WWE: Harrison's Top 10 Matches of 2010: No. 3, Smackdown's Money in the Bank

Andre HarrisonCorrespondent IDecember 30, 2010

Smackdown Money In The Bank Ladder Match, July 2010
Smackdown Money In The Bank Ladder Match, July 2010

Hello there fine folks, Harrison's analysis back at it for the eighth consecutive day, as Harrison edges closer to his No. 1 WWE Match of the Year. So let's head back to July 2010, as Smackdown made a statement at the opening match of WWE's Money In The Bank on Pay-Per-View!


The Big Show vs Kofi Kingston vs Cody Rhodes vs Christian vs Matt Hardy vs Drew McIntyre vs Kane vs Dolph Ziggler (Smackdown Money In The Bank Ladder Match)

Ring announcer Tony Chimel noted that the winner can cash in the briefcase anytime and any place for one year. Big Show and Kane threw the other wrestlers out of the ring, like they were Kevin Nash facing X Division wrestlers who dared to win a match. *coughs* Kendrick *coughs*

Show got the better of Kane and tried to climb the ladder, but a rung broke. (I cracked up) Hardy and McIntyre had a moment in the ring. Hardy made the first real play for the title, but Christian entered the ring and pulled him down. Christian went for the briefcase, but Hardy pulled him down.

At 5:25, Hardy and Christian teamed to perform a double DDT on Kane. They picked up ladders and rammed them into Kane, but then went back to brawling. Meanwhile, all the other wrestlers were selling at ringside. Christian got the better of the exchange and climbed the ladder, but Cody pushed the ladder over and Christian fell onto Show at ringside.

Cole continued to tell the story that six wrestlers were focusing heavily on taking out Kane and Show. Cody and Hardy were fighting at the top of the ladder when McIntyre pushed them over. He aggressively cleared the ring and set up the ladder at 8:00. However, Ziggler ran in and cut him off.

Kane flipped at ringside and cleared off the Spanish announce table. He wanted to choke-slam Drew, but it didn't happen. Boo! Kofi hit a great kick on McIntyre on the table and then eyed up the ladder. The crowd picked up on it and cheered. A small "Kofi" chant broke out briefly.

At 10:30, Kofi leapt off the ladder and did the Boom Drop on McIntyre, causing both wrestlers to crash through the Spanish announce table. Yes! Screw you, Spanish announce table! Later, Big Show pulled out his super deluxe ladder and actually struggled to get it inside the ring. 

Harrison's Analysis: There you have it. If you had the table to break in under 21 minutes, you won the pool!

Show was standing in the ring, trying to pull it over the top rope. He looked to the crowd and said something that got a laugh out of people. He finally pulled it through the ropes. Cody cut off Show with a small ladder shot and then climbed the deluxe ladder, but Ziggler stopped him at 15:40.

Ziggler climbed the ladder, but Show stopped him. Show sold an ankle injury. He pulled Kofi off the ladder, but Kofi DDT'd him. Kofi slowly climbed the ladder, only to take a missile dropkick from Cody, who is showing a high flying side we rarely see out of him due to his heel status. Cody followed up with CrossRhodes on Kofi.

At 19:00, Cody climbed the ladder. Dolph ran in and swung at him and missed. He followed up with a punch and then pulled him down. Show recovered and started headbutting heels. Show, who was sporting a knee brace, hobbled to sell the ankle injury.

Show climbed a couple rungs of the ladder, but Kane pushed it over and Show fell to ringside. Christian and Hardy piled ladders onto Show on the floor, and Kane also threw one on top of Show. The seven wrestlers all made a play for the briefcase. Kane threw them down one-by-one.

Cody was the last wrestler to pull down. It was supposed to conclude with Kane's big uppercut punch, but the timing was really bad. Kane climbed the ladder. Dolph entered the ring and applied his sleeper on Kane, who rammed Dolph's head into the ladder to knock him off.

Kane threw Ziggler over the top rope toward Show, but Ziggler's knee got hooked. Kane freed him up and threw him onto the ladders that were on top of Show. Kane went to ringside and slammed Kofi onto the stack of ladders with Show underneath. Cody tried to run away, and Kane went after him, for lord knows what reason. Kane slammed Cody's head into the armored vans that make up the ring set.

Kane headed back to the ring and went for the briefcase, but Hardy and Christian teamed up to throw him off. At 24:20, Hardy and Christian met at the top of the Show-sized ladder and traded punches. They eventually shoved each other off simultaneously. Christian took a bump on the ropes and came up bleeding.

Drew McIntyre recovered at ringside and made a bid for the briefcase. Kane recovered and choke-slammed McIntyre off the ladder and grabbed the briefcase to win the match. The announcers hyped that Kane now has a title shot whenever he wants...

Smackdown Money In The Bank winner: Kane (26:17)

Harrison's Analysis: An excellent, excellent match. This was probably the best Money In The Bank Ladder Match to date. It had the big spots, it had the intensity but it had one thing that added to it...storytelling. The booking for this match was superb. The Big Show was actually booked like a Giant, McIntyre sold a leg drop for nearly 25 minutes and almost won the match at the end. Ziggler took the massive bumps, and Hardy and Christian were the veterans desperately feuding with one another. Simply amazing stuff all round here.

Harrison Match Rating: **** ½ Stars

Anyone want to hazard a guess as to what the No. 2 could be? Shoutout to anyone who guesses it correctly. Until New Year's Eve, goodnight everyone. I've been Andre Harrison and thanks for reading, Sayonara!