ESPN: Another Reason to Can the Network

Todd Washburn@TheToddWashburnContributor IJanuary 3, 2011

First, for those who care to listen to personal tidbits in articles, I want to say, the drive to California was terrible.  I made it here in one piece, albeit a disheveled one. 

I navigated the lost lands of Nebraska, the snowbound hills of Wyoming, Utah, the townless Nevada, and finally resting here in what turned out to be rainy not sunny California. 

Yes Phillies fans I didn't fall off the Earth like you hoped.

I am all about fair and equal pay for men and women. There. A disclaimer in case anyone wants to knock me for being sexist. 

What does ESPN think they're doing first and foremost by hiring ANYone who knows little to nothing about what they read off the teleprompter? Let alone allowing them to be called sports journalists and act like fools on national television in the eve of a person losing their job?

I wake this morning to a Yahoo article that covered what I had watched briefly before and not paid much attention to.

Cleveland Browns Head Coach Eric Mangini was let go from his position.

Adam Schefter and Hannah Storm reported it.

I want to say, however, they weren't celebrating his firing, they were making good on a bet with their producer "Josh" that they knew he would be released. They then quickly added a disclaimer on the air to let people know they weren't taking it lightly.

Stop. You call that professional journalism? A high five?

I cannot find anything that brings any kind of non-biased analysis of this news story and it simply is what it is. A mockery of sports news. 

I have lost respect for Schefter and would have thought him better than that.  I was wrong.  At least he knows the sport. More than I can say for Hannah Montana Storm.

This kind of sports journalism along with their unchained bias of sports reporting is leading to people viewing MLB and NFL Networks etc, and I don't blame them.

I don't watch it.

It has become more entertainment than news.  Keeping you more entertained than informed is their business. 

It's crap.




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