John Cena: Why All the Hate? The Interesting Situation Surrounding This Man

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John Cena: Why All the Hate? The Interesting Situation Surrounding This Man
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*Note: This is not a Cena hate, nor a Cena love article. I am neutral towards him and am simply writing this upon reading many other Cena-related articles that have popped up recently.

John Cena has been called many things, some official nicknames include "The Doctor of Thuganomics" and "The Champ." Others have called him fake, boring or complain about his fove moves or being Superman.

But, I have a question for everyone who claims and even brags to hate Cena: What has he ever done to you?

Has he wronged you? Stolen from you? Done anything as a person against you? Everyone on this site should say a resounding, "No"!

So, why is he ragged on possibly more than anyone in the business? Let’s look at just two possible reasonings.

A) "He has five moves that he uses."

Wrong, he does not have five moves. Lets count the moves he consistently uses:

1. FU (AA)


3. Fisherman suplex

4. Five-knuckle shuffle

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5. Shoulder block

6. Modified back suplex into a powerslam

7. Leg drop from top-rope

8. The leg take-out he does

9. Hip toss

10. Belly-to-belly suplex

11. Bulldog

I count 11. Last time I checked, 11 is more than five.

B) "He always hogs the spotlight."

Really? Do you really think this is Cena’s decision?

If we can all agree (which the IWC never does) that WWE is scripted, then we can also agree that Cena hogging the spotlight is not his choice. He doesn’t go to Vince and say, “You know, I don’t want Nexus to win, I want to beat them, for my own benefit.”

Everything that happens goes through Vince (and lately Triple H as well).

At least everyone knows by now he works his butt off. Not everyone has to love Cena and that is what makes him special, he thrives in this love-hate relationship.

All I ask for is respect—the same thing he asks for. Whenever you see him win a title, make fun of Vickie, or bury Dolph Ziggler, remember who is calling the shots. If you absolutely must call Cena anything, call him a puppet. Because these are all orders per Vince McMahon.

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