sure you can say Shawn hasn't held the belt in over four years, but you can not deny that HBK is still stealing the show. Now that Jericho is champion the feud is most likliy over so, what is next for Shawn? He probably will take time off to recover, and then after that who knows right now on Raw it seems the possibility's are endless, but with out a doubt  The icon, The Main Event, the Showstopper, Mr Wrestlemania, The Headliner, The Heartbreak Kid will leave us in awe no matter what.