White Sox Must Overcome Latest Injuries

Chris GasperContributor ISeptember 10, 2008

"What we have, we have to fight with." Those were the words of Ozzie Guillen after Tuesday nights game vs. Toronto after the White Sox were swept in a double header. His latest message was in reaction to the White Sox latest injury, this one to slugging first baseman Paul Konerko.

The injury to Konerko actually looked a lot worse on the field than word coming out of the White Sox, which is a mild sprain of his MCL and he is listed as day-to-day. It happened in the 5th inning while the White Sox were executing a run-down. While attempting to plant his foot and make a throw to first base, Konerko slipped, causing his knee to twist in a awkward position.

"I never have done anything like that and felt something move out of place for a second and back," Konerko said, "It was scary. That's all I could think about when I was on the ground. Is that what it feels like when you blow your knee out?"

What hurts for the White Sox is that they've had their far share of injuries. Andrew Sisco (out for the season-shoulder), Joe Crede (likely out for the season-back), Scott Linebrink (missed an extended amount of time-shoulder), Jose Contreras (out for the season-ruptured achillies), Carlos Quentin (out for regular season and maybe postseason too-wrist surgery), Chris Getz (out for undetermined amount of time- broken wrist). That list doesn't even included Konerko's injury or other injuries the White Sox had dealt with earlier in the year from players who have returned already.

But what hurts even more, is that Konerko was one of the White Sox hottest hitters. In the last 12 games, Konerko was hitting .381 with 3 homeruns. No one could have imagined even a month ago, that the White Sox line-up would look like it's going to over the next few games, maybe even the rest of the season.

"We have to fight like a cat—paws up. If we're going to fail, fail like a man. Fail with your belt tight. Don't tighten it up now. It's too late." Gullien later added. He's right. The White Sox can not afford to sorrow in the news of their latest injuries. We're almost midway through September and the games left are minimal. It isn't good enough to try and get into the playoffs, they must compete if they get there. The Twins aren't going to give up, or fall from the top like other teams may. They have something the White Sox lack, fundamentals of the game. The White Sox and Twins are nearing the 12th and final round, which may conclude in a three game series up in Minnesota between the two teams. They just have to avoid the knock-out punch before hand.