Shane Mosley vs. Manny Pacquiao: Could End Up Being A Classic Battle?

edgar solorzanoContributor IIIDecember 30, 2010

We are all aware that Mosley vs. Pacquiao will take place in Las Vegas, Nevada on May 7th. There are angry fans that say Manny Pacquiao should've fought Andre Berto or Mexican warrior Juan Manuel Marquez instead. While others say Mosley still has something left and can possibly hurt the Filipino champ in the early rounds. Most Boxing experts are favoring Pacquiao for his future battle against Mosley. Whether fans agree or disagree, the ugly truth is that Mosley vs. Pacquiao is not a bad match-up.
Shane Mosley might be getting old, but he still has tremendous power. Just because a fighter is getting old, it doesn't mean he will not give the fans a terrific battle that could end up in the history books. It might be harder at his age, being 39 years old. But with the right training and mentality he could possibly give Pacquiao a good fight. Fight-fans have forgotten that Sugar Shane does quite well with fighters like Pacquiao. The Boxing world has been judging Mosley's talent based on his last performance against Mora. Pacquiao's style is nothing like Sergio Mora's. Pacquiao will try to face Mosley and not run away. It's hard trying to look good against a defensive fighter. Even Manny Pacquiao had a hard time giving the fans an exciting fight against Joshua Clottey. However, when you put two offensive fighters in the square circle, there's a major possibility that the fans could witness a bloody war.
The question everyone seems to be asking or thinking about is not who is going to win, but will the fight be worth watching? Everyone seems to doubt Mosley. Not too long ago, four months before Sugar Shane fought Mora. Everyone was saying that Mosley could possibly hurt Manny if they ever step in the ring. It was obvious that Shane Mosley had his power when he fought Mayweather, but it was his stamina the fans were questioning. Stamina could be a major problem when he faces the Filipino superstar that has the heart of a lion and confidence of a tiger.
There are three reasons why Shane Mosley could give Pacquiao a fight worth watching.
Reason #1: Manny Pacquiao has faced fighters that have poor head-movement in the welterweight division. Miguel Cotto is probably the only fighter that had good head-movement, but failed in other parts. Shane Mosley has great head movement and that could make a difference in the early rounds and possibly later rounds if Shane Mosley ends up having good stamina.
Reason #2: Shane Mosley may have few powerful weapons. But there’s no doubt that the jab is one of them. If Shane Mosley uses his jab, like he has been doing in past fights. He might be able to create distance and could set up good combinations to land that explosive hook. Miguel Cotto started pretty good in the early rounds when he fought Pacquiao. Cotto threw plenty of jabs, giving him space and distance to create some combinations. Only problem with Cotto was that he stopped using the jab in the later rounds.
Reason #3: Shane Mosley has that powerful right and left hook. If he happens to land a few powerful body shots and right hooks against Pacquiao, not only will that help Shane Mosley get a chance to steal Pacquiao’s crown, but it will give him confidence. As confidence is an important element in the sport of Boxing.
In order for Mosley to try to pull off a win against the Pac-Man, he will need to work on: foot-work, jab and stamina. He already has the power and can land explosive left and right hooks. Sugar Shane Mosley will have to be determined and work as hard as possible.
I respect both fighters for doing what they do. However, Pacquiao will most likely pull off another victory in the welterweight division. Manny Pacquiao will be too fast and smart for Sugar Shane. It's been proven before that speed beats power, on fights like: Pacquiao vs. Cotto and Margarito vs. Pacquiao. But don’t believe what most people are saying, that it will be an easy fight for Pacquiao. It could end up being a great fight.
I believe that Mosley vs. Pacquiao will be a replica fight of Cotto vs. Pacquiao. Everyone wonders if Manny Pacquiao can knock out Shane Mosley. Mosley has a great chin, therefore I think he may last all rounds and finish the fight. However, if Shane Mosley doesn’t come prepare on May 7th, Manny Pacquiao will win by unanimous decision or possibly by TKO in the later rounds, as late as round 11th.
It may seem like the world doubts that Shane Mosley will get crowned on May 7th, but that’s part of being a warrior. Proving people wrong and conquering their hearts. Manny Pacquiao is a tremendous warrior that will not let any warrior get near his crown. No matter how big they are, how powerful they are or who they are, he will fight back and use any weapon to keep that crown.