Talking Bama National Championships With The Always Civil Alabama Fans

swhaContributor ISeptember 10, 2008

A quick set-up: Growing up in the great state of Alabama, I have been privy to many great sports-related things: great weather to play sports (beautiful golf courses), close proximity to the Atlanta Braves as they won division after division, and an exciting NFL team 2 hours away (before that only 5 hours away). Not to mention being in the heart of SEC country.

Now this is where it gets a little tricky: I am an Auburn fan. My Dad is an alum, so naturally I was an Auburn fan right out of the womb. There are many Auburn fans in the state (I was lucky enough to spend 4 years while at college in a town with 95% Auburn fans), but growing up the majority of the people surrounding me were Alabama fans.

I have no problem with Alabama fans, many of them are my closest family and friends (luckily two of my closest friends are Alabama to Auburn converts and I would like the think I helped them get on the right path), but I do have a problem with ill-informed, arrogant Alabama fans, and as I grew up, I ran into many of these type fans.

I quickly learned to best way to deal with these people was to know more about their program than they did and to put them in their place.

So I decided that the best way to start out my foray into Bleacher Report would be to post an excerpt from an email I sent my dad about an article comments section (back in July) where I ran into an one of these ill-informed, arrogant Alabama fans, enjoy:

(ok, so it wasn't a quick set-up)

Comments from in italics.

I was reading on about how Alabama is hated in the SEC and the writer, Chris Low had to point out how Bama fans believe they are elite even though they hadn't done anything in 15 years (really since The Bear). This quickly pissed the Bammers off including one that made this statement:

"1992 15-0 SEC & National Champs
1993 9-3-1 SEC West Champs
1994 12-1 SEC West Champs
1996 10-3 SEC West Champs
1999 10-3 SEC Champs

This is our championships over the last 15 years Chris Low!! I think we have won the number of SEC championships as Tennessee and more than Auburn!! Get your facts straight before posting this crap about our record over the last 15 years!!""

To which I replied:

"He did have his facts straight, 1992 was 16 years ago, so you named 4 outta 15 years that were good, with the last being 9 years ago. And in 1993, Auburn was SEC West Champions, Bama just got to play in the Championship game because of Auburn's probation, so hey, 3 outta the last 15 years ain't bad, so keep your chin up.

Oh and Bama was 13-0 in 1992, not 15-0"

He then said:

Well let me claim the 2002 SEC West championship if Awbarn is going to claim 1993 SEC West because they were on probation. We had best record in SEC West in 2002 but was on probation.

How many SEC championships have Awbarn won since 1989?? CAN I SAY ONE!! Also how many national championships have Awbarn won since 1957!!!!! Can I say NONE!!! Hell even LSU and Florida who you Aubies claim to have more tradition than has won more national championships than YOU!!! You take claim to six in a row over us but remember four was against the worst coach in BAMA history(Mike Shula!) The streak ends this year and you know it!!

So I posted this, allowing him to take credit for 2002, and I finally have the research written to prove it:

"The streak ends this year and you know it!!"
how long have I been hearing this? ok take 2002, but if you are going to say you have 12 national championships, you have to say auburn has 5, due to the way bama counts championships (anybody who wants to) versus the way auburn counts championships (AP, UPI (Coaches), BCS)

The way Alabama counts:
Auburn - 1913 (Billingsley), 1957 (AP), 1983 (NY Times, Ruthman, College Football Researchers Association), 1993 (National Championship Foundation), 2004 (People's Choice)

Alabama - 1925 (Helms Athletic Foundation, Football Annual, College Football Researchers Association, National Championship Foundation), 1926 (Helms Athletic Foundation, College Football Researchers Association, National Championship Foundation) 1930, (Davis Poll, College Football Researchers Association), 1934 (Dunkel, Williamson, Football Thesaurus), 1941 (Football Thesaurus), 1961 (AP, Coaches), 1964 (AP, Coaches), 1965 (AP), 1973 (Coaches), 1978 (AP), 1979 (AP, Coaches), 1992 (AP, Coaches)

The way Auburn counts:
Auburn - 1957 (AP)

Alabama - 1961 (AP, Coaches), 1964 (AP, Coaches), 1965 (AP), 1973 (Coaches), 1978 (AP), 1979 (AP, Coaches), 1992 (AP, Coaches)

While either way Alabama has more (congratulations), you have to choose either the 12-5 argument or the 7-1 argument, this 12-1 argument is bogus

*using Alabama's way, Auburn has won 2 NC's since Bama last in 1992.

So there, research to prove it, all I want is Alabama to use facts when they argue, and to admit, that outside of the 25 years of The Bear, the program is nothing. Also a few of Alabama's NCs were rewarded retroactively, what the hell?