Straight Edge Society: CM Punk Leading the Nexus Is Basically Reliving 2010

RiZESenior Writer IDecember 28, 2010

As CM Punk stood over a fallen John Cena, I couldn't help but wonder the things to come. Surprised that David Otunga would offer Cena a truce after those "attacks." All night Punk was pitching the idea that Cena would leave RAW on the brink of death—informing EMTs, Sheamus and a host of others if Cena's impending demise.

As the night continued on, the events set to conclude the show became child’s play to predict. Though that didn't surprise me, the reaction of most on Twitter and some members of the IWC did.

Just like when The Miz won the WWE Title. Folks were glad to see John Cena finally getting what he deserves; Punk was finally going to destroy the legend of John Cena. Ignoring the fact that weeks from now it would be all over.

Seemingly ignoring the fact the last time Punk led a group, they all ended up on the unemployment line. So we're all supposed to be excited about the Nexus becoming a reincarnation of the Straight Edge Society? Some of you actually think this was a good idea?

Replacing one of the most "over" heels in the WWE with the biggest jobber of 2010 was a mistake. Wade Barrett is the model heel in the WWE and I wouldn’t be angry if he were to turn face to keep his character from going stale.

Let's also think of the reasoning behind Punk's behind this merger. Blaming Cena's attacks on Batista and Wade Barrett for his anger? Lacking the criteria of a real feud I must add. I guess the WWE decided to have Punk just magically forget the Nexus attacked him too.

Punk just magically forgot he and Batista feuded over the World Championship a few years back. Because Cena lied about leaving the WWE after he was fired? Out of all the bad story lines and bogus reasons the WWE can come up with, that's their excuse?

At the same time, Punk made himself look like a hypocrite—faulting Cena for attacking Wade Barrett, but CM Punk almost killed Jeff Hardy in an attack on Smackdown! a few years ago. He also "ended" Jeff Hardy's WWE career similar to which he blamed Cena for ending Batista's career.

So let's see what we got IWC: CM Punk and some of the same preaching that were used against Rey Mysterio last year, a buffed up SES with more members, a different show, two stale story lines and Cena at the receiving end of another beat down. It's all the same thing guys, and honestly I'm not ecstatic about RAW in 2011.

The only good thing that can come from this is Wade Barrett's exit from Nexus. Being that Wade is a born leader and there's no way Punk's taking order, Barrett won't be in the group much longer. I've been hearing rumblings of a Sheamus vs. Barrett feud in 2011.

Who's more likely to play face? Easy.

If you're still excited about Nexus continuing on, let me leave you with these thoughts. Running a stable pass its course hurts ratings and runs the company into the ground. Don't believe me? Ask Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff.

Without Wade Barrett, Nexus is simply nothing.