Why Do We Watch Football?

josh millarSenior Analyst ISeptember 10, 2008

Recently I read an article by my friend and Bleacher report colleague Todd Reilly. In his article, Mr. Reilly suggested that the actions of Mr. Owens are unnecessary and disgraceful.

I went on to read some of the comments posted about the article. I read several comments stating that Mr. Reilly’s point of view to be “stuffy” and dry.”

I also read that Terrell Owens' end-zone celebrations were entertaining. That, to me, was an alarming statement.

Allow me to explain.

Somewhere along the line, the position of wide receiver became the prima donna position in the NFL.

Terrell Owens is a great receiver, there’s no questioning that, but how in the world are his goofy celebrations part of that pedigree?

Sports are about the concept of TEAM, and every time T.O. dances in the end zone, he disgraces the game of football, his team, and his acumen as a wideout. Furthermore, those actions carry the stench of a "ME ME  ME!" type attitude.

And entertaining? How entertaining would it be if the opposing team came back to score a touchdown? No, that wouldn’t be entertaining for your team would it?

Let's face it, in today’s media market, making great catches isn’t enough, you have to push the envelope.

Football and sports aren’t about celebration and trash talk, they're about making plays and giving it your all.

Those of you who watch and think entertaining celebrations are a necessity to your NFL experience, may I suggest watching WWE RAW Mondays, 9/8 CDT on USA. You’ll find your fix of dancing prima donnas every week.