Off The Course: Five Feuds That Could Get Ted DiBiase Back On Track

Jonathan Clark@JCNextContributor IIIDecember 29, 2010

Off The Course: Five Feuds That Could Get Ted DiBiase Back On Track

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    I could have sworn that Ted Dibiase Jr. was primed for success. He had the Dibiase name, the look, the ability, heck the guy even starred in The Marine 2. You don’t get to star in The Marine 2 movie without being primed for success!

    I will admit I like the guy a lot and I will admit that I truly believe he is being wasted. After losing to Orton at Wrestle Mania he basically has had his butt handed to him by R-Truth, Goldust, Daniel Bryan and, most recently, Santino.

    He really could have had a great feud with Daniel Bryan but that was all for naught. He’s carrying along Maryse (or maybe she’s carrying him along, then again at this point they’re carrying each other), he can’t win a match and the guy everyone thought wouldn’t have as much success in that Cody Rhodes is, well, experiencing more success.

    Quite simply, Ted Dibiase Jr. is a loser. At least Rhodes has won matches and a belt. The way DiBiase Jr. has been losing is not only disgraceful it’s downright embarrassing. At this point, he needs to salvage his career and that’s on both him and the WWE.

    But first things first, they can start by turning his face. Yeah, he turned on Randy Orton, fine, whatever, that was months ago. At this point no one cares. That’s a good thing because Ted Dibiase is not a heel. He doesn’t have the look of a heel, doesn’t have the personality of a heel and isn’t needed to be a heel either. But he could be a great face and he could mix well with some other rising stars to at least make him a solid mid-carder or even better over the course of this next year. 

Honorable Mention: Daniel Bryan

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    Some of their matches start off pretty good but 90 percent of them have ended the same way, with DiBiase Jr. tapping to the LeBell lock. I thought that they were going to have a small rivalry going but it became pretty one sided too quickly and now Bryan seems to be moving on to face Tyson Kidd which should materialize since that would be a great match-up. Nevertheless, it would have been nice to see this develop into more than what it was but it is what it is. Maybe another time.   

Chris Masters

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    This is an interesting pairing but a good one if handled correctly.

    Masters is pretty good but isn’t really popular like he could or should be. A complete and ruthless heel turn like that of Batista’s could help make him a little more relevant.He’s a heel type already and he’s built like a Spartan warrior, let’s give the guy some T.V. time, lord knows they give it to terrible promos and long segments.

    Dibiase Jr. would actually have the popularity edge here but this feud could also help push both men into the spotlight, although most likely at just mid-card status. 

Tyler Reks

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    If you saw "Bragging Rights" then you saw how good Tyler Reks is and how much of a real beast he could be. If you think a Chris Masters ruthless heel turn would be sweet, imagine if they let Reks run wild. He’s a heel already but like Masters hasn’t really gotten a chance to be ruthless.

    The guy is sick and would be a perfect power enemy to Dibiase Jr. Both would be able to propel themselves into popularity based on the matches alone. This would make Dibiase Jr. relevant in that he has to take down a powerful wrestler and make Reks relevant in that he’s a powerful wrestler who’s ready to run though anyone he can.

    It wouldn’t exactly be a main event, but it would bring solid audiences and set both men down the right path. Plus he has the crazy heel look to what would be the baby face look of DiBiase Jr. 

Jack Swagger

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    This could be big for both men.

    Swagger has already won the big one and has some stardom to him as well as an impressive set of skills.

    Although Swagger has the edge, a feud between the two would raise both of their statuses and could make for some good matches too. It could become a solid rivalry as well since both men are close in stature and the same age at 28. If done right both men would be looked at as solid performers and it would make both more acceptable main event wrestlers, something the WWE seems to be looking for right now. 

Alberto Del Rio

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    Alberto Del Rio is solid. The guy is going to win big sometime in 2011 whether we like it or not. He’s a great performer, puts on a show and has serious skills.

    Technically Dibiase Jr. would be the weak link here as Del Rio has been receiving and will continue to receive a big push. But as the Del Rio/Mysterio storyline gets more and more stale, why not have a face Dibiase Jr. stand in the way of Del Rio’s plans. It would actually help both considerably.

    Del Rio is already in the spotlight and people want someone who can match him and stand toe to toe. While many look to Edge to be that answer, I’m more for a Edge and Christian feud thus Dibiase Jr. would be a solid opponent and could instantly be in the spotlight with him.

    Outside of whoever’s the world champion and their feud, these two could have the biggest thing going on SmackDown. This pairing would even be solid enough for Raw. This would help Del Rio in that he would be able to secure wins over someone more his size and could get clean wins as well, making him more of the real deal. 


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    The Celtics warrior may seem a bit above Ted Dibiase Jr. as his stardom has risen fast but nevertheless this would be a fun match up.

    Ted would struggle in this one and that’s exactly what would make him reputable. He would basically be going up against a guy who’s everything he is and more. The storyline possibilities are there and would work. It would never come easy either and it’s easier to appreciate a face win when it didn’t come easy.

    Sheamus would be another wrestler that would instantly put DiBiase Jr. in the spotlight and close the main event status. While there really wouldn’t be a major benefit to Sheamus aside from winning cleanly (although he’s done that already) it would help in making himself seem a bit stronger.

    Since Dibiase is a little bit taller and bigger than the opponents Sheamus has been facing as of late that wouldn’t necessarily be a bad thing putting both men on the path to a strong year.


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    We can only hope that the WWE goes in this direction for Ted Dibiase. The guy really isn't that bad and if they don't want to make Legacy seem like a complete sham the least they could do is give DiBiase some solid spotlight and these would all be great feuds for him while in it. In any case, only time will tell.