I Believe I Can Fly: The Lies Philadelphia Eagles Fans Need for Super Bowl Run

WesAnalyst IJanuary 4, 2011

Three weeks ago everyone in America attached "Super Bowl" to the Philadelphia Eagles and "MVP" to Michael Vick.

All of that changed when the Eagles were handled by Joe Webb and the Minnesota Vikings on a Tuesday night.

Now the Eagles are the sexy pick to get bounced in the first round of the playoffs by the sixth-seeded Green Bay Packers.

How did the Eagles go from playing in Jerry World in four weeks to playing golf at TPC Sawgrass in six days?

To be honest, not a whole lot changed.

The same stiffs who pollute the secondary are still roaming around out there, Vick's deteriorating health continued, and Andy Reid's game-day coaching strategies were still a full-go.

The only thing that happened was Vick could not cover up the glaring weaknesses, his ailing health, and Reid's boneheaded ways.

Realistically the Eagles have a small chance to reach the NFC Championship and almost no shot to win the Super Bowl.

Aaron Rodgers will probably carve up the Eagles secondary and force Reid to search for the next Troy Vincent or Bobby Taylor in the NFL Draft.

But if the Eagles somehow escape Green Bay they are only delaying the inevitable because Chicago will blitz Vick in ways that will make Minnesota's schemes look like child's play.

None of that matters though.

Let yourself go Eagles fans and buy into the notion this team can win it all.

I'm going to let myself go like a 34-year old woman who just had her fourth kid and doesn't care about getting back in shape.

It's time to let it all hang out and take a few body shots before sustaining the inevitable knockout blow.

It's not like we haven't read this story before.

We all know we are going to set ourselves up like a 16-year-old girl who thinks she is in love only to find out Tommy is just like all of the other boys out there and have her heart broken.

Who cares though?

Year after year Philadelphia sports fans believe one of their hometown teams is going to win it all only to have their hearts ripped out and danced upon by the opposing team.

It's not like if it happens again we can say, "I'm not used to this feeling."

We are experts in getting tossed down to the mat, brushing ourselves off, getting back up, and going right back down before we even know what is going on.

This is the time of year to ignore reality and convince yourself this is the year.

Isn't that what we're supposed to do as fans?

We are required to put on the blinders and believe the Eagles not only can, but will win the Super Bowl.

It won't be easy to lie to yourself so I thought I would share some ideas for you before Sunday rolls around.

First, you need to convince yourself Vick is and will remain healthy through the playoffs.

That's easy.

I genuinely believe Vick's week off allowed his legs to recover. And not only that, but he was able to study the Packers 3-4 defense, which will help him avoid the costly hits that would sideline him and the Eagles playoff hopes.

Second, you need to believe the Bears are frauds.

So far so good.

How can you not think the Bears are frauds when you look back on their schedule and see they struggled offensively against the Giants, Redskins, Patriots and Packers. In those four games combined, they scored 27 points.

We all know Jay Cutler is dying to screw things up in Chicago.

Third, you need to believe the Eagles are built to play in Atlanta's Georgia Dome.

I'm still not seeing any reason to doubt things so far.

Can you imagine DeSean Jackson, Jeremy Maclin, LeSean McCoy and Vick indoors on turf?

Everyone is going to be ultra original and call it the "Fastest Show on Turf."

With that much speed, there is no way Atlanta can get into a shoot out with the Eagles and win.

And if that scenario doesn't play out the Eagles would host New Orleans for the NFC Championship.

That sounds even better.

Take a dome team, stick them outdoors in January, and you have a recipe for disaster.

Did you see what the Saints did in Chicago when they played in the NFC Championship?

Fourth, you need to understand when the Eagles do reach the Super Bowl there will not be an AFC defense that is ready to face this explosive offensive.

Talk about your obvious statement of the year, huh?

The Patriots defense might give up 40 points before the game even starts while Pittsburgh's defense will have no answer for short underneath passes.

As for the rest of the teams?

I'll take my chances with Mark Sanchez in a shootout, the Eagles already beat the Colts, the Ravens can't stop the pass, and the Chiefs aren't getting there so don't worry.

See how easy was that?

All I did was focus on our offense, ignore our porous defense, and pretend Reid was not patrolling the sidelines.

The only problem is figuring out how I am going to get to Broad Street for the parade.


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