Update On LPGA Tour Management.: Belated Brainiacs?

Tom S.Contributor ISeptember 9, 2008

   What a pleasant surprise!  Several days ago, LPGA Tour management rescinded

their ill-advised future policy of suspending any players who couldn't speak

"acceptable" English.  ( I won't recite the details here - see my previous article )

I considered that punishment to be "absurd"; that is, excessive, ridiculous,

unreasonable, etc. Apparently, I wasn't the only one, thank goodness.

Why was a more rational and logical approach not taken first?  Like maybe talking

it over with the players BEFORE issuing such a "heavy handed" policy directive.

Hey, I like "Dirty Harry" more than most people. But I believe it's wise to send

Sgt. Joe Friday ("Dragnet") in first, to negotiate. That failing, send "Harry" in

only then to "make my day"!

   This incident was an excellent example of why the old "command & control"

management style is so outmoded today. People need to be led rationally, not

driven forcefully. This is true for many coaches, commissioners, managers, and

especially politicians. It is also a discussion best left for a different place & time.

   In my previous article on this subject, I had suggested that Tour management

"pack up and go home" because they couldn't rationally defend their decision.

Maybe Carolyn Bivens (LPGA Tour Commissioner) read my article, because she

reportedly "packed up" and went somewhere on vacation last week,

conveniently leaving her subordinates to announce the policy reversal.

It seems she couldn't take the heat, so she did get out of the kitchen. Hmm?

At least we can give the Commissioner credit for coming to her senses and

changing her mind, which is more than many people have the courage to do.

Even if they do get some unexpected outside help.