Power Rankings For The Best Conference In College Football

Carson HowellCorrespondent ISeptember 9, 2008


I'm going to have to call these top two a tie; both sides have good arguments for first place.
GA manhandled a weak C. Michigan team, Stafford wasn't totally outshined by Lefevour, like ESPN predicted, but did have less passing yards (granted, on fewer attempts), but Moreno stole the whole show, like he will most of the year.
GA's first real test is this Saturday, and we will see what Stafford/Moreno will do against a solid SEC defense. Although FL has the week off, next week will answer a lot of questions and will inevitably break this tie.

Florida struggled to put up their usual mind-blowing offensive stats, against an older Miami squad with a powerful defense. The Gators did not allow The U inside of their 30-yard-line and did not give up a TD.
They also won by a respectful four scores. It's a toss up for first place, so it will stay at a tie.
GA weaker opponent, bigger win = FL stronger opponent, win not AS (key word) impressive.

LSU is very talented, but has yet to have to chance to display it, due to inclement weather. With questions at the QB position still lingering, the Tigers are still looking into their crystal ball, for answers.

The Tide rolls over overrated Clemson; I just hope they got more for me than I saw in the Tulane game. The Tide's offense had a couple of wipe-outs against the Green Wave.
I've got faith, I've got you at fourth.

Auburn's offense is better than I expected, and their special teams will definitely put points on the board and pin offenses back deep.
The War Eagles are another team that will have to show up, to keep a good record in the competitive SEC. Next game is against Mississippi State.

You might think I'm crazy putting them at No. 6, but Vanderbilt now has two quality wins in a row. Although the first was to weak Miami of Ohio, the Commodores did put a better spanking on them than Michigan did.
What can you say about the big win at home, upsetting Spurrier and his Gamecocks? Keep winning and keep moving up, Vandy; I've gotta put you at No. 6 for now. You've got Auburn on Oct. 9. I think you'll be 4-0 by then. Can you do it?

Tennessee is searching for answers and needs some quick. Hope they find them against UAB, or else they will be Gator bait the following week against a rested UF squad.
Foster is a stud; he averages nearly 7 1/2 yards per carry, and Hardesty ain't too shabby. We will see if they take advantage of their own quality running game.

The Rebels lost a CLOSE one to Riley Skinner and a top-tier ACC squad in Wake Forest. I do think they will have a loss to Vandy, but we will see. They are at No. 8 for now.



Can't say Kentucky has shown me too much, with wins over down Louisville and Norfolk State. I have to say, though, that I have been impressed by the Wildcats' defense.

They will be 4-0 after eating a couple more cupcakes. Then they face the Tide, and will be in trouble.

The Gamecocks got turned inside out by Vandy last game, and are indeed quite sick. I don't foresee the Dawgs as the remedy. They face GA this Saturday, at home at least.
Good luck Gamecocks; you're going to need it. That's basically why I'm putting SC so low.

Mississippi State had a really pitiful loss to Louisiana Tech then came back, and had a big win against SE Louisiana, and a "big" win over that squad means you might be in for some trouble.
Anthony Dixon is a stud, and a one-man show.They play Auburn at home next game, but I do not see State pulling another upset like they did last year.

The Hogs are now 2-0, but man, they are going to miss Mr. McFadden this season.