Nebraska Cornhuskers: On Second Thought

C CContributor ISeptember 8, 2008

What a Douche:  The next time I see Eric Crouch sporting a lilac V-neck, jean jacket, and bottle of LA Looks rolling through his butt-cut, I will personally find him and beat him senseless. He has officially become president of the Washed-Up Ex-Husker Club making weekly appearances to promote Hy-Vee deli-meat and attend ribbon-cuttings for carwash grand openings. Which is worse, playing as a NFL possession receiver or stalking the Husker sideline looking like Uncle Jesse from Full House?

Back to Football:  QB Joe Ganz reminded Husker fans the importance of a strong running attack especially considering San Jose State's advantage in time of possession in the first half. Ganz operated a sub-optimal option without the ability to fire down-field. His interception to close the half looked more like a fouled off a wiffle ball than the precision strikes he teased us with against Western Michigan. Husker fans breathed a collective sigh of relief that the Spartans could not convert the opportunity and roll into the half carrying unimaginable momentum. Callahan-esque play-calling and the lack of offensive efficiency gave the defense little chance to rest and SJSU took advantage of a tired unit. Fortunately, Spartan kickers Jared Strubeck and Will Johnson were looking forward to orange slices and Ecto-Coolers at halftime more than stealing the wind from the 'Skers, a luxury that will not be afforded against the meat of the Big 12.

Exercising the (Cosgrove) Demons:  The most promising development of the near-miss against the Spartans was the Blackshirts' second-half resurgence. After Cosgrove-inspired arm tackles and the inability to penetrate the line of scrimmage, the defense attacked the spread with aggression in the second-half. Husker fans used to watching the defense go from bad to worse after Coach 'Coz adjustments, were surprised to see a unit respond with tight reads, sure tackling, and classic Blackshirt pressure. The only thing that Cosgrove is adjusting these days is his...neck tie (what, did you really think I was going to say his wiener?)

Bo For It:  Fourth and four from the Spartans' 16-yard line nursing a two-possession 28-12 lead with under five minutes to play and the most accurate kicker in the Big 12 in the stable, Pelini choose to go for it despite a Husker defense that looked vulnerable against the spread. Fortunately, a pass-interference call bailed the coach out and set-up Marlon Lucky's two-yard score. Automatic three-points to seal the win or going for it just to show you don't give a damn? Hmmm...

Dirty Laundry:  Twelve penalties for 103-yards. Husker fans stood to their feet countless times Saturday and yelled "Nice coaching Callahan!" just out of pure habit. Three consecutive false start penalties! Nebraska has not had a highlight like that since Scotty Baldwin ran naked down O Street.