Are Leafs Fans a Factor in the Team's Demise?

Shane HouseAnalyst ISeptember 9, 2008

I will admit that I am part of this growing problem amongst Leafs fans. The problem of over-analyzing.

Year by year, Leafs fans over-analyze more and more before the season starts and alter their opinions game after game.

Nik Antropov is the perfect example.

For years, people said that he was a waste of a roster spot and didn't deserve to be a Maple Leaf until last year when he won over the hearts of most fans.

The thing that's sad about it is this year, if he falters out of the gate, he will be right back in that doghouse where so many Leafs have been and where so many haven't been able to dig themselves out.

Bryan McCabe is a perfect example. Everybody used to love this guy until he signed a big contract. Since that day, he was stuck fighting a losing battle to win back the support of Leafs fans until his recent demise.

Jonas Hoglund, Robert Reichel, Jeff O'Neill, and even the recent Jason Blake is feeling the pressure to perform.

I believe if Jason Blake doesn't have a good year this year, he will be gone and will never be the same. And all of this is caused by too much pressure.

All it takes is one good year or one big contract and we expect the world of them.

It's not fair, but we can't help it. We're passionate.

Sadly, and I honestly believe this, if there were less pressure on our players to perform, we would be in a much better position then we are in currently.

This is why I feel so bad for players like Jeff Finger and Jason Blake. In our eyes unless they play ridiculously well they will always be in the dog house. It's a sad fact.

But the worst part about this whole thing is that if it weren't for this constant pressure to perform, they would be much better players, and we would be much better rewarded.