Brady And Testaverde Share Same Fate

Daniel SmithCorrespondent ISeptember 9, 2008

Tom Brady and Vinny Testaverde have a lot in common.


As we watched Tom Brady hit the ground Sunday against the Chiefs

we might have thought it was an optical illusion or a dream.


For the Patriots it was a horror dream, for the rest of the AFC East it was a blessing.


No one wants to see anyone get hurt but at the same time, this gives everyone in that division a chance to win it.


As Jets fans we know all too well about our star QB going down, and that is Vinny Testaverde.


In 1999 the Jets were poised to go to the Super Bowl coming off a 12-4 season and

making it to the AFC championship game against the Denver Broncos. Testaverde threw for 3,256 yards 29 td’s and only seven int’s and put the Jets back in the lime light.


The Jets were no longer just the Jets, they were Vinny and the Jets.


They started off well against the Broncos putting up a 10-0 lead at the half but things just fell apart in the 2ndhalf with Keith Byars fumbling along with Curtis Martin, and because of the lack of running game Testaverde was forced to throw the ball 52 times for 356 yard and two int’s with no touchdowns.


The Jets lost 23-10 and blew a chance at what I thought was a cake Super Bowl playing against the Falcons that we beat 23-3 earlier in the season.


So with John Elway retiring, the Jets No. 1 challenge to the Super Bowl was gone and they were poised like Tom Brady and the Patriots to win the championship.


And like Brady, Testaverde went down early tearing his Achilles tendon dropping back for a pass and there before our  eyes the season was lost; we finished 8-8 winning 7 of our last 9 games because of great play out of ray Lucas. But the Super Bowl dreams were lost.


Just like Tom Brady and the Patriots there time is done as well.


And with an aging defense and a quarterback coming off a terrible injury

this might be the end of the Patriots run. And if anyone thinks the Patriots are still going to play well just look at how the Jets and Bills played this past weekend and tell me they can do it without Brady.