Wade Barrett, CM Punk, John Cena, and New Perspectives For WWE RAW

Vanda RamkissoonContributor IIIJanuary 4, 2011

John Cena was physically absent from Monday Night RAW, but was there in spirit as CM Punk and Wade Barrett argued over whose fault it was, or, to put it more precisely, who was to take credit for Cena’s injury.

The news of Cena’s injury spread like wildfire last Tuesday. With his absence, there was the place for Barrett to return to the ring to talk to the newest member of his group.

If the injury had not happened, perhaps we would not have seen much of a confrontation between Punk and Barrett. This is because Punk’s time would have been monopolized in his rivalry with Cena.

Now, we see a battle between Punk and Barrett for the leadership of Nexus, one which ended with Punk agreeing to work under Barrett, but on one condition. Punk offered Barrett a shot at the number one contender’s match, which also included Randy Orton and King Sheamus in a steel cage match. The stipulation was that if Barrett lost, he would be exiled. But if he won, he would retain leadership of the Nexus.

Barrett seemed well poised to do so when Punk ran out and scaled the cage. He offered his hand to Barrett, but instead of assisting him out of the cage, Punk removed the Nexus armband from Barrett’s arm before unceremoniously dumping him back into the ring. Eventually, Orton would walk out of the cage to become the new number one contender for the WWE title.

This sets the stage for one of two things.

First, Barrett may continue to feud with Punk and therefore with Nexus because he has been exiled. There are many ways in which this can be played out, but the bottom line is that we may be treated to a rivalry between these two great wrestlers.

This will be interesting because the two men are able to point out deficiencies in each other while pretending that they do not suffer the same malady. They accuse each other of being selfish. Yet Barrett seems to forget that he was willing to use whomever he had to in order to win the WWE title. In the same way, Punk showed that he is made of the same stuff by his very actions in Barrett’s match.

This is the perfect villain, one who does not or cannot see his own faults and limitations. Each man fits the description nicely and it will be nice for a change to see how two heels are able to carry on a rivalry instead of the traditional good guy versus bad guy routine.

As the founder of the Nexus, Barrett sees himself as the man who made the careers of some of the members. This, therefore, makes him the most credible leader of the group. On the other hand, there is always room for change and Punk provides the group with the experience that it has previously lacked with Barrett as the leader. The bottom line is that under either of these two individuals, Nexus will remain as a strong force in WWE.

On the other hand, there was news that Cena may be back next week (do they just want people to watch RAW next week?). Or does this mean that Barrett will fade into the backdrop with the return of Cena? I certainly hope that this is not the case. I would like to see Barrett remain on RAW and carry this rivalry with Punk and the Nexus further into the year. If Cena has to take part, then so be it. But I feel the injury has been a blessing in disguise and WWE should capitalize on the opportunity fate has afforded them.