Celebrating Wrestling: The Top 50 Royal Rumble Eliminations

Ed_CapContributor IIIJanuary 11, 2011

Celebrating Wrestling: The Top 50 Royal Rumble Eliminations

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    The Royal Rumble is by far, the most exciting match of the WWE. This match is a time tested method of how the "anything can happen" rule of wrestling takes in effect. A thirty man battle royal where two superstars starts in the ring and in different time intervals another superstar comes in and joins the fray. The winner of the match is guaranteed a championship main event match at Wrestlemania.

    I recently got all twenty two Royal Rumble pay per views and watched them all consecutively. Some Rumble matches where amazing with surprises appearing left and right. Other rumbles would be buried on the middle of the pay per view card while championship matches occupies the main event. Not all the time, of course, but its still a shame though.

    Without a doubt, the thing to look out for in the Royal Rumble are the superstars. A year can definitely be a huge change and the Royal Rumble reflects that perfectly. A perfect example is Shawn Michaels who just keeps getting better at every Rumble. Anybody remember B2? John Cena's rapping buddy. Anybody? No one?

    The best thing to watch for in the Royal Rumble is, without a doubt, the eliminations. The moment where a superstar would be eliminated and we watch closely who will be eliminated next.

    Every year there is always a treat on how some wrestlers would be eliminated. Some wrestlers would do impressively until another wrestler would get their number. Certain wrestlers would often last less than a minute which is really the sweetest thing to watch ever. Other wrestlers would get the upset and shock viewers.

    Its really a fun event. So with introductions done, wouldn't it be fun to write down the fifty Royal Rumble eliminations ever? That's right, I made fifty because anything worth doing is definitely worth over doing.

    So lets stroll to the twenty two year history and watch those moments that made us laugh, cry and angry. Often times, at the same time.


50. Ahmed Johnson Eliminates Himself

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    At the 1997 Royal Rumble, Ahmed Johnson was the second wrestler to enter the match. He was in a fued with The Nation of Domination led by Faarooq at these times. Luckily for Ahmed, he can let his frustrations out with the number one entrant who happens to be a NOD member, Crush.

    All was good and dandy. We were enjoying Crush and Ahmed brawling it out. They threw entrant number three, Razor Ramon, out in seconds. Then all of a sudden, Ahmed jumped over the top rope and eliminated himself. Apparently, Faarooq was approaching the ring and Ahmed took chase. It was pretty lame.

    Wait, it gets lamer. Faarooq entered at number 18 and Ahmed entered the ring to eliminate Faarooq. He did so using a 2x4. Oh yeah, WWE hitting their strides.

49. Scotty 2 Hotty Fed To Two Dogs

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    The 2001 Royal Rumble is by far the most hyped up match ever. It hosted some of the best wrestlers of the company. Huge main eventers like The Rock, Stone Cold, The Big Show and The Brothers of Destruction. Kane and The Undertaker came in the match with a plan eliminating superstars left and right. They succeed to eliminate all the wrestlers in the ring except for themselves who stood in the middle of the ring and waited for the next entrant.

    It was entrant number twenty six, Scotty 2 Hotty. The unfortunate cruiser weight did not back down though as after seconds of hesitating he entered the ring. Of course he was no match to the two giants who let Scotty eat a double chokeslam before being eliminated.

    Scotty 2 Hotty did last 46 seconds so thats an accomplishment too, I guess.

48. Goldberg Eliminated By Brock Lesnar

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    Rookies in the rumble usually have all the luck. The perfect example of that is none other than Mr. Ric Flair who was immediately propelled to the top via the rumble. Rookies in the rumble are definitely a favorite. Especially if that rookie is a former WCW champion who enjoys squashing his opponents. 

    Bill Goldberg entered the match at number thirty and immediately went to work on those poor wrestlers in the ring. He succeeds in eliminating three superstars upon his entrance even delivering a shattering spear to a poor Nunzio. 

    Goldberg would later received an F'5 from Brock Lesnar who entered the ring after being embarrassed by Bill on a previous confrontation. Distracted, Goldberg would later be eliminated by Kurt Angle.

    This led to a Wrestlemania match that was enjoyable because it was heckled by the crowd all the way.  

    A strong showing from two wrestling machines.

47. The Big Show Injures John Cena

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    In the same Rumble, The Big Show proved that giants in the rumble usually have the advantage as he would plow through five wrestlers after receiving a Lionsault, five star frog splash, a five knuckle shuffle, and a flying head butt.

    While all competitors were trying to lift the big man, Big Show suddenly made a comeback and immediately grabbed John Cena. He threw Cena off the top rope and the wanna-be-rapper awkwardly landed on the floor with his body landing in one of his legs.

    This didn't put Cena on the injured list though as he still participated in the Smackdown Rumble entering at number ten. The match that was won by Latino Heat, Eddie Guerrero. 

46. Giant Gonzalez Trumps The Deadman

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    The 1993 Rumble is, in my opinion, the bottom of all the twenty rumbles ever as it featured a lot of tag team wrestlers and it featured very crappy booking like The Big Boss man versus Bam Bam Bigelow. This Rumble, however, is the first time a rumble winner will headline Wrestlemania to challenge the champion in the main event.

    Again, a very bad rumble. The worst moment to come was when Giant Gonzales debut directly targeting The Undertaker. When I watched this flashes of The Giant Khali enters my head and I cannot believe how awful it was to see Giant Gonzales actually wrestling (all he did was deliver chops and head butts though). It ruined the entire rumble.

    The Undertaker is one of the favorites in the rumble and a minuscule chop from this giant eliminated the deadman and he proceeds to beat the Undertaker repeatedly hitting The Undertakers legs on a steel post. Who actually thought it was a good idea to dress this giant with a costume with muscles and hair in it?

    This confrontation later led to an awful Wrestlemania match where The Undertaker ultimately triumph in. 

45. The Hurrican Attempts a Double Choke Slam

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    In the 2002 Royal Rumble, Steve Austin and Triple H was busy at each other trying to wear the other man down. Both men delivered a clothesline and both were down for the count. Then number twenty three entered and it was the superhero, no not Cena, but Hurricane.

    The Hurricane came in and taunted both men and grabbed them by the neck. Now you know Hurricane is losing his mind and so did Austin and Triple H. They both grabbed Hurricane by the head and threw him out of the match.

    It would've been more awesome to see a double chokeslam, mind you.

44. Doink Exits The Hard Way

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    I believe that "firsts" in the rumble deserves to be in this list like what happened in 1994 when Bam Bam Bigelow delivered the very first overhead press slam out of the ring to Doink. 

    Doink the clown entered the ring at number fourteen where two giants where waiting for him. He was double teamed by rookie rumble Diesel and Crush who enjoyed putting the hurt on the clown. Then number fifteen came out and it was Bam Bam Bigelow.

    Diesel and Crush actually welcomed Bigelow in the ring to finish off Doink. That he did, as he throws the clown out of the rumble.

43. Matt Hardy F'5d Out Of The Rumble

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    In 2003, Brock Lesnar entered the rumble at number twenty nine and dominated immediately. It was a hard feat to do since you have Kane, Big Evil and a very young Batista in the rumble as well.

    In one impressive moment, Lesnar successfully eliminated Shelton Benjamin and Charlie Haas in one swoop and in to follow up that impressive move, he lifted Matt Hardy (version 1) up and F5'd him onto Shelton and Haas. 

    Even more impressive, he won the rumble on his rumble debut.

42. Eathquake Teamed By Five

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    Another "first" at the rumble comes at the 1990 Royal Rumble in the form of the Earthquake. The Canadian Earthquake.

    A rumble where heels and faces are clearly seen since faces only targets heels and vice versa. Apparently, the every man for himself rule didn't come up until 1993. 

    The Earthquake entered at number nineteen and after eliminating two wrestlers he was teamed by five people immediately. The very first rumble record of most men needed to eliminate a superstar was set when Jimmy Snuka, Haku, Demolition Smash,Ted Dibiase and Jim Neidhart tossed the massive Earthquake out.

    Of course records are meant to be broken as this feat would be broken four years later. 

41. Drew Carey's Impressive Rumble Appearance

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    The only celebrity to appear at the rumble makes the list at number forty one with his memorable rumble run.

    So at the 2001 rumble, Matt Hardy and Jeff Hardy were left in the ring after they successfully eliminated Bull Buchanan and Faarooq out. They fought for awhile and they eliminated each other leaving the number five entrant, Drew Carey, alone in the ring.

    He was welcomed by fear when he discovered who number six was. The Big Red Machine, Kane. Kane stared down at Carey but never got a chance to hurt him as the number seven entrant ruined that and quickly worked on Kane. 

    Drew would do the only thing possible and climbed the top rope and eliminated himself. While this moment is definitely funny, I would plead to the WWE never to waste a number on celebrities. Kane was the hero of this rumble though as he set an unbreakable rumble record.

40. It Takes a King....

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    In the 1997 Royal Rumble, Jerry Lawler lasted four seconds in the ring.

    Lawler was in the commentary table along with Jim Ross and Vince Mcmahon. If you listen you can hear him say things like "If I was in the rumble, I would beat so and so" or "I would quickly eliminated him".

    At the number twenty two mark, Jerry Lawler was a surprise entrant and as he stood up from the commentary table, he uttered the words "It takes a king.", got into the ring, got chopped out of the ring by Bret Hart and went back to the commentary table saying "To know a king."

    He later went back to commentating and went on saying "If I were in the rumble" comments one more time while being reminded by his fellow announcers that he did enter the rumble.

39. Jake Roberts Eliminates Butch Reed

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    The 1988 Rumble Royale (as it was called) was the very first of twenty two glorious rumbles. It was a very memorable rumble too as it had only twenty participants and the title of rumble winner is nothing more than for bragging rights since it was in 1993 that the stipulation of main eventing Wrestlemania. 

    Bret Hart was the very first rumble entrant on history with Tito Santana as the second entrant.

    No one really gave Jake Roberts credit for making history with the very first rumble elimination. Granted that the title is a little insignificant, it was still record. Jake Roberts eliminated Butch Reed who was busy trying to eliminate Tito Santana. 

    Jake was always a fan favorite in the rumble as chants of "DDT" from the crowd is always heard. Jake, of course, never won the rumble that year as he was eliminated by the impressive One Man Gang who set the very first elimination in a single rumble record with six.

38. Daniel Puder Initiated

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    The 2004 Tough Enough winner was granted a rumble entrance as part of his prize. So at 2005, we witness Daniel Puder enter the rumble at entrance number three. Before he entered, he decided to grab a mic and cut a promo. 

    "I just want everybody to know tonight that you are witnessing history. I am gonna be the first Tough Enough champion to win the Royal Rumble." Daniel Puder mouths off. Unfortunately, entrant number 1 and 2, Eddie Guerrero and Chris Benoit, didn't have none of it as they double team the kid and chops his chest red. 

    Things went worse for Puder when entrance number four was Hardcore Holly. "Hardcore likes nobody but he hates rookie." exclaims JR as he enjoyed beating the poor kid. After chops from all three wrestlers, he was neatly set aside by Holly.

    Can you believe he beat The Miz at the Tough Enough? Irony all around.

37. The Great Khali Topples Seven

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    When The Great Khali debut, he only knows three moves. The overhead chop, the head butt and a lifting choke was all under the giants arsenal. At the 2007 rumble, The Great Khali proved as a threat when he entered number twenty eight.

    It was overhead chops and head butts all around as all the wrestlers try to sell the wrestling abilities of Khali. The giant then proceed to eliminate seven wrestlers in a row. 

    Thats right. In one side of the ring, Khali threw Carlito, CM Punk, Chris Benoit, RVD, The Miz, Hardcore Holly and Chavo Guerrero out of the rumble with ease.

    Khali wouldn't last though as number thirty entrant, The Undertaker, got the better of the Punjabi giant.

36. Bret Hart Eliminates Austin

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    At the 1997 rumble, Bret Hart had it going as entrant number twenty seven quickly going to work on Steve Austin who dominated the earlier half of the rumble.

    While Terry Funk and Mankind were eliminated, the referees quickly jumped in and tried to break the two wrestlers up. Bret then eliminated Steve Austin out and people cheered. Even I cheered and I knew Austin won, but Austin quickly came back to the ring. He eliminated Bret last and an irate Bret walked out of the arena totally disappointed. 

    Bret was screwed ten months early. 

35. A Diva Outdones a Giant

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    There was only two things worth praising in the 2010 rumble. One was that awesome promo of CM Punk in between eliminations. At first, I thought it was cheap and kinda annoying. But as I watched again, it was his little promo that made the rumble special.

    Another thing was the second diva ever to enter the rumble. Beth Phoenix entered at number six completely surprising everyone. 

    Even more memorable was when this diva locked lips with The Great Khali and pulled him out of the ring eliminating the punjabi playboy.

    She didn't last long. Cm Punk quickly worked on Beth and GTS'd her out of the rumble. He then continued his Straight Edge promo.

34. Mick Foley Is Not a Coward

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    The 2004 rumble entered the list again with a very big surprise. 

    Going into the rumble match was a heated rivalry between The Legend Killer Randy Orton and Mick Foley. Mick was given as front row sit just so he can attend the PPV but alas, he didn't show up. Tazz even forced JR to say that Mick is a coward. It was heart breaking since I'm a huge Mick Foley fan.

    So in the quarter portion of rumble match, it was Kurt Angle, Chris Benoit and Randy Orton in the ring. The clock began to count down as they await number twenty one who was Test. Well, it was suppose to be but after his music played and he didn't show, we suddenly saw backstage and see Test knocked out. Sheriff Austin then gave the entrant to the unknown assailant. 

    The assailant turned out to be Mick Foley and the pop from the crowd is outrageous. The PG era never gets a pop like that. Foley quickly went to work on Orton and eliminates Orton, and himself, with a cactus clothsline. What happens next is a series of chair shots that stole the attention for a moment until it all ended with Mick Foley giving the mandible claw on entrant number 23, Nunzio.

33. Hulk Hogan Eliminates Earthquake

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    At the 1991 rumble, Hulk Hogan made history when he became the first wrestler to win a back to back rumble. This record came with a huge hurdle though when he was staring down the gigantic Earthquake.

    Hogan was being manhandled easily by Earthquake and was having a hard time lifting his opponent. It was really a funny moment. I was never a fan of Hogan but the crowd was behind the yellow and red man as he starts to do his no sell on Earthquake.

    Hogan retaliated and you can hear the announcers building up his antics. Earthquake started selling Hogan's moves and pretends to be stunned by the man. Finally, a clothsline to the back eliminates Earthquake. A huge undertaking from The Immortal who celebrates with the crowd picking up signs and doing his thing.

    He later challenges Iraqi supporter, Sergeant Slaughter and wins the WWF belt at that years Wrestlemania.

32. Mick Foley Gets Revenge

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    The 1998 rumble was all about Steve Austin. The promo going into the match had all superstars vowing to eliminate Steve Austin. It was an interesting rumble.

    The match starts with Mick Foley as Cactus Jack and Terry Funk as Chainsaw Charlie who was all over each other even had the other person openly give them a chair shot to the head. Later on in the match, though, Cactus Jack was eliminated by Funk.

    The number sixteen entrant then came and it once again Mick Foley as Mankind. Mankind didn't last long but he was dead set on Funk who eliminated him earlier and then eliminated him. 

    Mick later entered the match one more time as Dude Love entering as number twenty eight but never won the rumble. It was all about Steve Austin who won eliminating The Rock last.

31. Vader Rampages On Four Wrestlers

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    Vader enters this list at number thirty one. Make no mistake about it, Vader is a perfect suit in the Royal Rumble since he always delivers in any rumble he is in.

    At the 1996 rumble, Vader was a strong draw going in it and proves he is a threat as he eliminates four superstars in the match. Vader would later lock horns with another giant, Yokozuna. Vader and Yokozuna would grapple too close to the ropes and that helped Shawn Michaels, the eventual winner, eliminate them both at the same time. 

    An angered Vader later came back in the ring and eliminated Shawn Michaels with ease. I was a little surprise cause Michaels won the bout so it was a little confusing. Vader then attacked the other wrestlers in the ring and cleaned house.

    Surprisingly, Vader's impressive elimination didn't count. Yeah, it makes sense since he chucked the winner out the match. An impressive showing by Vader either way.

30. Jerry Lawler Discovers an Effective Technique On The Rumble

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    At the same rumble Jerry Lawler lasted an impressive thirty six minutes and only appeared on the ring for a good six minutes. Thats right, Lawler did a magic act and vanished in the middle of the match.

    Jerry Lawler entered the match at number four and quickly worked on Henry Godwin who threw pig slop on him earlier. Then later on number seven entered and it was fan favorite Jake Roberts who carried his snake Damien into the ring and unleashed it on the ring.

    Everybody went out of the ring through the bottom rope and while the announcers were doing head count they realize that Lawler was nowhere to be seen. It was later on when Shawn Michaels decided to look for Lawler and dragged him out from under the ring. He tossed Lawler back in the ring and then threw him out.

    Believe me, this method works as Hornswoggle would do the same stunt at the 2008 rumble and would last twenty six minutes.

29. Hassan Is Hated By Everybody

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    Muhammad Hassan is quite possibly the perfect heel as he can generate heat from both faces and the heels. The terrorist angle took off and fans began to love this villian.

    To understand just how good Hassan is, you just need to turn at the 2005 rumble where Hassan entered at number thirteen. Before this, all eight competitors in the ring decided to draw a line since there are four Raw superstars and four Smackdown superstars in the ring. It erupted a brawl representing their brands.

    Then out came Hassan and the brawl stopped. Instead, they all jumped on Hassan. He received a 619 before he was hoisted up by six superstars and was eliminated from the rumble.

    Hassan didn't last long in the WWE after a London controversy but Hassan did manage to make a rumble record being the third superstar that needed multiple wrestlers to be eliminated.

28. Diesel Cleans House

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    Another "first"of the rumble enters the list at number twenty eight. At the 1994 rumble, Diesel became the very first wrestler to eliminate everyone in the ring and become the only wrestler standing in the ring. 

    Diesel entered the ring at number four and knocked a few heads around. He then went to a corner and tossed Bart Gunn out. He tossed Scott Steiner out next then Owen Hart and finally clotheslined Kwang out of the rumble.

    Diesel cleaned house but he didn't stopped there. He then chucked the next entrant, Bob Backlund, out. He controlled the ring for awhile as he easily tossed Billy Gunn and Virgil out.

    A very young Diesel eliminated seven wrestlers with ease but that was not Big Daddy's night as he was later eliminated by four wrestlers later on.

    In my opinion, this was the most prime I ever saw Diesel so congrats to Diesel for cleaning house.

27. Yokozuna Throws The Macho King

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    Next in the list is at the 1993 rumble between the last two wrestlers in the ring. It was fan favorite Randy Savage against Mr. Fuji's brainchild, Yokozuna for a title shot at Wrestlemania.

    Savage succeeded in taking Yokozuna off his feet and decided to end it with his signature move, the elbow drop. He connects and the crowd goes wild. Savage then proceeded to pin Yokozuna. Thats right. He pinned the giant and if it was a normal match then he would've bagged the win. Sadly it was a freaking battle royal and he didn't.

    Yokozuna kicked out of the pin and he sends Savage flying over the top rope and into the floor. Yes, a lame finish but seeing it for the first time and being a Macho man fan, I was furious. Yokozuna eliminated Randy Savage with a unique finish. 

    Yokozuna also won the belt at that year's Wrestlemania against Bret Hart having the shortest title reign ever losing it to Hulk Hogan in minutes.

26. John Cena Shocks The World

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    This one is very fresh. The 2008 rumble gave one of the best shockers ever when John Cena, who was supposed to be recovering from a torn pectoral muscle, made a surprise return entering at number thirty.

    All the action stopped when SuperCena's music hits and the crowd was just going nuts. The same crowd that heckled The Great Khali with "you can't wrestle" chants I might add. In mere minutes, SuperCena eliminates Carlito, Chavo and Mark Henry out proving that he is indeed super.

    But SuperCena's finest moment was when it was down to Triple H and himself in the match. After a brief stare down and pointing at the Wrestlemania sign, the two had a fist fight with the crowd completely behind The Game. 

    After counter after counter with both guys trying to hit their respective finishers, it was SuperCena who got the upper hand and FU'd Triple H out of the ring thus winning the rumble. 

    I'm not a fan of Cena and I was seriously not loving this win. SuperCena being the Hulk Hogan of his era,in regards to pushes, does not need to win the rumble. Again, its my opinion which is completely different from the WWE who decided to solidify SuperCena's status in the company with a rumble win.

    I was happy though when SuperCena lost the WM match against Orton. SuperCena did make a rumble record being the rumble winner to spend the shortest time in the rumble. A mind blowing eight minutes.

25. Bret Hart and Lex Luger Shares a Rumble

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    At number twenty five is the unique finish that happened in the 1994 rumble where two superstars won the rumble. Lex Luger, who was against all odds at winning the rumble after an assault before the match, and Bret Hart, who was injured by his brother before the rumble.

    So it was down to these two giants who has triumphed against all odds. Suddenly, Bret and Lex got too close to the ropes and a clothesline sends the two men out of the ring. It was total confusion and even the crowd was clueless. Brilliant.

    Lex's music then hits but then it stops, the announcer then announced that "The winner is..." and Bret's music hits. More confusion all around. This was 1994 so a swerve like this is absolutely creative hitting their stride.

    The referees then argue insisting that the other wrestler won. Jack Tunney, then president, was send out trying to straighten things out. The playback reeled and the cameras showed us both men going out the top rope. Give me a break though, all camera angles did not show the feet touching? Totally stupid.

    Then the announcer finally said it and it was both men. Two men won the rumble that year. Wow.

    And what is more surprising is the fact that it would repeat eleven years later. 

24. The Bushwhacker Category Created

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    The 1991 rumble was the rumble that decided that it would be fun inserting a comical moment here and there. I truly believe this elimination was for comedy but it somehow became an iconic rumble moment.

    The Bushwhacker category are wrestlers who only lasted less than four seconds in the rumble match because of Bushwhacker Luke's impressive time. The announcers loosely apply the terms to wrestlers who only last a minute though.

    Luke entered the 1991 rumble at number twenty seven doing his trademark walk. That annoying heave ho thing the Bushwhackers do going down the ramp that apparently excites the crowd. So he entered the ring and as soon as he turns around, Earthquake grabbed him from behind and threw him out the other side of the ring. He recovers then heave ho-ed back to the locker room.

    A monumental moment indeed. 

23. Chris Jericho Pulls One Over The Heart Break Kid

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    At every rumble, it would always seem that tag team partners help each other. The Rockers, Legacy and even The Brother of Destruction always have each others back. Of course,the same can be said to the team of Christian and Chris Jericho.

    At the 2003 rumble, Shawn drew number one and awaits number two, Chris Jericho. Jericho's music hits and outcomes Jericho from the smokes wearing red. Oh wait, its not Jericho. Its a classic switch and instead of Jericho entering from the ramp it was his tag team partner, Christian. 

    Shawn was confused, just like me, and from behind Jericho attacks. A very original way to start the rumble. The number three entrant, Chris Nowinski, even did Jericho a courtesy and just watched from outside the ring until Shawn was eliminated.

    You have to give it to Jericho for that one. A very ingenious surprise from the undisputed champion.

22. Sabu Eliminated The Extreme Way

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    The 2007 rumble was dubbed the most star studded rumble of all. I guess it was because of WWECW being included in the mix but its hardly star studded. There was also no ECW wrestler that shined in the rumble. Most of the extremist where tossed within minutes. The only extremist that was a stand out was the straight edge CM Punk.

    The Sandman just swung a singapore cane then got eliminated, Hardcore Holly was thrown out by The Great Khali and Tommy Dreamer was out after six minutes.

    The most extreme elimination so far, ever in any rumble, is got to be Sabu's unfortunate way out by the Big Red Machine. Sabu entered the match at number seven and quickly set a table up at ring side. I'm thinking that Sabu will place a wrestler in the table and dive off eliminating himself. 

    That was not the case as Kane got Sabu by the neck and chokeslammed the extremist through the table. It was so awesome even I felt that one.

21. British Bulldogs Eliminates Ted DiBiase

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    At number twenty is the shocker that happened in 1992. No I'm not talking about Ric Flair's impressive rumble performance. That later comes in the list. I'm talking about Ted Dibiase. 

    Ted DiBiase entered the 1990 rumble at number one and lasted forty four minutes. Now remember, I watched the entire Royal Rumble saga in order and when the million dollar man pulled number two at the 1992 rumble I was convinced he would last till number thirty goes out the gate. 

    Besides, competitors one and two usually lasts for awhile before one is eliminated. That wasn't the case at this rumble. Number one being The British Bulldog entered the rumble and quickly worked on Ted. I mean quickly because entrant number three hasn't even entered yet and Ted was already out.

    Even the announcers was surprised with that move. I was out of it, Ted was the Chris Benoit of the golden era in terms of rumble abilities and Ted was gone just like that. A freaking clothesline.

    Of course that surprise was replaced with Ric Flair drawing number three.

20. X Pac Eliminated Twice

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    History has a habit of repeating itself. Especially in wrestling. especially in the rumble. 

    Coming in at number nineteen, we go to the 2000 rumble. This was an overloaded rumble with interferences here and there. There was Kaentai and The Mean Street Pose entering the match without a number making this rumble the only one with thirty five competitors in it.

    But who else can say they were eliminated twice? Well Taka was eliminated twice and Funaki was actually eliminated three times.

    Besides that, X pac pulled a Stone Cold Steve Austin move on us when he was tossed out the ropes, with amazing hang time, by The Rock. The referees was busy though trying to break out the fight between Kane and The New Age Outlaw.

    So X pac came back eliminates Kane with a spinning heel kick and immediately worked on The Big Show. He gave Show a hefty bronco buster but it was for naught as he was lifted by The Big Show and overhead pressed slam out of the rumble.

    X pac's finest moment in the rumble, no doubt.

19. Mabel Proves He's Immovable

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    Another rumble record. Mabel broke Earthquake's record of most men needed to eliminate a wrestler at the 1994 rumble.

    Mabel entered the rumble at entrant number sixteen and immediately established himself a threat when the man handles the three giants in the ring. After number twenty one entered the fray, the other superstars apparently decides to double team Mabel in one side of the ring.

    No, not double team. There was seven wrestlers who jumped at Mabel. It was a seven team effort to throw the surprisingly slim Mabel out of the rumble.

    Thats right. seven and you heard me right, slim!

18. Rikishi Eliminates Seven In a Row

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    Next in the list is Rikishi. The Samoan with a huge ass made an impressive rumble "first" at the 2000 Royal Rumble when he proved that the rumble is his backyard. The Big Kish eliminated seven wrestlers in a row. 

    Of course Rikishi was not the first person to eliminate wrestlers in a row. Diesel got six when he cleaned house at 1994 but seven in a row is a definite rumble record. The Great Khali tied this feat at 2008 which ruined this impressive performance but still. 

    Rikishi who entered at number five and immediately cleaned house throwing D'Lo Brown, Mosh, and Christian out with no problem. It was between Rikishi and his good old friend Grand Master Sexay left in the ring as the latter pleads to the Big Kish. 

    Out came Scotty Too Hotty and stopped Rikishi before he destroys Sexay and then placed shades in Rikishi. Then boom, they danced and the crowd was enjoying it. Of course that didn't last as Rikishi continued the onslaught and threw his buddies out of the ring.

    Rikishi then awaited the next victim. Entrant number seven and Eart-and-thundered him out of the match. Next came Viscera and again, despite the large obstacle,  he got Vis out and stood in the ring alone again.

    This formula could go on and on and it wouldn't get boring. Rikishi is awesome. Sadly it wasn't Rikishi's night as he was later eliminated by six men.

17. Hacksaw Jim Duggan Makes It To The History Books

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    The 1988 rumble was really nothing more than a gimmick match with the winner having bragging rights. It was just a title brandished around the wrestler just like the Slammy Awards. It was just for bragging rights. It makes sense too since it was the very first rumble and the winner was the only wrestler to not hold the WWE championship.

    I say its a travesty as hacksaw Jim Duggan eliminated The One Man Gang to become the very first rumble win. 

    The success of that rumble, of course, made it to return next year and at a pay per view and thus a legendary gimmick match was born. 

16. The Immortal Gets Ten

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    At the 1989 rumble, a twelve year Royal Rumble record was set by none other than The Immortal Hulk Hogan. Hogan became the first wrestler to eliminate ten superstars in a single rumble match. 

    The most memorable moment of this rumble is the collapse of the trust between the mega powers when Hogan eliminates Randy Savage out of the rumble starting a high profile feud that culminates at that year's Wrestlemania.

    Hulk Hogan did not stop at Savage as he also eliminates Mr. Perfect, Arn Anderson, Tully Blanchard, The Warlord, Luke Williams, Bad News Brown, The Big Bossman, and Butch Miller too proving that he is the man to win that rumble.

    Of course he didn't. It was Big John Studd who had the last laugh as the gentle Studd eliminates number thirty Ted Dibiase out to claim the title of the 1989 Royal Rumble winner.

    A powerful showing by Hogan nonetheless because winner or not, he was the champion going into Wrestlemania. 

15. Paul London Sells an Elimination

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    This one is just awesome.

    Snitsky and Paul London were never billed to win the rumble back at 2005 but they still left their markin rumble history.

    When you talk about painful eliminations, the stunt pulled by these two would come up. Snitsky entered the rumble at number twenty six. He targeted Paul London on one side of the ring but London wouldn't give in as he climbed Snitsky's back to attempt a sleeper. Snitsky managed to get London off his back with ease. He dumped London outside the ropes and he tried a clothesline on London that the cruiserweight easily avoided.

    London didn't get lucky twice though as Snitsky then connects with a clothesline and London literally flipped 450 before hitting the floor hard. Really hard as he was later carried off a stretcher out of the arena.


14. The Lighter Side Of A Concussion

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    I love Jerry Lawler at the 2000 rumble. All he did was commentate but I really laughed hard whenever I saw the replay of the unfortunate Taka hitting the floor face first when he was eliminated by Gangrel and The Big Boss Man.

    Taka and Funaki were apparently promised a rumble spot but was robbed later on so they decided to crash the rumble and enter unannounced. They interfered twice but they never last long as they were tossed as soon as they entered. 

    Taka unfortunately got a concussion because of that elimination by Gangrel and Boss Man so he nevered enter the match after that. Jerry Lawler absolutely loved that and asked for it to be played back again and again. At one point he even said "toink' when Taka hits the floor on the replay. 

    It was really funny because no one really knew Taka was hurt bad. So all in good time, right?

13. Viscera Makes a Rumble Record

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    At the 2007 rumble, Viscera broke his own rumble record when Rob Van Dam, Edge, CM Punk, Chris Benoit, Johnny Nitro, Shelton Benjamin, Hardcore Holly and Kevin Thorn all ganged up on Big Vis and eliminated him.

    Vis broke the previous record of most men needed to eliminate a wrestler when it took eight guys to throw his fat ass out of the ring.

    You might be getting tired of seeing Viscera in so many slides so instead of seeing the actual thing I leave you with this awesome video of SuperCena giving Viscera the FU. 

    And you wonder why it takes eight men to eliminate him. Hah!

12. Santino Gets Number One

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    At number twelve we go to the 2009 rumble. I believe this rumble had a "first" with most men being in the ring having eliminations far and few but the story of this rumble is not Randy winning the match.

    Oh no. Randy can win seven more rumbles and this moment would still be more impressive. Because at the 2009 rumble, Santino Marella entered the rumble at number twenty seven and lasted no more than a second.

    Yes, one second.

    You would think nothing would top this. You would be wrong.

11. Tough Enough To Eliminate Big Evil

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    The rumble has its share of surprises and you saw almost all of them. Mick Foley and his three persona entering one rumble, Christian dressing up as Jericho and Santino lasting one second in the match.

    Try this one.

    At the 2002 rumble, The Undertaker eliminated four superstars and cleaned house sending a message to the other wrestlers that they are now in Big Evil's yard. I was watching this and out came Matt Hardy next who was taken out by Big Evil awhile back. Matt tried hard (y hahaha) but Big Evil had his number. Then came Jeff next and they ganged up on Taker. Even Lita joined the beating but Big Evil was too much for them as he eliminates them within minutes.

    Number eleven came out next and it was Maven. Oh pray for Maven as he is about to be eaten alive. Big Evil welcomed him but The Hardys came back for seconds. Taker eliminated them again and decided to talk smack while they're down.

    Maven came from behind with a dropkick and out the Deadman goes. What?

    "My God, my god Maven from Tough Enough just eliminated The Undertaker. My god, my god, my god!!! That is the biggest shocker I have ever seen at the Royal Rumble. You heard me right. Maven just eliminated The Undertaker and Maven cannot believe it." JR exclaims. 

    Big Evil was shocked too so he came back to the ring and beat some sense on the Tough Enough kid. He beat Maven around the building and threw the kid head first a pop corn cart. Undertaker then had the time to eat some pop corn as Maven bleeds on the floor. Awesome.

10. Steve Austin Proves That The Royal Rumble Is His Playground

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    While Hulk Hogan made rumble record for eliminating ten men in a single rumble, Steve Austin would outdone that. No, he didn't eliminate eleven but he did manage to eliminate ten men as well AND win that rumble.

    The sight of Austin checking his clock at the 1997 rumble is still fresh in my mind. It was no doubt Austin's rumble as he eliminates Vader, The Undertaker, Bret Hart, Phineas Godwin, Savio Vega, Jesse James, Owen Hart, Marc Mero, Bart Gunn and Jake Roberts to be crowned winner.

    Austin never went to main event Wrestlemania though because of the controversial finish that happened but he did steal the show with his passing out on the sharp shooter submission hold against Bret Hart. So it was all good.

9. The Shawn Micheal Rule

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    The original rule of the rumble is just the simple easy fact that you must throw your opponent out of the ring and its easy to follow since wrestlers would just fall out of the ring with no problem. Shawn Michaels, being the awesome enigma that he is, decided to change the rule a bit.

    At the 1995 rumble, Shawn Michaels, who drew number one, and The British Bulldog, who drew number two, were the last two standing in the ring and one of them would be crowned winner. The Bulldog easily manhandled HBK slamming him with ease and the momentum was really in his court. He would end the match with a clothesline.

    The Bulldog did it! His music hits and the Bulldog celebrates. Wait, in the background, Shawn is skinning the cat and runs towards Bulldog. There it is, Shawn tossed Bulldog out the top rope. Wait, Bulldog already won?

    The announcers later explained that only one foot of HBK touched the floor. So that elimination doesn't count. Mind blowing. 

    So there you have it. Shawn wins his very first rumble and the rumbles after than had a new rule. Both feet of the wrestlers must touch the floor. 

    Only HBK can change the landscape of a traditional match that way. God, I miss him already.

8. Steve Austin's Hard Fought Rumble

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    Number eight in the list is Stone Cold Steve Austin's 2001 Royal Rumble victory.  It is really hard to make the rattle snake an underdog on anything. His 1997 rumble was all him controlling the match, his 1998 rumble had his head a bounty reward for anybody who can eliminate him and still he comes out winner.

    Even with a match where Vince is the referee, Patt Patterson the announcer and Gerald Briscoe the bell ringer. Austin still comes out on top.

    So how do you make this guy bursting with Attitude! an underdog? There are three steps.

    1. Have some else dominate the rumble. Maybe someone in a mask and loves creating chaos.

    2. Have Triple H blind side him and bloody him so he looks like he can't compete.

    3. And lastly, have him hit the stunner then hit his opponent with a steel chair three times to win the match.

    They all did that at the 2001 rumble and by george, it worked. I watched the match and I jumped in joy at how incredible that rumble was. Proving to the world that The Rattle Snake can still headline Wrestlemania.

7. Batista Botches an Elimination

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    If you think that Bret hart and Lex Luger sharing a rumble was one for the history books then you'll be surprise that it happened eleven years later. While the Lex/Bret finish was a work, the events that spilled at the 2005 rumble was a botch saved by quick thinking.

    John Cena and Batista were the last wrestlers in the ring at that rumble and they went at each other early. John "Super" Cena attempts an FU but Batista was able to break free with repeated shots to Cena's head. Then Batista decided to deliver a Batista bomb. 

    Batista lifted SuperCena up but lost his balance and fall backwards to the ropes. I would assume that SuperCena decided to improvise by grabbing the ropes to eliminate himself but Batista was not able to hold the weight and they both dangled on the ropes before falling down the floor.

    Luckily it would appear they both fell down together so Raw referees hold Batista hands up while the Smackdown referees hold SuperCena's hand up. Vince came down the ramp to straighten things out. There was a little confusion with Batista eliminating SuperCena and SuperCena eliminating him back but Vince finally decided to redo the match.

    So Batista and SuperCena went at it again. SuperCena went for an FU that Batista reversed with a spine buster. It worked this time as Batista eliminates SuperCena and wins the rumble. He headlines Wrestlemania and SuperCena gets nothing. Nothing except a Smackdown main event match against WWE champion JBL.

    So technically, both wrestlers shared the rumble but that's OK. 

    Poor Vince, by the way, because he tore both his quadriceps muscles going down that ramp.

6. Undertaker Breaks The Thirty Curse

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    On the 2007 rumble, we saw the very first number thirty entrant win the match. Fans would always agree that the number is the most unluckiest since the previous seventeen wrestlers that drew the thirty spot always loses. 

    But the story of the night is the incredible one on one Wrestlemania teaser we saw between the eventual winner, The Undertaker and the runner up, Shawn Michaels. 

    After successfully eliminating Rater RKO, Shawn Michaels was staring at the only person standing between him and a title shot at Wrestlemania. It was really a like time stopping and it was no longer a battle royal.

    Shawn then decided to rile the crowd and tune up the band. He kicks but The Undertaker caught the kick and turned it to a chokeslam. Seeing these two guys who, lets be honest isn't as good as they were, digging to the bottom of their abilities to deliver this stellar mini match was awesome.

    It was the other Taker's match though as he dodged a sweet chin music and throws the Heart Break Kid out of the match. 

    Taker didn't stop there as he also delivers a wonderful match at Wrestlemania against Batista for the World title.

5. Crusierweights Rejoice

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    You've seen it here. Almost every cruiserweights that appeared on the list are at the back end of a comical or painful elimination. The hurricane was always thrown out super hero style, Tajiri would always be eliminated after applying his original move the tarantula, Scotty Too Hotty would always be attacked before going down the ramp, Nunzio got socko'ed in his rumble debut and Paul London 450 splashed the floor. I always sense that cruiser weights are never a favorite of the WWE.

    I don't blame them though. How can a guy weighing below 200 pounds go for broke and win a Royal Rumble?  Simple. You just need a mask.

    At the 2006 rumble, winner a cruiser weight and not only that, he also set the record for the longest time spent in the rumble.

    The greatest moment in the rumble is during the final moments of the rumble. Triple H and Randy Orton was dominating the match and Rey Mysterio was out in odds. He previously teamed with final four contender, Rob Van Dam, but he was taken out after a few double team from them.

    Then Triple H got Rey up a spinebuster hold but Rey got hold of the ropes. He grabbed tight as both Triple H and himself went over the top rope but only The Game touched the floor. The crowd went nuts as nobody would think Rey would this rumble and with Triple H gone, they just knew the match is his.

    And it was as seconds later, even after being thrown to the side steps, Rey got Randy Orton out of the match winning the rumble.

    Even I was surprise Rey won the rumble because even though having him win the Wold Heavyweight title is a dream, its not really a flexible design. Still, a monumental moment for the rumble. 

4. Ric Flair Is The Man

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    Number four on the list is the awesome performance by The Naitch at the 1992 rumble where the winner is crowned the WWF champion. 

    The highlight of the night is between the final three when rumble favorites like Ric Flair, Hulk Hogan and Sid Vicious are the only ones left in the ring. An already tired Flair, who entered at number three, were being manhandled by Hulk Hogan in the corner while Sid watches. Hulk would irish whip Flair to a corner and before he can follow up the beating, Sid grabbed Hulk then eliminated him. 

    Hulk Hogan was out of it and he even riled the crowd up complaining about his elimination. Hogan would not accept defeat so he grab Sid's hand trying to send him out. Flair capitalized on that and threw Sid out.

    Flair became champion and you should hear how Bobby Heenan sounds when Flair won. It was a classic moment because Heenan kept pointing out that he wished Flair would win. Awesome commentary by Heenan.

    But it was Flair's tremendous gut check that placed him at number four eliminating two odds on favor  "he proved everybody wrong, everybody in the world now knows what kind of man he is." Gorilla Monsoon exclaims.


3. A Twenty Year Record

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    Next is another rumble record. Before that let's review the Bushwhacker category. Bushwhacker Luke gets four seconds in the rumble and Santino gets one second. Mo, Mabel's former tag partner, and Owen Hart both lasted three seconds at the 1995 rumble. This one is by far the most impressive short time appearance on the rumble.

    This whole statistics at the rumble was really not important during the early days but somehow it soon became a craze with knowing the winner often being a secondary thing. Then a very impressive record was set in 1989, the second rumble ever. 

    People the counted the time and apparently this wrestler lasted on two seconds. Yes, a record that would hold for twenty years. Can you believe that? Twenty years and no one dared to topple it. 

    The Warlord may not be the greatest wrestler to ever lace a pair of boots but this little stunt of his will be remembered forever in the annals of wrestling history.

    So The Warlord entered at number twenty one and climbed on the apron. He taunted for a bit before entering the ring but Hulk Hogan was already setting up a clothesline and out goes The Warlord without doing anything.

    This record was broken by Santino Marella on 2009 when he lasted by one second. Still, a twenty year record. An impressive record.

2. Kane Eliminates Eleven

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    Next in the list is another record. In fact, during the 1989 rumble, two records were set. One by The Warlord and the other is by Hulk Hogan who eliminates ten wrestlers in the rumble.

    I'm sure you were wondering where The Big Red Machine's awesome record is at my list. While number two, of course. 

    At the 2001 rumble, Kane broke the all time record of most men eliminated by in the rumble by eliminating eleven superstars. 

    No explanation needed really. Everyone knows this.

    Here's the list of people he eliminated.


    Al Snow

    Perry Saturn

    Steve Blackman

    Grand Master Sexay

    The Honky Tonk Man, who made a surprise return and was welcomed back with a guitar to the head.

    The Rock

    Tazz, who surprise me cause he only lasted ten seconds.


    Crash Holly

    and Scotty Too Hotty

    A record at the rumble I hope the WWE will never try to break.

1. Chris Benoit's Tremedous Gut Check

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    Number one is a Hall of Fame worthy performance at the 2004 Royal Rumble. First let me say that this rumble was a match where more than half the roster are mid cards. In fact, the only main event performers there are Kurt Angle, Chris Jericho, The Big Show, Mick Foley and the eventual winner, Chris Benoit.

    But lets be honest, these six are often laid at the mid card during these times taking a back to seat to Brock Lesnar and Goldberg. Thats right, there are no super main eventers in this match and no previous rumble winner so it is clearly anyones game.

    In fact, when I watched this rumble for the first time, my favorite wrestler to win this rumble is Randy Orton, who is slowly being pushed using Evolution, and Kurt Angle.

    No one in the whole wide world ever thought it would be Chris Benoit's night. The man entered the rumble at number one and pushed every possible limit to last more than hour in the rumble.

    The Big Show and Benoit were the final two in the ring after Big Show decimated the competition earlier. Show then lifted Benoit up to throw him out the rumble but Benoit was able to put a headlock on the giant. It was a climactic moment when Show was slowly being dragged out of the ring and eliminated from the rumble.

    The expression on Benoit's face after eliminating Show tells it all. Now we all have our own opinion on the man but no one can deny that at this rumble, Chris Benoit was awesome.


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    Thank you for reading.

    I hope you enjoyed reading as I did writing it.

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