Off The Course: Five Feuds That Could Get Ted DiBiase Back On Track

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Off The Course: Five Feuds That Could Get Ted DiBiase Back On Track
Ted DiBiase

I could have sworn that Ted Dibiase Jr. was primed for success. He had the Dibiase name, the look, the ability, heck the guy even starred in The Marine 2. You don’t get to star in The Marine 2 movie without being primed for success!

I will admit I like the guy a lot and I will admit that I truly believe he is being wasted. After losing to Orton at Wrestle Mania he basically has had his butt handed to him by R-Truth, Goldust, Daniel Bryan and, most recently, Santino.

He really could have had a great feud with Daniel Bryan but that was all for naught. He’s carrying along Maryse (or maybe she’s carrying him along, then again at this point they’re carrying each other), he can’t win a match and the guy everyone thought wouldn’t have as much success in that Cody Rhodes is, well, experiencing more success.

Quite simply, Ted Dibiase Jr. is a loser. At least Rhodes has won matches and a belt. The way DiBiase Jr. has been losing is not only disgraceful it’s downright embarrassing. At this point, he needs to salvage his career and that’s on both him and the WWE.

But first things first, they can start by turning his face. Yeah, he turned on Randy Orton, fine, whatever, that was months ago. At this point no one cares. That’s a good thing because Ted Dibiase is not a heel. He doesn’t have the look of a heel, doesn’t have the personality of a heel and isn’t needed to be a heel either. But he could be a great face and he could mix well with some other rising stars to at least make him a solid mid-carder or even better over the course of this next year. 

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