Scoff with The Off: Cole To Wrestle Soon, Googled Stars, Haas's New Look

Matt OffermannCorrespondent IDecember 30, 2010

Wat up bleaches? Not too much big big news here but just some stuff I thought you guys might want to see.

                                        Michael Cole to get in the ring soon.

Michael Cole has been doing some training and taking bumps lately. It is said that he is training to do some special guest referee work in the future. Can you guys see an actual match between anybody and Cole?

                                        Top 10 most googled wrestlers from 2010

 2010 is about over and the year's Top 19 most googled wrestlers are the following.

1. John Cena (who didn't see that one)

2. Brock Lesnar * (there's an asterisk so don't comment about it)

3. Edge

4. Jeff Hardy

5. Batista

6. Hulk Hogan

7. HHH

8. Rey Mysterio

9. Shawn Michaels (even in retirement he rules)

10. The Undertaker

                                     Charlie Haas has a new look in Japan

This one was just funny to see. Most of you guys, like I did before I saw this picture, imagine the look of one-half of the world's greatest tag team. Just check this out.


WWE Birthdays: 12/30

Happy Birthday to: Bill Kazmaier and Carl Oulette


Did You Know: This is a new concept I have been thinking about doing; just a random fact about certain wrestlers. I won't be doing them all the time, but I thought for the first one I would use Christian.

Did You Know: Christian and Edge became friends at a young age because Christian, after moving to Edge's school at a young age, had a Ninja Star that Edge liked.