Huge WWE and TNA News: Brock Lesnar Return, Jeff Hardy Jail Time, and More

Joe Burgett Senior Writer IIIDecember 29, 2010

As many of us know by now, reports have surfaced that could be huge for both WWE and TNA Wrestling in the coming year. However, only one company, (WWE) will benefit if the reports are true for them.

A report has stated that Brock Lesnar is itching to get out of his UFC contract in order to return to Pro-Wrestling in time for the WWE Wrestlemania event. I don't see this happening personally, and for two reasons.

Number one, Lesnar loves the world of MMA and has been highly successful in the sport. He may have had a life-threatening illness a while back, but that didn't stop him from fighting two fights.

In fact, he beat Shane Carwin in his first title defense after he got out of the hospital. However, he did lose his UFC Heavyweight Championship to Cain Velasquez months back.

Lesnar hasn't been heard from since, sadly, but that doesn't mean he isn't itching to get his title back. It's his first loss since he won the title, but word has it that he's training for a return to the octagon, not the squared circle.

I don't think he would want to get out of his UFC deal just for one event. He has a few fights left on his contract with UFC. He would make a good bit of money with that, and he'd obviously get a contract renewal.

With WWE, he'd make a good bit for a one-time appearance, but that would be it. Why would he risk his entire future where he'd make a ton in MMA for one time in WWE?

Also, he has told horror stories of his life in WWE. He mentioned how he ran on pain killers and vodka for two years and hardly even remembers his time there.

Why would he come back full time? Part time is possible, but does Lesnar really want to come back? I don't think so. I feel the Yahoo report was more so hopeful than factual.

Now to TNA Champion Jeff Hardy, reports surfaced a few days ago saying that Hardy was going to plead guilty to all drug charges.

Despite everyone knowing of his drug abuse, and the fact he was let go from WWE years back for failing too many tests and refusing rehab, Hardy has never been convicted of a drug felony.

This is why he probably won't get a mass penalty for his sentence. Obviously a plea bargain was set in order to avoid the minimum three-year jail sentence for that of drug trafficking.

The mass for this is 14 years depending on the weight of the drugs found, which in Hardy's case, was quite a bit over the North Carolina limit.

There is still a HUGE chance he sees jail time, though. There is a minimum 45 days that is MANDATORY for him to spend in jail, the most he'd spend most likely would be six months. This is far from 3 to 14 years, which Hardy would be happy to take, I'm sure.

Usually in these cases, the defendant, which is Hardy, will agree to enter rehab. Also, Hardy will most likely have a three-year minimum probation period, and community service seems likely. However, this should be easy for Hardy because of his celebrity. Make a Wish Foundation for example could be under community service/charity.

The jail time as I mentioned above must be done. Hardy WILL see jail time, there is no way to get around this. TNA Wrestling will most likely take the TNA World Title off of him at Genesis in some way.

I'm sure they could have an RVD/Hardy match for the TNA Title or the winner of the Matt Morgan/Ken Anderson No. 1 Contender match will get a shot at the title that night.

It is possible that the government will work with TNA Wrestling in order for Hardy to work until he drops the title. Then take him off to jail. Hardy if he has any mind at all, will not run.

However, the one thing I'd worry about if I were Hardy is the probation period. Many times, the person cannot leave the state they reside in. This may be something he worked out in the plea bargain, however.

Now onto the HUGE news of John Cena getting hurt. During a house show in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania, Cena had a cage match with Wade Barrett.

Around the 20-minute mark, Barrett got Cena in the Wasteland and dropped Cena on the mat. Apparently everything stopped and the trainers came to the ring and were talking with Barrett and Cena.

After that Cena put on a LeBell Lock hold that wasn't the STF, Barrett tapped out, and left the ring quickly. Apparently he injured his leg on the cage in some way.

After the match Cena asked for a mic and said, "I got a little beat up tonight and if I need to take some time off, I will, but I will not be carried from the ring."

This is obviously not a good thing for the WWE to lose Cena in any way. Being THE man right now, and being the guy that is trying to take out Nexus on the solo, it's obvious that this injury could massively affect plans coming up.

He just started a rivalry with CM Punk, who seems to now be the new leader of Nexus. This looked to be one of the most appealing rivalries heading into 2011, but now with an injured leg, can Cena work even as much as a TV match?

Triple H's return will surely help with the loss of Cena, but because Cena is already slated for this feud, Triple H just coming in to take his place would be weird, especially when he has unfinished business with Sheamus.

Randy Orton is also possible to take Cena's place, and he has unfinished business with Nexus but nothing with Punk. Cena is really the only one for this rivalry, because it's all centered around Cena's character, no one else's. Talk about an injury at the wrong time!

But what do you all think? Is Cena going to be able to come back from this leg injury? Will Lesnar return? And who do you think Hardy drops the TNA Title to?