Why Brett Favre Should be the NFL MVP

Bill DowSenior Analyst IDecember 30, 2007

Who would have thought the old man throwing long bombs in a Levis commercial would be the same guy in contention for winning the NFL MVP?

Sure he isn't as polished, as talented, or as lucky as Tom Brady is, but in my opinion that only adds to his resume.

Let me start off by saying, I do not like Brett Favre, mainly because of his indecision in the past few years about his future.

As much as I didn't want to see him succeed, and as little as my heart values the success he has had this year, he has undeniably done marvelous things.

This award, unlike the Heisman, goes to the Most Valuable Player. Tom Brady, however talented he is, isn't the sole player keeping this team in the Super Bowl contention. You place any good NFL starter (Derek Anderson-caliber) behind Dan Koppen, and the team still succeeds.

This is not the same case in Green Bay.

What the Packers (and especially Favre) did before Ryan Grant's emergence was phenomenal. They started off 8-1. A .888 win percentage isn't bad for a team without a good runner, a flaw for which they were being relentlessly criticized.

You try substitiuting Derek Anderson in Green Bay? He's toast.

He doesn't have a runner like Lewis, he doesn't have two big-play receivers like Winslow and Edwards (Driver doesn't come close), and he doesn't have sure-hands Jerevicious.

Try to put him in New England. He has 2.5 great receivers to throw to (Moss, Welker, 1/2 Stallworth/Gaffney), he has an ok back in Maroney, and he has an untouchable offensive line.

Favre took this team, which wasn't greatly improved since last season, and made them a Super Bowl contender. Sure the Pack didn't go 16-0, and they didn't set any records (whether individual or as a club), but there is also only one Hall of Fame player on the field... the individual in question.

Brett Favre hasn't had the statistical year Brady has; but it takes a special quarterback to ressurect this team from the dumps it had been in and elevate them to the number two spot in the NFC.

He made something out of nothing.

His Randy Moss is Greg Jennings, his Wes Welker is Donald Driver. It just doesn't seem fair, does it?

Despite being 38, he has still managed to throw for over 4,000 yards, and managed a 96 passer rating.

Those numbers are statistically his best in 11 years, the last time they made a Super Bowl run.

Tom Brady may be a better overall player, heck, he may be the greatest quarterback to every play the game; but then-again, he is also throwing to a Hall of Famer, and is being protected by three Pro Bowlers, the two positions that are most-needed for an NFL QB to have success.

The only offensive teammate Favre will be alongside in Hawaii is Driver, who is a reserve wide out.

For my money, an MVP is a guy who makes a lot out of a little. Those guys are irreplaceable. That guy, is Brett Favre.