WWE Royal Rumble 2011: Top 5 Surprise Entrants

Rob JohnstonContributor IDecember 29, 2010

WWE Royal Rumble 2011: Top 5 Surprise Entrants

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    The Royal Rumble is without a doubt, the most unique pay per view by WWE.  The 30-man, over-the-top-rope classic is my favorite pay-per-view bar none.  It's just so original. One of my favorite parts of watching the Rumble is seeing which unannounced surprise entrant(s) come down to the ring!  Last year, the big shocker was Edge, who would go on to win the Rumble. 

    This list represents the potential unannounced names on the list of entrants at WWE.com that make everyone watching go "Whooooa!"  This year, there are five big names that could make big returns at the annual classic.

#5: Triple H

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    The Game has been out almost eight months now and he seems to be the most likely candidate to come back of the five.  Triple H even wrestled Alberto Del Rio at a Fan Appreciation show in October.  He's ready to come back and the Rumble is the perfect time.  I predict him finishing in the top five at minimum.  For a wrestler nearing the twilight of his career, I don't see him winning necessarily but as we all know, many story lines can develop out of a Rumble.  Most signs point to a feud with Sheamus (maybe Triple H eliminates Sheamus?)  Another subplot of the potential Triple H/Sheamus rivalry is that Triple H is known as the King of Kings while Sheamus is the current King of the Ring.

#4: Christian

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    From what I've read recently on Bleacher Report, most people are clamoring for a potential Edge vs. Christian match at Wrestlemania.  Christian appears ready to return to the ring very soon and a return at the Rumble is likely.  Christian also recently appeared at the Slammys with Edge.  Though a former ECW Champion, Christian has never really won "the big one" in his decorated career.  While I expect a good showing, I don't see Christian winning the Royal Rumble because there is just too much competition this year.  Thankfully, this doesn't necessarily rule out the Christian/Edge feud.

#3: Goldberg

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    Rumors have been swirling the last couple months of a Goldberg return.  From what I've read in articles on BR, Goldberg wants his kids to see him wrestle and that Vince would be interested in doing something long term (in the 1-2 year range).  I still think it's a long shot that Goldberg would return at the Rumble; if anything I see a possible one night appearance at Wrestlemania.  Still as the old addage goes: Anything can happen in the WWE!

#2: Chris Jericho

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    The WWE needs Chris Jericho back ASAP.  He's just too entertaining. Plus, there would be an incredible pop for Y2J when the "Break the Walls Down" music hit.  What makes Jericho great is that he is just so versatile.  There are so many angles that the writer's could put Jericho in after the Rumble.  This would be the "Whoooooa!" moment of the evening for you and your buddies that I was referring to earlier.  That is unless this next wrestler makes an appearance...

#1: Brock Lesnar

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    It's no wonder why Vince is so aggressively pursuing Brock Lesnar.  A return to wrestling for Lesnar would shake the foundations of the WWE Universe.  Another thing to consider is the crossover appeal Lesnar could bring being a former UFC Champion in his own right.  It's a long shot that he'll return, but if Lesnar were to come back at the Rumble, I could see him dominating and winning it all.  Lesnar is an absolute beast.

Conclusions and Prediction

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    There you have it folks.  The top five potential comebacks at the 2011 Royal Rumble.  It seems that this year's Rumble is wide open in terms of picking a winner.  There are many young up and comers that could win (Alberto Del Rio looks like a future world champion on Smackdown) and we can't forget about veterans like John Cena, Randy Orton or even new Nexus leader CM Punk.  Though I can't help but wonder if Punk and Cena will be wrestling each other at the event (would WWE double book them?).  If I had to pick right now, I'd pick Chris Jericho to win the Rumble.  While Jericho has never won the Rumble match itself, he has historically owned in his singles matches at the event.