WWE: Analysis Of The Divas Division With The Signing Of 'Amazing Kong'

Luke AdamsonCorrespondent IIDecember 30, 2016

WWE seem to be utterly determined to end this year on a high. We have been treated to an excellent TLC PPV, and perhaps the beginning of one of the biggest storylines in WWE history with CM Punk joining Nexus.

However, the fun doesn't end there. It has been announced that Awesome Kong has signed with WWE.

Well, that used to be her name. We all know that WWE will change that, and according to Wikipedia they already have, as indicated in the title of the article.

Amazing Kong has arrived in WWE. Is it just me or does that sound for once to be just as good or even better than her former alias?

Now perhaps a few of you are surprised by this signing. It has long been fan opinion (which has been backed up with plenty of evidence) that Vince likes his divas to be, well...divas.

Awesome Kong does not quite fit into that description seen as she is more of the Umaga build.

At 272 pounds, she weighs more than the majority of male competitors in the main event in WWE. She also has an impressive win/loss record in the many promotions she has wrestled for over the years, with 65.97 percent of her matches ending in victory.

Furthermore, she was ranked the top diva in the 2008 annual PWI diva rankings. So, in short it looks to me that WWE have signed a real star here. The question is how will the divas division evolve from now on?

Well, one possibility is that there will be no change. Would it surprise anyone if WWE decided to enter her straight into the men's division? Perhaps she'll be given an Intercontinental title run? If it can happen for Chyna (who weighed in at a mere 180 pounds), surely it is not out of the question for Kong?

But in this article, I will discuss the possibilities assuming that she enters the divas division.

To start, I will name the current divas on the roster. Starting with Raw:

Brie Bella, Nikki Bella, Eve, Alicia Fox, Gail Kim, Maryse, Melina, Natalya, Tamina

Now Smackdown!

Beth Phoenix, Kaitlyn, Kelly Kelly, Layla, Michelle McCool, Rosa Mendes

So then in total, we have 15 divas. However, in these 15 divas there is inevitably some dead weight, which is worth some discussion:

1) The Bellas: What do they actually do? What is their purpose? I was watching NXT Season 3 (it was painful) and I noticed that they can go somewhat in the ring.

The truth is though that as twins they are holding each other back. I say send them to FCW, work on their in-ring skills and give both a whole new image.

2) Tamina: I have never really understood her whole storyline with Santino, but all I know is that it devalues the product and encourages people to change channel. Either use her as a wrestler or release her.

3) Kaitlyn: After torturing myself watching every episode of NXT I was quite frankly shocked that Kaitlyn won. This is a diva who simply cannot wrestle. She has absolutely no charisma either and I cannot see how she is going to make it in WWE. The only reason she won NXT was because of Vickie, because every week on NXT she made fun of Vickie, so people voted for her. Pathetic.

4) Kelly Kelly: This is the diva that everyone seems to like because of her looks. As CM Punk would say, 'she's only a four!'. But if we examine her ability in the ring we have to go lower than a four, and for that reason I see no place for her in the division currently.

5) Rosa Mendes: She cannot wrestle, she has no personality and quite frankly I am surprised she has lasted this long.

So assuming these divas are out of the title picture, we are left with nine divas with actual potential.   

Just as a side note I would like to comment about Maryse. She is not the most talented performer in the ring, but she has something that only two other divas in the division have at the moment (LayCool), which is charisma.

If she breaks away from that lump of wood DiBiase, she has the potential to add more title reigns to her name.

Now we have to examine the two divas who should have been finalists on NXT Season 3, Naomi and AJ. Out of all the woeful episodes on NXT Season 3, the one good match we saw was between these two.

As it happens, it is a contender for divas match of the year in my book. See for yourself:


Anyway, my point is that these two should be bought up to the main roster and put in the title picture. I say split up the unified title into its constituent parts as before, move AJ to Raw and Naomi to Smackdown!

So then, what do we do with Amazing Kong?

Well if we update the divas roster to my ideals we have the following set up:

Raw: AJ, Eve, Alicia Fox, Gail Kim, Maryse, Melina, Natalya

Smackdown!: Beth Phoenix, Layla, Michelle McCool, Naomi

So to me it makes sense to send Amazing Kong to Smackdown!, to not only make the picture there brighter, but because on Smackdown! she will have more opportunity to shine competing for the Women's title. A move to Raw later on is pretty much a certainty.  

All I know is, the divas division just got a lot more interesting.

All comments and thoughts welcome!