My WWE 2011 Predictions

Zoe Eyvelisse@@kooleystonerContributor IIDecember 28, 2010

My WWE 2011 Predictions

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    These are my predictions and lowkey hopes for the WWE in the year of 2011.

    As far as I'm concerned, the WWE has lost its spark when it presented us, the fans with this PG crap. It holds back the classic matches we used to see, the no holds barred gimmicks of athletes that are no longer with it and huge fanbase that ceases to exist. In fact I should say the fanbase that has been taken over by middle schoolers.

    Just bare with me, these are just my opinions and all comments are welcome but no negativity. I'm entitled to my opinion so please enjoy !

1. Melina Becoming Divas Champion

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    Although I am happy that Natalya is finally the champ, with a new heel Melina, I do see a feud in the works.

    She has recently become the number one contender and if you’ve paid attention to Melina, around the time she debuted, she is a force to be reckoned with. She is not only a pretty face and a nice entrance, but she also has submission skills, power and a finisher that leaves her opponent flat on their back. I consider her the runner up in the Trish and Lita league.

2. CM Punk, Nexus/John Cena Feud

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    Well I just finished watching raw and to end the show with the return of CM Punk (along with The Nexus) is anything less of “awesome”. 

    Although I liked, well no, LOVED CM Punk on commentary, he is so much better in the ring. He is ruthless, takes no prisoners & his promos gain so much height, it’s ridiculous. Don’t get me wrong, I do not hate John Cena, but seeing him as SuperCena every week, I can do without.

    I understand he’s the face of the company and I understand Vince is all about his money but the spotlight should really be put on other deserving superstars ; such as CM Punk.

    Along with Punk’s return, we did see the returning Nexus (without Barrett, I might add) and O’Tunga announcing that they’re under new management could be exactly what the Straight Edge Superstar needs. The old SES wasn’t good in my opinion, with the fact that Serena didn’t get her start up until late and then was abruptly released and Luke Gallows was an unknown nobody. His only ties to the WWE Universe was that he was seen with Punk. The Nexus is known throughout the Universe. Whether they’re a team or in singles competition, you know their names and you know their faces. Wins under Punk’s newfound SES would gain him exposure and the much needed fear/appreciation he deserves.

3. Dolph Ziggler, Vickie Guerrero/Kaitlyn Feud

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    Now I know a lot of people, from reading online are not too fond of this feud but I think it has appeal to it. Kaitlyn is the winner of NXT season 3 and she gained a lot of exposure in her “feud” with Vickie Guerrero.

    I suggest the WWE creative team do not drop the ball with her and continue this feud. I know she for lack of a better word, sucks in the ring, but with some off air training in her ring and on mic skills, she can really go to the top as a face.

    She was caught making out with Ziggler & you could see that she did cause a sparkle in Ziggler’s eye. It could be the 2011 Jericho, Christian a ndTrish Stratus feud.

    I mean we could also see Kaitlyn arise as a heel and have some interesting feuds with the divas ; for example, becoming apart of Laycool and the WWE divas can finally have grounds to speak on The Beautiful People of TNA.

4. Captain Charisma; Heel Champion

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    Me being such a fan of Christian’s, it would be absolutely horrible if I didn’t add him into my predictions or even mention his name. Our captain has been out of action due to injury but is due to return any minute now.

    We saw him come back from nothing less of a wonderful and deserving championship reign in TNA to the WWE and becoming ECW champion. Now with ECW being cancelled, Christian is just another face on Smackdown.

    With the PG Era in full effect, the younger generation doesn’t know him and the older generation are wondering why he isn’t champion yet. He is classic on the mic, still having the skills he did in the Attitude Era, he has an impressive resume and can most definitely hold his own in the ring. So why doesn’t he have a championship belt ? Well because Vince McMahon doesn’t like the fact that he jumped ship to TNA. Although in war, TNA holds the crown for creativeness (in my opinion) while superstars in the WWE are kind of held back and directed.

    Point is, Christian as a face is amazing to me since I’m a fan but as a heel, just like CM Punk, Christian would shine. He’d be respected & feared.

    Upon his return, ofcourse he’s going to seek revenge on Alberto Del Rio but maybe a feud with Dolph for the IC championship or even his old tag team partner, Edge for the championship. I guess the true Peep Nation can only continue to pray that Vince can let go of his grudge and give Christian the recognition he deserves.

    (PSA: doesn't he look absolutely gorgeous in this picture ? *drools*)

5. Triple H's Return ?

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    If you’ve been paying attention to the numerous online reports, it looks like The Cerebral Assassin isn’t returning to the ring. At least, full time. He has taken a strong position behind the scenes of the WWE Universe and isn’t showing signs of slowing down.

    I also read that he doesn’t want his children to grow up and learn of their father as the bad guy. As I can understand this, I do wish that Triple H would consider us (the older generation and life long fans). He went out at the hands of Sheamus, or shall I say King Sheamus so what would be better to at least leave with a bang ?

    Take Sheamus out and redeem yourself as the King of Kings. That’s just my take on it and like I named this article, it is a bold prediction. Can’t blame a girl for wishing, can you ?

6. Return Of The Tag Team Division

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    If the WWE has dropped the ball with anything else besides the PG era, it has to be the tag team division.

    We went from having Edge and Christian, the Hardy Boyz, New Age Outlaws and the Dudley Boyz holding the belts with record setting tag team reigns to the tag championship belts being held by Santino and Kozlov.

    Every time I see them with the belts, I throw up a little in my mouth. I mean I even liked Dibiase and Rhodes as champions but Santino and Kozlov, I can’t even begin to fathom. Let’s face the facts. There are no more tag teams in the WWE nowadays so why even have belts ? Every tag team that the WWE tried to revamp has either broken up with the members being either pushed as solo competitors or the actual team not even being on the night’s roster.

    I am a big fan of the Uso Brothers (I’m probably alone but whatever) but I haven’t seen them in what, almost a month maybe. The very blood that runs within them has championship worthiness written all over it. Twin sons of the great Rikishi and family to the legendary superstar, the Rock ? What else could you ask for ? They have the looks, talent & charisma to hold the belts and actually put it to some use.

    The Hart Dynasty ? Another tag team that wasn’t used properly. Another tag team with legendary blood and talent running thru their veins and what happened ? WWE creative team thought it was better to break them up and give Tyson Kidd a push but where’s DH Smith ? Jobbing on Superstars is a disgrace.

    Branching off to TNA for a minute, maybe the WWE could make a female tag team. I mean it’s just a thought but maybe then Laycool can have a reason to have 2 belts.

7. Randy Orton; Champ Again

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    This prediction may be bias because of how much I love RKO but I really feel like he should be champion. He has the overall package. and the fact that he’s a semi-face nowadays, smiling and all that crap bothers me. Just like he said, he’s a natural heel and not many superstars can say or do that.

    A lot of superstars have to play both roles to get heat but RKO does that with one shot. He’s a beast in the ring, even though a lot of people can practically guess his next move but the point is, he’s the type that is going to put up a good fight and with his Viper gimmick, the punt kick, the RKO and the fact that he can snap at any minute, makes him interesting enough to watch every Monday.

    Granted RAW is watched way more than Smackdown, maybe RKO going to Smackdown wouldn’t be so bad. There he can go after the WHW Championship and gain new heat with some feuds. He can be the face of Smackdown instead of having to go against the Cena fans every Monday (not that he cares really).

8. Laycool Is NoMore; Return Of Women's Division

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    This is probably the prediction I’m hoping will happen more than anything.

    Laycool is simply getting redundant from the tearing of the now deactivated Women’s championship belt to the annoying “real talk” promos to the matching outfits. They’re trying to keep up with the Beautiful People of TNA and in my opinion, there is no competition.

    Michelle McCool is only getting her way in the WWE because of her useless marriage to the Undertaker and Layla, despite her in ring talent is just there for the ride. I guess the only relevant thing on her resume is that she is noted as the last women’s champ. I prefer McCool as a heel because as a face she’s boring but I also prefer her solo. She actually has talent in the ring and can bring dominance to the lackluster roster of Smackdown.

    Like I mentioned earlier, there’s Kaitlyn who could either become apart of Laycool or become an opponent to either girls. The women division absolutely SUCKS with the exception of Natalya, Tamina and Melina. Eve Torres has drastically improved and she could even take a shot at the Divas Championship again but she needs to be taken in a new direction.

    Alicia Fox is just boring to me. Maybe it’s that dumb walk she does down the ramp, her instrumental theme music, or those horrible lace fronts she wears. I just don’t find her entertaining at all, and ever since she lost the Divas championship, she hasn’t won a singles match.

    Next, Gail Kim. I saw her tonight on raw and I almost fell off my bed. A Gail Kim sighting is RARE. This is another diva who has tremendous talent and the WWE should have been pushed from the jump. She should have been champion a long time along instead of jobbing on raw and superstars or losing in these three minute tag team matches and getting overshadowed. But I guess because she also came from TNA, Vince isn’t giving her a second thought. Wishful thinking, again.

    Although Kaitlyn is the winner of NXT 3, there are reports that Naomi and AJ Lee will be returning and that’s exactly what the women’s division needs. New faces, new feuds, new talents can bring life back into the quickly dying division and at least keep the name alive. I’m sure Lita, Chyna and Trish are just sitting somewhere like . . . “what the hell happened?”

    Beth Phoenix returned from injury as a face and although I like her and Natalya as a team, I prefer her as a heel. Tamina? I can already see where her career is going. She’s slowly becoming a jobber. I say that because she’s tag teaming with Santino and becoming a regular face on Superstars. I liked her as a valet for the Usos because the three of them just fit together but I would much rather see her gaining ups in the women’s division and possibly feuding for the belt, or even more feuding for respect. Being the daughter of Jimmy Snuka has respect written all over it.

    Maryse? My French Canadian secret love. She’s also a natural heel as well and although she has NO in ring abilities, she gains heat like no other. A valet of Ted Dibiase isn’t where she belongs.

9. John Morrison As Champ

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    John Morrison is over, as far as I’m concerned so I’m not really sure why he hasn’t held a belt in so long. He’s the number 1 contender for the Miz’s championship but realistically speaking, he’s not going to win.

    Yes, sad but true.

    He has incredible in ring talent, he needs more mic skills but he has the looks of a champion. The WWE Universe loves him and he keeps coming close to winning but it’s like the closer he gets, the WWE creative team keeps pushing him back.

    Here’s my second option, he turns heel. Remember him as IC champ? He had a pretty decent run as champ and had some pretty decent matches so if you decide to read this WWE, please give him a belt. I beg this of you.

10. Chris Jericho/Randy Orton Feud

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    Now where are all my parasites at!? Man do I miss Y2J.

    I may be pushing the ball but I really do consider Jericho the best to ever do and no one can do it like him. He left at the hands, or shall I say the end of a head punt from Randy Orton and is currently on tour with his band Fozzy. Although he has ventured off to do other things, I miss him in the ring. I miss him being champion as well. No one more deserved to wear any belt more than Jericho. He gave epic promos, interesting matches and who can forget his ability to get a rise out of the audience?

    Yes, the fans hated him but they also respected him. (at least the older generation did). A feud with Y2J would see him take his revenge out of Orton and once again remind everyone that he belongs on top. As much as I love RKO, Y2J is a problem in the ring. and one more match before he decides to retire would give all of his Jerichoholics a smile to go to sleep with. I am a parasite and not afraid to admit it.

11. The Return Of Shawn Michaels, The Rock, Goldberg, Brock Lesnar & SCSA

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    All true wrestling fans should have no reason to object this last prediction and I’m pretty sure I don’t have to go into detail about it.

    On the subject of Goldberg, I do feel he should be in the Hall of Fame. As an athlete and former WWF/WCW/WWE champion; his resume rings bells. No doubt about it. SCSA, Stone Cold Steve Austin (for those who don’t know) is the best entertainer to step foot in the ring. He and the Rock are in leagues of their own.

    The Rock and his famous and untouchable promos, his 2003 infamous heel turn and his perfect in ring skills can’t be touched by any other superstar. I can say the same thing as Austin. The trash talking, the no-respect for authority and the take no prisoners attitude got him to the top of the ladder and no one deserved it more than him.

    Shawn Michaels, the show stopper has said that he doesn’t plan on returning but his fans can only wish. Just seeing him on the titantron accepting his slammy award was music to my ears. His resume speaks for itself, his over the top matches and his uncanny charismatic skills makes him memorable in every true wrestling fans’ heart.

    Brock Lesnar, he was a true animal (no offense to Batista). His F5 had to be the most devastating finisher for that time and his mere presence was scary. One more match for all these guys would make history.  I promise you that. Not to mention, one of these guys could even come back and break the Undertaker’s undefeated streak at Wrestlemania. What a sight that would be.

Well Thanks For Reading! Love You All!

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    I hope you guys enjoyed my little slide show. I'm sure I left out some things. Feel free to leave suggestions or your own opinions. Once again no negativity; its all love. Be Safe!

    I decided to end this slide show with a pic of the best female wrestler (in my opinion) because I miss her and it was her 40th birthday yesterday 12/27. Happy Birthday to the 9th Wonder of the World