Celebrating Wrestling: The Top 50 Royal Rumble Eliminations

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Celebrating Wrestling: The Top 50 Royal Rumble Eliminations

The Royal Rumble is by far, the most exciting match of the WWE. This match is a time tested method of how the "anything can happen" rule of wrestling takes in effect. A thirty man battle royal where two superstars starts in the ring and in different time intervals another superstar comes in and joins the fray. The winner of the match is guaranteed a championship main event match at Wrestlemania.

I recently got all twenty two Royal Rumble pay per views and watched them all consecutively. Some Rumble matches where amazing with surprises appearing left and right. Other rumbles would be buried on the middle of the pay per view card while championship matches occupies the main event. Not all the time, of course, but its still a shame though.

Without a doubt, the thing to look out for in the Royal Rumble are the superstars. A year can definitely be a huge change and the Royal Rumble reflects that perfectly. A perfect example is Shawn Michaels who just keeps getting better at every Rumble. Anybody remember B2? John Cena's rapping buddy. Anybody? No one?

The best thing to watch for in the Royal Rumble is, without a doubt, the eliminations. The moment where a superstar would be eliminated and we watch closely who will be eliminated next.

Every year there is always a treat on how some wrestlers would be eliminated. Some wrestlers would do impressively until another wrestler would get their number. Certain wrestlers would often last less than a minute which is really the sweetest thing to watch ever. Other wrestlers would get the upset and shock viewers.

Its really a fun event. So with introductions done, wouldn't it be fun to write down the fifty Royal Rumble eliminations ever? That's right, I made fifty because anything worth doing is definitely worth over doing.

So lets stroll to the twenty two year history and watch those moments that made us laugh, cry and angry. Often times, at the same time.


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