Nobody's Perfect: One-Sentence Flaws for Each Top 10 CFB Team

Peter FleischerSenior Writer ISeptember 10, 2008

(These rankings are the rankings that WE chose on B/R's Top 25 Rankings.)

Well, let's be honest. As much as I'm hoping my Missouri Tigers run the table this year, the team has its share of problems. And guess what? So does yours! Nobody, whether it's USC, Georgia, or FIU, has a perfect team this year.

And I'm the jerk that's gonna reveal it all.


1. USC

So if Stanford can come into the Coliseum and win when nobody expects them to, then the No. 6 Ohio State Buckeyes...

Yeah, you get where I'm headed.


2. Georgia

All I know(shon) about this team is that if they are giving up 19 PPG to Georgia Southern and Central Michigan, they are going to give up way more(no) points against SEC rivals.


3. Oklahoma

Cincinnati played Oklahoma close for a while, reminding OU that "sooner" or later, Bob Stoops will lose one that he shouldn't before the year's over.


4. Florida

Tim Tebow is looking much more like "Average Man" then "Super" with only three total TDs.


5. Missouri

If the Tigers think they can continue to have one of the worst secondaries in the country and compete in the QB-laden Big 12, they're crazy.


6. Ohio State

Ah, I think all I need to say is Ohio University.


7. LSU

The Tigers better "hatch" a better title defense plan if they think Andrew, with his 77 yards passing, or Jarrett, with his 10 attempts, can lead them to the promised land.


8. Texas

The 'Horns went really tough this year in scheduling Florida Atlantic, UTEP, Arkansas, and Rice as out of conference games, and Colt McCoy will be exposed again when it matters.


9. Auburn

Averaging 30 points against Louisiana-Monroe and Southern Miss will lead you to about 10 PPG against vaunted SEC defenses, so Chris Todd and the Auburn offense is in for a rude awakening starting this weekend.


10. Wisconsin

The Badgers were down 14 against Marshall, and although they came back, not even an easy schedule will protect them against a legitimate team—like, perhaps, Fresno State this weekend?