NCAA Football Notebook From Week 2

Kenneth Julian IIICorrespondent ISeptember 10, 2008

While week 2 answered some of our burning questions, it still opened up many more. I can answer one question however. Yes it was a bad call but they should have executed on the kick.



Man can this league go any further down in national respect? Maryland stinking it up against an ok Middle Tennessee St. team does not bode well for this season and anyone who subsequently "fears the turtle" and loses to them.

I am still a huge believer that Wake Forest is really good, that ice running through the viens of that team will come in handy when they are in a dogfight with Clemson.

Georgia Tech is starting to look like a bowl team, and considering how deep the ACC is not, that might not be saying much. However this team is young and learning a new offense, so this might be a great springboard into next year.

Miami despite the score against UF looked good. The kind of good that makes you wonder if they can win the ACC in a down year. That defense will keep them in games for the next three years at least.



You know I cannot figure out who is worse, the ACC or the Big East. Well the Big East is 8-7 this year against non-conference opponents and there are only three victories against FBS teams. And two of those were in overtime to Temple and UCF.

Even with all of the problems there is still talent in this conference, and South Florida's problem with UCF is that the Knights might have just been playing the game like it was their Super Bowl. We will see.

UConn is 2-0, and that win over Temple was better than a lot of people think. There was a lot of bad weather and a lot of things did not go right for the Huskies, but good teams find a way to win and they did.

West Virginia gives me the feeling of a ten year old kid driving Jimmie Johnson's car for the Nextel Cup Championship. I mean is Bill Stewart really the guy to get this machine working to it's full potential?

Syracuse has finally (I hope) hit rock bottom. The tackling against Akron was horrendous and they just looked completely outclassed by a team that may not even go to a bowl game.

Pittsburgh is still looking underwhelming, maybe this team just is not that good... No that cannot be the case, nor will it be the excuse. This team has NFL talent all over it, and they right now just are not playing with the fire needed to win a conference that is there for the taking.



Geez, let's hope for everyone watching the Ohio St/USC game next week that OSU was simply looking ahead to the game. I mean Ohio is just coming off of a loss to Wyoming, and they are not that good.

Michigan needs to find some semblence of offense, there is too much talent there to have all these kinds of problems. With that said their defense can win five more games if they keep playing like that.

It takes a while for Wisconsin to get rolling, but when they do it is lights out. The problem this week is that Fresno St. can quell any comeback attempt that Wisconsin throws at it, and the Badgers will need to bring the heat all four quarters.

Sure Oregon St is in a rebuilding year, but man-alive, the Penn St is going nuts on offense. It's like they are trying to catch up from all the scoring problems they have had over the past two years. Oh yeah and they looked good on defense even without most of their defensive line.

Minnesota has doubled their win total from last year and it is only two weeks into the season. Minnesota beat a pretty good Bowling Green team, and could do some damage to the middle-tier teams in the Big Ten this year.


BIG 12

Colt McCoy looks unstoppable, but the secondary still looks like it will give up 300 passing yards a game. If this makes sense Texas could be a Big 12 sleeper

Speaking of bad defense going under the radar. Oklahoma is playing lights out on offense, but that road clunker you can set your watch to is coming up soon unless that defense can do something to stop the pass.

It's the Big 12 everyone has a bad defense because of the offenses right? Wrong. Kansas was a top ten defense scoring last year. That is right in a league with seven of the top 25 offensive units Kansas finished in the top ten in scoring defense. And by the looks of it the defense is not going anywhere anytime soon.

Nebraska is not quite at championship level yet, but they are not too far off. They will beat someone who is not paying attention this year(look for the games against Texas Tech and Kansas).

Forget Texas Tech as a sleeper, you need to be paying attention to Oklahoma State. They rolled up 699 yards of offense against Houston last week, and they did whatever they wanted to against Washington St. This team is getting great play from the offense, but the defense is making plays too.

Ok don't write Texas Tech off it was a good team on the road. That game on November 8 against the Oklahoma St might be the most exciting game of the season(like the last two years).



Everyone is ready to give the championship to East Carolina. Well as good as they may be (and they are very), there are plenty of teams that can beat them.

UCF played lights out, but they need to be much more consistent on offense in order to wheel and deal with the conference's best, the same in reverse can be said for Memphis as well.

No one is crying for Southern Miss, they are a year away from doing something really big, their best players are Juniors and they are serious NFL talents.

I thought Tulsa was supposed to have some trouble running this offense with a new QB. David Johnson is making people pay with his arm, and the running game is in full swing as well.

Houston thought they might have a chance. They can't be too mad about giving up some yards to the Cowboys, but 699? And two running backs averaged more than 9 yards a carry. Things need to shore up on defense or that game against Tulsa will be rough.

Rice probably will not beat Texas, but if they can beat Vanderbilt then they have a serious shot for a bowl game this year. QB Chase Clement is fun to watch.



Oregon is probably playing as well as anyone in the nation. The problem is that they haven't played the best competition, but they do look really dangerous.

Cal looks like they are going to rip themselves a piece of the Pac-10 title. The way they are playing on offense it is as if defenses are not even there. And this is a team that had questions at QB and any receiver who had more than 20 receptions last year is gone.

If you are looking for a team to watch, I suggest you take a look at Arizona, they are putting together their offense the way they wanted it to be, and the defense is making plays.

I do not know if you can be in the top 15 and under the radar, but that is the feeling you kind of get about Arizona St. Well their game vs Georgia will get some people's attention.

Washington played a great game, only to let it slip away with an execution gaff. How did they not block BYU on the field goal try? That to me is the tough part, not the penalty, because even if it was not called this game would have been over with the blocked attempt.



Florida has some troubling issues and they do not really deal with the RB's. I still think that the defense will have problems getting stops against a team with a living breathing offense. However that offense did fine without RB's and I am pretty sure they will be fine if they do not use them this year.

Georgia was better than Central Michigan but the most impressive thing about that victory is the way the defense played against a really good offense. This team might be really special, but that schedule is a killer.

You have to wonder how this can go on at South Carolina. This team just seems to be destined for mediocrity. I mean if two Hall of Fame coaches cannot help, then who can?

Vandy is looking mighty good, and probably will win a game against Georgia, Tennessee, or Florida. (I am banking my money on the Tennessee game).

Auburn might have the best run defense in the conference. That was a really good running game they shut down against Southern Miss.

Yeesh, Alabama proved it can beat anyone when it's on. But when they are not it is not pretty. Javier Arenas have more all-purpose yards than the 'Bama offense had total. Arenas is a cornerback.

Arkansas stinks. Nothing more to say. Well maybe they could win the Sun Belt. Maybe.

Ole Miss may just win nine games this season, they have some really good players. That game against Wake Forest reminded me of the Missouri/Illinois game last year. Two top 15 teams who were not yet recognized by the powers that be.



Boise St. is doing nothing but winning, I mean that is all they ever really do.

Nevada needs to keep their heads up they played well, but they need to finish those drives. There were too many field goals instead of touchdowns.

San Jose St. go off to a good start, but they were not going to really stop Nebraska. What they can look at is that they have something to build on in the fact the offense was decent against a pretty talented defense.

Louisiana Tech needs to start getting production from their QB position if they want to make a serious statement for the WAC title.

Where did all the fight from the UNLV game go for Utah St. I suppose you can chalk it up to Oregon being really good, but 66 points is a lot to just give up.



This did not look good of for BYU. They needed a blocked field goal at the end of the game to beat a considerably less talented team. But is was a game on the road and good team find a way to win but....

Utah is storming hard to catch up to them. They have the easier schedule with only two tough road games and BYU comes to Salt Lake City. If they can be a little more consistent then they will really have something going.

Air Force is going to be a thorn in someone's backside the way they are playing. Upset alert, they Utah and BYU at home.

New Mexico did everything they could but just could not come out with the win. This is the kind of game that a team can rally around or give up on the season. Let's see which way they go.

That was a hard fought ball game from San Diego St. and they are playing well actually considering they lost to two teams that are not exactly world beaters. But they have found a QB and they have some play-makers on defense. They just need to find a way to close games out.



There were plenty of opportunities and close calls for he MAC to earn some respect, but only one team showed up to make the plays at the end of their game...

And Ball St. is looking more and more like it's their title to take. That offense is going nuclear and the defense is making plays and getting stop when they need them. WR Dante Love may be the best player in the MAC and QB Nate Davis may be right behind him.

Central Michigan did not really have a fighting hance on defense against Georgia, but at least their offense should have got something going. But the offense has not looked up to snuff for the entire season. They need to get the ball going by September 20 when they visit Purdue.

Miami needs to finish a game. Sure Michigan's defense is really good, but there were chances to make plays offensively to shift this game in their favor, but they just did not make them.

Temple has to be a little disappointed. Again a game they could have won against UConn and they came up short. You would have wanted the defense to be able to make a couple of plays in overtime to come up with the victory. But this is a team that will learn from this.

When you have Pittsburgh on the ropes you need to close out, and Buffalo could not do that. They may not be able to make a move for the MAC title this year, but they are doing a really good job of getting some attention of everyone out there for next year.

Akron played a hell of a game against Syracuse, this game showed that they do have some players and the way they played in the first half against Wisconsin was no joke. If they can keep this momentum going the game this week against Ball St. will be a great one.

Ohio came so achingly close, but you cannot turn the ball over 5 times and expect to beat Ohio St. even if they are not there mentally. This has the potential to be a good team, but they need to close out the close games and make more plays when they need them.

The way Minnesota is playing you can forgive Bowling Green for losing, but they should have been a little closer. Or maybe the win over Pittsburgh just showed how much Pitt did not show up.

Western Michigan has way more talent and experience to let Northern hang around like that. The defense, which is supposed to be their strong suit has let suit, has not looked good the past two games. The tackling needs to get better, and the offense could stand to be more consistent. With that said....

Northern Illinois has to be kicking themselves for what was another close game that they could have won. The QB situation is not as bad as it looks Dan Nicholson has experience and Freshman DeMarcus Grady has good ability to come in and make plays.



Arkansas St. is quickly becoming the team to beat in the Sun Belt. They are on a roll offensively and they are playing lights out on defense. This week's game against Southern Miss is huge.

It's good FAU got the win, but they need to shore up the defensive effort. Takeaways were a big part of the team last year and so far they cannot seem to find that ball-hawking style yet.

This was a win for the ages for Middle Tennessee St. Who cares if Maryland is down this year, they have legit NFL players on that team, and the Blue Raiders came up with a dominant performance.

UL-Monroe must be the sickest team in America. They were so close to beating Arkansas that they could taste it. The Warhawks need to work on closing games out, and should use this as a springboard for the rest of the season.

You know FIU played well against a way better Kansas team. Was it just because it was opening day and they were sky-high? The QB play has to get better in order to give this team some semblance of a chance. But I do see one win in their future...

North Texas is getting dominated in every aspect of the game right now. And that is a problem because at least the offense last year was good enouh to keep them in some games. This year it is completly off.



Notre Dame looked sloppy against an inferior opponent. Yeah they found a way to win, but they won despite themselves. The turnovers have to stop. The game against Michigan may set offenses back 80 years.

Navy looked good for a while against Ball St. One major concern is defense. They looked like they were not even there, forget bad tackling, they were not even there to make bad tackles.

Losing to New Hampshire is bad, but 31-17 makes Army look like an FCS school. This is not exactly where head coach Stan Brock wanted to be after two games into the season.


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