Will the Real Central Michigan Please Stand Up?

Mark TorosianCorrespondent ISeptember 10, 2008

Dan LeFevour for Heisman?  "You have to be kidding me," my friend says to me.  As we walk our drunk asses through the crowd of 5,000 people at the first home tailgate of the year, I think to myself, is this the Colt 45 talking, or am I really witnessing more then 1,000 people with T-shirts reading "LeFevour for Heisman"?

As I make my way over to the line of the bathrooms, I listen in to a group of students talking about how "Dan the man" is a walking icon, and how he is the second player in Division I history to throw for 3,000 yards and run for 1,000 yards in the same season.  One kid yells out, "If Dan was in Gainesville he would be better then Tebow!"

One thing is for certain: Central Michigan does not educate us well!!

Let's get a few things straight: Dan LeFevour is a very good quarterback.  Hell, he is one of the top five QBs in NCAA 09—take that Mark Sanchez!  But when it comes to performing on a big stage, this ball club turns into a whole different team.

Yes, Georgia wasn't probably the best idea this school has ever had, but hell, they made $700,000 to get whipped in Athens.

The reason why I am writing this article is because conference play starts this week in the MAC, and I am pondering what kind of identity Central will hold this year.

Let's face it: Bowling Green, Ball State, and even Ohio have looked pretty impressive this year.  This isn't your grandpa's Mid-American Conference any more.  These teams within the conference will give most teams in the country a run for their money any day of the week.

Take Miami of Ohio for a second, and observe what they did in Ann Arbor last weekend.  Sure, Michigan is in a down year, but Michigan did not win that game last weekend.  Miami lost that game with arrogant play calls, bad penalties, and no discipline from the sidelines.

Bowling Green walks into Pitt and steals a W from number 24, and Ball State had no problem disposing of Navy.  Western kept it within 20 in Lincoln, Temple almost pulled an upset against UConn, and Buffalo...well Buffalo is Buffalo, so we won't go there!

Hopefully I am wrong, and Central will walk into Athens (no not Georgia, but Ohio) and steal a win from a very hard-working program.  But who knows?  Central's defense is infamous for giving up the big play day in and day out.

The motto here in Mt. Pleasant is to score, score, score, and hopefully LeFevour has enough in the tank to get them back to the conference championship.

Central Michigan still has to go into Lafayette to play Purdue, travel to Indiana, play Ball State and Western at home, and finish the year in Ypsi against an Eastern Michigan squad that possesses the best running back in the conference.

Trouble could be brewing for the preseason Mid-American darlings!