What Happened? You Were The BIG SHOW!

Undisputed SaviourContributor IIJanuary 3, 2011

The Big Show.
The Big Show.

Hey, Bleachers. I'm glad to see that you all enjoyed my last piece, but I – no... WE – have a dilemma here...

It's about the situation of a great man.

I really, really had to get this off my chest since I have had it just about up to here with the WWE Creative's directional advances with the case of Paul Wight, famously known as The Big Show. He was a colossal force to be reckoned with, and now it seems that he's just retrograded into nothing short of a comic relief.

Bear in mind, the guy you see weekly on Friday nights can still get out of the pickle he's in before it's too late. Lately, he's been too... "fun."

Since his face turn, The Big Show has rampaged his way through many opponents, knocking out both Chris Jericho and The Miz, squashing the hell out of The Straight Edge Society (unfortunately) and he was given the chance to unmask CM Punk in the midst of their feud.


I dislike The Big Show as a super-face, because I think that he really gets his message across as a heel; I still accepted his face gimmick, hoping that the WWE would make the very best of it. How wrong I was.

Things apparently worsened when he tried to promote his then-new movie, Knucklehead.

What is it with the WWE and re-enacting certain factors of the wrestlers' movies? I mean, John Cena gradually adopted somewhat of a marine style and since Kane used a scythe in his movie, they had him use it on Raw... Why did the WWE resort to having The Big Show act like a "knucklehead" at this point in time? Pathetic.

Need I remind you that this is the same man who destroyed the opposition with then Tag Team partner, The Undertaker?

This is the same guy who chokeslammed The Undertaker through the canvas; he massacred The Rock after being eliminated from the 2001 Royal Rumble and,at some point in time, he single-handedly obliterated Brock Lesnar.

Does anyone remember when he had to be suppressed with a tranquilizer dart? Stupid idea, sure, but it goes to show the willpower this giant had as an opponent. He was that untamed.

Who could forget when he decimated the entire Raw roster with then Tag Team partner, Kane and eventually went on to become the most atrocious and titanic ECW Champion, crushing the likes of Rob Van Dam, Ric Flair and Kane?

Not too long ago, he annihilated The Undertaker cleanly with two devastating KO punches, one after the other.

You know you should not mess with someone when they have the proficiency to knock the living daylights out of Edge, Chris Jericho and Jack Swagger in the same week.

The fanfare with this one is loud and clear.

In fact, 2010 has been an impressive run for The Big Show; his credentials make this axiomatic.

Okay, we get that. However, making him into the giant Hornswoggle of Smackdown doesn't help the situation.

One of the positives I've seen to come out of The Big Show's current face run is that, as a babyface of the blue brand, heels have pulled the victory out of the surprise sack — and cleanly, I must say. Mid–card heels, that is.

With the buildup of The Big Show and solidifying his status as being a legitimate main event player of the game for the past year, his losses mean a great deal for the opponents who defeat him.

But really, is the WWE pushing The Big Show towards greatness for this purpose, or is there a much bigger picture they have yet to touch on?

When a superstar receives a push as great as the one The Big Show's getting, it often has a big payoff. Let's see what the giant gets in his future... Perhaps a major grudge feud?

If this does happen, then I can't see The Big Show being the jolly guy that he is today. Maybe this person can bring out the real Big, Bad Show we have learned to love and appreciate over the years.

I'm very much looking to see where The Road To Wrestlemania takes "The World's Largest Athlete."

Hopefully, he has a one-on-one match-up at the "Grandest Stage of All" so that he can finally have that one, single, epic and career-defining moment that a man of his stature truly deserves.

Looking past the Hornswoggle scenarios, I have come to the realization that, as of late, The Big Show has somewhat rarely appeared as the playful giant. Hopefully, he slowly but surely strays away from this sort of on-screen persona and eventually back to his former self.

Seriously, this guy needs to get himself some of that austere, bound and determined sort of temperament — which he CAN pull off as a face (but NOT a superface).

My point is, why transform a neutral giant to a kid friendly, tamed one? It defeats the purpose of his gimmick. Hey, Orton ain't kid-friendly, but he gets himself over, and really well I can add.

Hopefully, this circus is done with sooner than later.

Well, this concludes my thought on The Big Show. Maybe you guys can give me your thoughts on the situation of the World's Largest Athlete in the comments section below. Hey, if you disagree, maybe you could try persuading me to think otherwise — because I really can't see the light on the big guy's predicament. Thanks for the read, guys. I appreciate it.