Vince Young's Mental Stability in Question

Jeremy ScottAnalyst ISeptember 9, 2008

On Monday evening, Vince Young went missing.

Already smarting from a fresh injury and nursing a fragile ego after being booed at a home game for the first time in his life, Young left his residence without taking his cell phone.

His friends were so worried about his mental state that they called the Titans organization, who promptly called the police.

Now, if you or I went missing, and our loved ones called the police...hasn't television taught us that we would be told that someone has to be missing 24 hours before they can help? The article says that the cops were willing to help because Young is a star:

“In a major city police department, we have calls like this all the time about people who fear for their loved ones and want the police department to find them and check on their welfare, the difference here being Vince Young’s notoriety,’’ Aaron said.

Regardless...this is a serious, serious issue. 

Spin it however you want, but you simply don't call the police about your missing quarterback—who has only been gone a couple hours—unless you have some pre-existing reason to be legitimately worried about his well being. 

And who was it that had the initial misgivings? Young's friends. The people who know him best. 

The events of Sunday's game alone had lit the Nashville press on fire yesterday, with many taking issue with the pouty way Young handled his poor play, head in hands on the sideline. 

Speculation ran rampant that he had quit on his team, refusing to go out for another offensive series.  And indeed, cameras captured Jeff Fisher getting in Young's face and seeming to push him out on to the field. 

Then, defensive leader Keith Bullock gave a quote to the paper that added fuel to the fire, saying, "No one is going to quit on this side of the ball." 

The media does have a way of exaggerating a story's importance, and fan-journalism such as what you find here on Bleacher Report is no different. 

But make no mistake: This is not normal. Something Vince Young said or did from Sunday to now gave his closest friends and employers reason to be supremely worried about his safety when he went AWOL for a couple hours. No matter what Fisher says to play things down, this is a big deal.

So take your claims that this is much ado about nothing and shelve them. Maybe all he did was drive to a friends house and forget his the article suggests...but the fact that his buddies and his bosses were freaking out about it hints at a much larger, scarier picture of Young's mental health.

The story is not that he left his house without a phone and the media thinks it's a big deal...the story is that the people closest to him panicked, which means there's a lot going on inside his head that we don't know about.

I'm certainly glad he's okay. And I hope he stays that way. But Young ought to be used to the spotlight by now, but that doesn't appear to be the case at all. I'm not sure there's a way for the team to go from here to a place where he's the confident leader they need this year.