College Football Firings: Mark Richt or RichRod?

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College Football Firings: Mark Richt or RichRod?
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It's not a good day for two guys with "Rich" in their names, is it?

Mark Richt, the coach of Georgia, and Rich Rodriguez, Michigan's coach are both facing the axe after terrible bowl losses.

The Bulldogs failed to score a touchdown in 60 minutes in a miserable 10-6 loss to the footballing powerhouse known as the University of Central Florida, while Michigan was mashed 52-14 by Mississippi State.

And let's be honest—if they go it won't be because of a 2011 bowl loss. It'll be because of a monumentally horrible last few years.

The Richt train has been derailing for the last few seasons, but nothing has been as bad as 2009 and 2010. OK, there was the controversial loss to LSU that was really a mark of crappy SEC officials. And there was Willie Martinez...that was terrible, too. But losing to Colorado? A losing SEC record? Then losing to UCF?

Then there's Rich Rodriguez. If you're a Penn State fan, you're going to be petitioning the UM administration to keep Rodriguez in a job. After all, RichRod's team has been the only one that the Nittany Lions have looked consistently good against the past few years. Thanks for a great defense in 2010, Rich!

Of course, some of the blame has to go to defensive co-ordinator Greg Robinson, who sure as hell couldn't co-ordinate a defense at Syracuse and sure as hell couldn't co-ordinate a defense at Ann Arbor, either. His defense gave up an average 33.8 points a game. Even his Wikipedia entry says: "Defensive co-ordinator at Michigan for now."

But for crying out loud, when a team has disappointed ever since your arrival (apart from a golden time at the start of almost every season), there has been controversy with the NCAA (although recently Terrelle Pryor has made Big Blue training silliness pale in caparison), and his team has sucked, sucked some more and sucked some more after that.

If there were any rights in the world, then both guys—despite Mark Richt being one of college football's better human beings—would be out the door this year.

Heck, Penn State could probably use an offensive co-ordinator.

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