UFC 125 Sees the First Draw in UFC Title History, but Dana White Wins Again

Marco YanitelliAnalyst IJanuary 2, 2011

The end of a sure thing
The end of a sure thing

Nothing could have gone better for Dana White than UFC 125.

With the Brock Lesnar Gravy Train coming to a not - so - shocking halt, the buzz from this UFC 125 debacle will at least allow the organization to remain solvent in 2011.

Apparently, scoring a 10-8 round against Edgar in round 1 of the contest was not enough to secure a victory for the challenger Gray Maynard. Gray now sports both a win and a questionable draw over Frankie Edgar, the current UFC Lightweight Champion.

The only person smiling after this one was Dana White. As a result he likely gets to keep his job for at least another year. Possibly beyond if he can manage to sign fighters better than Baroni and Struve.

In a night of never ending turnabout, resulting in many amazing come from behind victories, perhaps the most amazing story of them all belongs of all to the man smiling in the shadows, Dana White.

The call for a rematch between Frankie Edgar and Gray Maynard will be heard far and wide. It will not be ignored by Dana White, nor his bankers, both of which are already chomping at the bit at the mere thought of an event like that.

After facing the possibility of complete financial ruin following the utter dismantling of former UFC Heavyweight Champion Brock Lesnar to Cain Velasquez, Dana was granted a huge New Years gift in the form of one of the most bizarre outcomes in UFC history.

White didn't even have to work for it this time.

Nice way to stave off the wolves yet again as the Teflon Don of MMA continues his inexplicable knack for coming out a winner despite ridiculous odds. Perhaps Las Vegas and Dana White really were made for each other after all.