Ten Men That Can Win The 2011 Royal Rumble... Again

Elson KakaireContributor IIIDecember 30, 2010

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    Ten Men That Can Win The 2011 Royal Rumble... Again

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      Hey there Bleachers.

      A few months ago, I did an article predicting who I thought would win the Royal Rumble. Now much has changed since that article and I have revamped my predictions for the January event.

      Since my last article the MITB has been cashed in and the WWE and World Heavyweight champions have been replaced.

      Here is my article from before if anybody wants to remind themselves of my predictions and then see how they vary from this new one:


    Number 10: Chris Jericho

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      He is the best in the world at what he does. He's also pretty good at shocking people. Remember his WWE debut? What about his heel turn when he rammed HBK's face into the Jeri-Tron?

      Although nothing has been mentioned about Chris Jericho coming back, the Royal Rumble match seems to be the match where superstars like to make their comebacks, and if Jericho does come back, I do not see a better way for him to come back than to win his very first Royal Rumble.

    Number 9: Dolph Ziggler

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      The current Intercontinental champion, blond hair, great physique and can actually wrestle. Yes he does sound like Hall of Famer Mr. Perfect but that's not why he's on this list. He is on the list because he is currently being managed by his girlfriend, Vickie Guerrero, and Vickie picks winners.

      Even though Edge was already a top heel and former world champion, Vickie and Edge's relationship garnered much more heat for Edge. However Dolph has been putting on some five-star performances recently and the WWE seems to trust him considering he has been the IC champion for a long time and doesn't plan on losing his title anytime soon.

      Should the WWE keep with their youth movement I don't see why World Champion Edge versus Intercontinental Champion Dolph Ziggler, with Vickie, won't be an interesting WrestleMania main event considering all the history that's there between Vickie and Edge. Let's not forget Dolph's amazing in-ring abilities aswell.

    Number 8: Alberto Del Rio

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      Del Rio has had an amazing 2010 and an amazing start to his WWE career.

      In his first match, he beat Rey Mysterio (the Smackdown equivalent of John Cena) clean and has gone on from strength to strength, ending with him taking the biggest bump on the night at the TLC PPV. Del Rio will probably be one of the final Smackdown superstars in the Rumble which will make him one of the favourites by default

    Number 7: Wade Barrett

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      It would appear that Wade Barrett is now a man without an army.

      But before those 23 chairs came crashing down at him at TLC, he was looking very impressive. I believe what Barrett needs is a change of scenery, as it would seem that he is no longer the leader of the Nexus and I don't think he will take too kindly to that.

      As the saying goes, "You're either Nexus or against us." Therefore a win for Barrett could work in favour for everybody as it will allow Barrett to move over to the blue brand where he will not look out of place. In fact I believe he would be instantly command a top heel status on Smackdown and be a long-time challenger to Edge's World title.

    Number 6: Sheamus

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      First off I refuse to call him King Sheamus because that will be forgotten in a couple of months when Triple H beats the crap out of him. That aside, Sheamus seems to be floating in the upper mid-card level and he should be challenging for world titles.

      I believe that Sheamus has done all he can do over on Raw apart from winning the Royal Rumble. With this being his first one, he could very well win it like he won his first world title at the first time of asking.

    Number 5: John Morrison

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      John Morrison has had some month.

      He lost in the King of the Ring finals and beat Sheamus to become the No. 1 contender, a match people thought would happen at the Royal Rumble. However that match will now take place on Raw next week so I wouldn't expect a title change there. Although I do feel as if they are building Morrison up to win the MITB at WrestleMania, it wouldn't be too hard to picture him outlasting 29 other superstars to go on and headline WrestleMania.

    Number 4: CM Punk

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      CM Punk has gone from being humiliated at WrestleMania by Rey, getting humiliated before Money in the Bank by Big Show, to leading the most dominate stable in years.

      In addition to this he seems to be in the good books of Vince McMahon, which always bodes well for any superstar, just ask Triple H. Punk has always been a top talent in the company and it was only a year ago at the last Royal Rumble where he dominated the first third of the Rumble until he was eliminated by Triple H. Punk must be somewhat of a dark horse to win this year's Rumble match and with Nexus in his corner it is possible.

    Number 3: Triple H

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      He's returned before to win a Rumble match and there's no reason why he can't do it again. Everybody is assuming that The Game will make his triumphant return to win the Rumble match and he is probably the best superstar on the roster despite his age, so this does make him a strong candidate to win considering WWE only trusts their higher up superstars with winning this match

    Number 2: John Cena

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      The Champ is here and he has already stated that he wants to win the Rumble match and there isn't anybody that can stop him really. John Cena could potentially be the man of the match in this Rumble with the most eliminations and I do expect Cena to be in the last four yet again as he seems to have a knack for making it to the end of Rumble matches.

      Cena winning the Rumble could set up the perfect match between him and The Miz, who Cena defeated earlier this year, which ironically got The Miz fired, I believe.

    Number 1: Randy Orton

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      The Viper will be the guy to beat heading into this Royal Rumble match. Everybody will be gunning for him and he'll hit every single one of them with an RKO before they can even think about eliminating him. Expect Randy Orton to have an Austin-like Rumble performance with a whole lot of RKO's coupled with a whole lot of eliminations. Randy Orton winning the Rumble will set up probably one of the most intriguing Mania main events since Stone Cold vs. The Rock, and that would be Edge vs. Randy Orton.

      With the exception of John Cena, Edge and Randy Orton are arguably the biggest stars on the active roster. These two are both tweeners at the moment and you would have to believe that if they were in a match at Mania then one of them will turn heel, the only question is which one? Both men have proven that they can be top heels in the company, and I for one would love to see the build up to this match because in the back of our minds we all know somebody will have that heel turn similar to Stone Cold.

    The End

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      After comparing it with my old list, I find it rather interesting how some superstars have managed to be on both lists, so I would expect big Rumble performances from those individuals, especially the trio of Barrett, Sheamus and Morrison, who have managed to stay in the middle of the list.

      However, you guys are welcome to give feedback and comment on what you think of my list and whether you would make any changes to it.