The K-R-A -Contributor ISeptember 8, 2008

ECW Championship Scramble (Matt Hardy wins title) – Surprisingly (ECW usually suffers under-promotion at PPVs) entertaining. A very fast paced match that really kicked of once Mark Henry had entered the ring at number 4, which saw all the superstars go at Henry and fail. The frantic ending of this match was especially entertaining and WWE could not have kicked of this PPV better. Hardy was the odds-on favourite as ECW can now continue to develop the Hardy/Henry rivalry.

World tag team championship match - Rhodes and DiBiase vs Cryme Tyme (Rhodes and DiBiase retain titles) – Not an especially amazing match, but did its job as a lower-card match. It was good to see WWE picking up on their SummerSlam mistakes of not involving certain superstars and title defences and gave Cryme Tyme a fully deserved shot at the gold.

Shawn Michaels vs Chris Jericho Unsanctioned match (Michaels wins) – This match could have stolen the show of the PPV if it wasn’t for the excellent main event. It was a great, long-awaited performance by Shawn Michaels, who entertained fans with everything from high-flying elbow drops through tables to brawling with a TV monitor. Michaels’ proved, that when given the chance, he can still pull out a great match and keep the fans on the edge of their seats.

WWE Championship scramble (HHH retains title) – It was quite obvious from the start that HHH would win this match, due to the fact that the WWE are generally biased towards him, but more so because of the challengers he was facing. WWE obviously did not consider them championship material yet. A match dominated mainly by Hardy and HHH saw The Brian Kendrick surprisingly pick up one victory. The last few minutes of this match were the best of any of the scrambles, with incredible back-and-forth action, the title changing hands many times until HHH picked up the win over MVP. This match was a good move by WWE to consolidate HHH’s portrayed dominance while giving potentially great superstars a chance to shine. Perhaps we will see an Edge vs HHH match for the title now, or, if HHH survives until Cyber Sunday, Undertaker or Big Show may have a shot.

Divas Championship match - Michelle McCool vs. Maryse (McCool retains title) – Just like the Tag title match this wasn’t anything special. It is good still to see as many championships represented in a PPV.

World Heavyweight Championship scramble (Chris Jericho wins title) – With CM Punk out of the match after being attacked by Orton, Manu Afa and Priceless, Jericho would be the replacement. There was a superb build up to this match and all in all this was the best match of the PPV. The action was great with Mysterio and Kane really going at it and pursuing their rivalry, with a typical Jericho win, picking up on Batista’s destruction of Kane. This was a great move by WWE, giving a veteran legend (first undisputed champ) of the company a long-awaited return to the top, while not compromising the promising CM Punk’s status (he didn’t lose the title himself). It also gives a further push to the Michaels/Jericho rivalry, which should now be centred on the title.

Undertaker/Big Show/Vickie Guerrero confrontation – While this wasn’t a match it was a clever move by WWE. Big Show finally took a heel turn by attacking Undertaker, and it is no secret that Big Show is most effective as a heel (Brock Lesnar and Bobby Lashley rivalries). Instead of having 2 minute mid card (at best) matches against Ryan Braddock he can now be in the top card at Smackdown against Undertaker. It also provides Undertaker with a new rivalry while he is not in the Championship Race.

Overall, this PPV was a big improvement on SummerSlam, with WWE’s championship scramble working perfectly, involving a lot of deserving superstars. People like Jericho and Matt Hardy, who have been in the business for a huge amount of time, have been given deserved pushes to the top, while HHH consolidated his dominance as the top-dog of the industry.

Rating: 8/10