John Cena Suffers Hip Injury: WWE Creative Must Be Losing Sleep But There's Hope

Vanda RamkissoonContributor IIIDecember 29, 2010

By now a lot of you know that John Cena has suffered a hip injury on Tuesday night in Wilkes-Barre, Pa. reports that the injury will be monitored on a day-to-day basis and evaluated to see the extent of the problem. This means that we are not sure when the superstar will make a return to the ring.

On a positive note, the ending of last Monday Night RAW turned out to be perfect now. Cena was accosted by Nexus (minus Barrett and CM Punk) and suffered more than one finishing moves, including the '450 degrees splash' by Justin Gabriel and the 'go to sleep' by CM Punk.

That is a lot for anyone to handle, even John Cena. This provides him with an excuse for time away from the ring if he does in fact need it.

While I wish John Cena all the best and hope that he has a speedy and uncomplicated recovery, there is the fact that WWE may have to survive without him for a while.

This is something which has been feared by WWE. For instance, after Cena was fired after losing to Wade Barrett, there was not even one show in which he was left out from.

The action of the story line sped up and he was re-hired in a very unconvincing way. That is, Barrett allowed him to come back because he was a thorn in the Nexus' side.

This then facilitated a match between the two at TLC which saw Barrett being decimated by Cena and 23 chairs (give or take a few). Since then, we have not seen Barrett and I have started missing the convict already.

The newest twist to the tale is that CM Punk is now part of the Nexus. He put on the armband which has been a shackle for Cena and the rest of WWE for six months now.

The remaining members saluted him using his customary 'Straight-Edge Society' salute. David Otunga mentioned earlier that they were under new management and so far it looks like CM Punk has taken on the job of leading the young men.

In the meantime, where is Barrett? If Cena does indeed need time off, this is the perfect situation to bring Barrett back into the forefront. I am sure that enough time has passed for him to sell the beating he received at TLC.

As an exile from Nexus, he can now set his sight on CM Punk, who has usurped his throne. There are really good possibilities with this.

He can start a new stable and the two can battle it out. Punk vs. Barrett does have a nice ring to it. In fact I can go on and on about angles that do not need Cena involved.

The point is that Nexus does not seem the same without Barrett and he should not be removed from the stable as yet.

WWE Creative must be running scared, but they have survived in the past without Cena and will again.

Perhaps this will give them, not the confidence, but the need to look at alternatives to the Nexus story, which has been a little anti-climactic so far.

But who knows, Cena is a strong man as well as a character and perhaps he will be back immediately so that WWE can rest peacefully. Again, I hope the injury is not serious and that John will be back at his best soon.