UFC 125 Results: Round By Round Main Card Breakdown

Nader HasanContributor IJanuary 2, 2011

UFC 125 Results: Round By Round Main Card Breakdown

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    UFC 125 was a fantastic way to kick start MMA into the new year. With many anticipated bouts on show, it lived up to expectations with great fights including an epic main event showcased by the powerful Gray Maynard and the dynamic Frankie Edgar. 

    Here are the results and round by round breakdown of all the fights from the main card.

Takanori Gomi vs. Clay Guida

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    What better way to start the PPV then with Clay Guida? His charisma and enthusiasm is unmatched among the UFC as he took on the legendary Takanori Gomi. 

    Round 1: Clay comes out with one of the weirdest head movements and weaving while keeping a low stance. Gomi falls to Clays level, but was out struck and couldn't keep up to the frenetic pace of Clay. Clay wins the round and finishes it with a takedown.

    Round 2: Like the first round, Gomi couldn't keep up with Clay and was taken down, albeit defending a couple of of takedowns earlier. Clay went for an arm triangle from the half guard but transitioned to a guillotine choke and chokes out Gomi.

    Winner: Clay Guida 2nd Round Submission

    Clay Guida's post fight interview with Joe Rogan was hilarious. After talking for too long and congratulating one too many people, he was cut off by Rogan for taking too much time. What a character.

Nate Diaz vs. Dong Hyun Kim

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    Two fighters in great form squared off to improve their position within the Welterweight division.

    Round 1: Kim started with leg kicks to Diaz and eventually took him down. He struggled to pass Diaz's guard, whos ground game defense is outstanding. Kim wasn't able to maintain a dominant position but was able to control Diaz on the ground, thus winning the round 10-9.

    Round 2: The round went the same way as round one, with Kim controlling Nate on the ground and taking him down twice.  He threw some ground strikes, but was able to maintain the pace of the fight. Nate briefly had Kim's back, but couldn't do anything with Kim winning the round 10-9.

    Round 3: Nate was able to dominate this round via clinch control and being fairly complacent, Kim gave up many positions. Kim was rocked from a knee, but the ref stepped in claiming that Kim wasn't standing during the attack. It was a close call but it didn't do much to favour Nate. He won the round but lost via unanimous decision.

    Winner: Dong Hyun Kim via Unanimous Decision 

Brandon Vera vs. Thiago Silva

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    Two Muay Thai specialists squared off in this highly anticipated match.

    Round 1: They start by exchanging strikes before Silva was able to take Vera down and dominate him with punches and elbows. He moved to a dominant position in side control and threw more elbows and won the round 10-9. After the bell, Silva taunted Vera and the two locked heads in a heated battle.

    Round 2: Vera started fired up and threw many punches and kicks to Silva. But that's as good as it got for him and he was tripped from the clinch. Silva was just too strong for Vera and was helpless on his back. You almost feel sorry for him. He wins the round 10-9.

    Round 3: Vera was able to trip Silva with a low kick but wasn't able to do much more. Silva took him down yet again and controlled him from his back. He humiliated Vera to a point of bitch slapping him and was in total control. Vera's nose was severely damaged and would require reconstructing. Silva eventually won the round and the unanimous decision. 

    Winner: Thiago Silva via Unanimous Decision

Chris Leben vs. Brian Stann

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    A match requested by Stann, who faces an in-form Chris Leben whom had a fabulous 2010, winning two fights in two weeks.

    Round 1: The match was a brawl with both men exchanging punches and using dirty boxing on each other. Brian, out of nowhere, threw a left hook which rocked Chris and put him down with a right. Chris was able to get up but was bombarded by Stann, who threw punch after punch after punch before putting Chris down again with a body shot. Leben surprisingly got up again, but was against the cage and severly rocked. The fight was finally stopped after Stann knocked him down for a third time.

    Winner: Brian Stann via TKO 

Frankie Edgar vs. Gray Maynard

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    Looking to avenge his only loss, Frankie Edgar defends his Lightweight Title against Gray Maynard.

    Round 1: This was an epic round which demonstrated the toughness and guts of Frankie Edgar. Maynard threw a beautiful right which rocked Edgar as he flew to the other side of the octagon (just like how Brock Lesnar rocked Heath Herring in the first round). He pounced on him and threw many punches while Frankie ran and tried to unscramble things, but he was knocked down again and Maynard was throwing heavy punches. He somehow survived the onslaught and even attempted to take Maynard down. Very gutsy stuff from the champion.

    Round 2: Frankie was able to regain his composure and found his rhythm. He out struck and out paced Maynard and stuffed all of his takedowns. He easily won this round and even threw a big slam, a la Matt Hughes. 

    Round 3: A more even contest by now, with both fighters scoring points and landing decent strikes. Gray was able to take Frankie down but was unable to do any damage. 

    Round 4: Edgar shines in this round again and was able to take Gray down three times and was close to submitting him via standing guillotine choke. Gray was able to escape, but was subsequently taken down and lost the round.

    Round 5: By now, both fighters are exhausted and went through an even round. Gray may have had the edge in this round by being more aggressive, but it was nevertheless a close round. He went for broke in the last 10 seconds but was unable to decisively win it.

    The match was very very close and both fighters put on an awesome display, but how Frankie Edgar was able to bounce back from the first round was beyond me. It was truly the stuff of legends. This was easily the fight of the night. 

    The judges scored this bout 49-47 Maynard, 49-47 Edgar and 47-47. It ended a draw.