10 Things KING J Did With His Manny Pacquiao Bet Winning Money

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10 Things KING J Did With His Manny Pacquiao Bet Winning Money
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Boys and girls as we all know your friend KING J is a certified boxing expert for he knows when and what to bet on when it comes to boxing and the rewards for his boxing expertise are rather handsome to say the least.

KING J has even been so generous that he has even decided in the past to share his boxing knowledge with all the fight fans out there as he did in his article: 10 Tips To Become A Boxing Betting Guru Like King J

Now we all know there are those loud mouth talkers who claim to be boxing experts and you never hear the end of their loud mouths barking, but one sure fire way to put an end to that barking is to tell that so called boxing expert to put their money where their mouth is.

You may then get a weak response like: "Oh I never bet" or "I don't gamble." (This is probably because they do not have a real job and they still live with their mom)

But KING J does not really gamble either he has no desire or urge to do any gambling. But he instead looks at it this way fight fans if you are such a boxing expert and you can understand and predict boxing so superbly then is it really gambling? I think not.

Tell those so called boxing experts to put their money where their mouths are or to shut it! For it is not really gambling if you are indeed a true boxing expert.

At the Juan Manuel Lopez vs Rafael Marquez fight I met a man at the MGM Grand who bet $45,000 on Marquez. This is clearly insane to comprehend that a man bet and lost that much money but hey at least he had the you know what to back up his barking right?

Recently many figures in the boxing industry world contacted me and even asked me face to face how should they bet on some of the major super fights of 2010.

Take the super fight of Manny Pacquiao vs Antonio Margarito for example, I had dozens of big time names in the boxing world contact me and ask me how they should bet on this fight.

I provided them with a very intelligent wise breakdown on how the fight should go down.

Essentially if you recall my official prediction as stated in the article: Manny Pacquiao vs Antonio Margarito: Official B/R Predictions For the Fight I made the following official prediction: "if Manny is still in that zone that we all know he is very well capable of being in, then expect him to TKO Tony in either the seventh or eighth round. This is because Manny will want the bragging rights of stopping Tony before Mosley did. If the fight does not get stopped in these rounds, then expect it to go to the cards with the hands of a Congress man raised up in victory."

Anyone who saw this fight knows the fight could have very well been stopped in either round seven or eight as I predicted for it appeared Manny was trying to end it for the bragging rights of finishing Margarito off before Mosley did, but as we all know both trainer Garcia and referee Cole were both on the same highly criticized wavelength of not pulling Antonio out of the fight even though the punishment he was enduring from those rounds on were definitely excessive and pointless.

I told several people who asked me if you want to make a safe bet on this fight then bet that it will go 10 rounds. This is what everyone who asked me should have done for as we all know the fight did end up going 10 rounds.

Word is KING J allegedly followed his own expert advice and bet a hefty amount on Pacquiao/Margarito going 10 rounds and he allegedly had a quite significant amount of cash to blow afterwards.

I have won more money off of Manny Pacquiao's fights than any other fighter and the second fighter I won the most money off of was but of course Floyd Mayweather Jr. Isn't that ironic?

Well boys and girls let's now view a fun slide show and see the many things that KING J allegedly did with his alleged Pacquiao bet winning money shall we?


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