Slow and Steady Wins the Race, Unless You're a Charger Fan

Alex MonacoContributor IIDecember 30, 2010

Frustration Celebration
Frustration CelebrationHarry How/Getty Images

After every gut-wrenching season, each one seemingly upstaging the previous, Charger fans are continuously left unsatisfied.  The Chargers are everything that you’re not supposed to model after in society.  They’re the good looking girl that gets all the attention, they’re the friend that says I’ll call you later and never does, and they’re the people that serve you dinner, and leave you with no dessert.  Obviously I’m metaphorically speaking, but you get the picture. 

The Chargers know how to play the game, and I’m not talking about the game of football.  They reel you in like a feature film with an all-star cast and an awesome trailer.  Then you buy the ticket to see the movie and you realize it’s the same old story that goes nowhere.  The Bolts act like they don’t care, then all of a sudden they give you glimpses of hope.  Then they get to the end and almost purposely throw it away like a yellow flavor in a pack of Starbursts.

So what was the problem this year?  I’d say 2-2 against the NFC West is a start.  For the record I’d rather sit through a Belichick press conference than watch the Rams battle the Seahawks next week.  You can catch more fans at a Padres' regular season game than the “Little Giants” versus the “Little Giants” next Sunday at Qwest field.  But that’s beside the point. 

Can you blame an NFL coaching vet like Steve Crosby for the special teams lapse in nearly every loss the Chargers endured this season?  Well, fortunately for him, his job's not to tackle.  I say give the man a break.  But honestly, what kind of team lets a guy named “Stanford" charge up the middle and block a punt? Brutal.

To think there’s some Raider fan out there that considers this season a major victory because they beat the Chargers twice drives me crazy.  The Chargers lost games this season that shouldn’t have even been close.  How many teams have their quarterback throw for nearly half a grand in passing yards, and still lose a game?  San Diego likes being the underdog every year.  Then they finally get some exposure and choke like the guy at the diner in Dumb and Dumber.  It’s despicable. 

As for next season, do we need to make a coaching change? No.  Do we need to change personnel?  No.  Do we need to change our pump up song before games from Ozzy Osbourne’s “Crazy Train” to something else?  For the love of god, yes please.  It’s time for Qualcomm to enter the 21st century.

Somebody charge the Chargers and let’s get a first round bye next year!  See you in 2011, and let’s hope it’s not more of the same.