Women's Hockey: Final Score, 82 - 0!

Miah D.Senior Writer ISeptember 9, 2008

I don't know any of the players who were on the ice. In fact, I don't watch much women's hockey for some reason. But this headline on a french website just cracked me up and made my day!

The preliminary tournament in Europe for Vancouver 2010 is currently running. And well, it is running faster than the world of hockey has ever known.

Bulgaria has been doing everything but scoring and blocking shots in their last four games.

First game, facing Italy, 41 - 0.

Second, vs. Latvia, 39 - 0.

Third, vs. Croatia, 30 - 1. Oh man, my apologies, they actually scored one there.

And the latest, vs. Slovakia, the icing on the cake, 82 - 0.

I guess there is no place for our hockey cliches in those kinds of situation. "We did not play our game," or, "we didn't play for 60 minutes," or such might not be the best way to describe what happened. We should find some new ones for those special situations.

"They kept coming at us," would be the biggest euphemism ever known in the history of sports.

According to reports, team Slovakia made 139 shots to the net while the Bulgarians could not register even one.

After five minutes, it was 7 - 0. After ten minutes, 19 - 0. When the score was finally 77-0, coming to the end of the third period, they finally pulled out the goalie. Her backup gave up five goals on five shots. And the night was over.

Well, that is a big sentence. The night was already over after the first period (31-0)!

That must have been one heck of a hockey game. Not one, four!