WWE: CM Punk, The New Leader Of Nexus—What Does This Mean For Wade Barrett?

John BetschelCorrespondent IIDecember 28, 2010

For the last few weeks now with CM Punk on commentary, he has been constantly tearing into Cena. No matter what Cena did, Punk was definitely not a fan.

Last Monday, Punk took action. After Cena's match with Dolph Ziggler, he was celebrating on the ropes when Punk left the announce table, grabbed a steel chair and got into the ring proceeding to hit Cena in the gut, then the back with the chair.

Then on Tuesday's special live episode of Smackdown, once again after Cena's match, Punk got in the ring and hit Cena with a steel chair.

You knew that Cena would definitely have a rebuttal on Raw Monday and sure enough, Cena comes out on the top of the show and calls out Punk.

Punk came out and him and Cena had their little back and forth and Cena challenged Punk to a match. Punk then said that tonight was his show and that he would face Cena on his time.

He then said that he would call Cena out during a time of his choosing.

After the final match between Orton and King Sheamus, which Orton won. Cena came out and said that he was tired of waiting and told Punk "If ya want some, come get some!"

Punk's music hits, but no Punk. Cena then says that if Punk won't come out then he'll come back there and get him.

Just as Cena gets ready to head to the back, Nexus music hits. All of Nexus then made their way down to the ring minus Wade Barrett. Otunga is the only one that gets in the ring while the rest of Nexus waits ringside.

Otunga then says that Nexus is under new management and that they want to make a truce with Cena. Cena then says if he actually believed Otunga he would shake his hand, but that he doesn't believe a word he says and that he can either step back, or he can throw down.

Otunga then steps out of the ring and acts like he and the Nexus are leaving before turning around and getting back in the ring pummeling Cena.

After each one does their finishing move on Cena, they leave the ring and head halfway down the ramp before CM Punk's music hits.

Punk then comes to the ring and hits Cena with the GTS, he then gets out of the ring and grabs a chair. He gets back in the ring and looks like he is ready to just whale on Cena with the chair, but he stops right in mid motion.

He then folds the chair out right in front of Cena's prone body and sits down. He then picks up the Nexus arm band on the ground and slowly slips it on before saluting The Nexus and them saluting him back.

Thus, making CM Punk the new leader of the Nexus.

What does this mean for Wade Barrett? Is he still apart of Nexus? If so, what is he going to think about being overthrown as leader?

Is it possible that CM Punk was the higher power that Nexus was pertaining to when first arriving?

I for one can't see Wade Barrett playing second fiddle to anyone so to speak, and could possibly see some kind of Wade Barrett CM Punk/Nexus John Cena angle.

Unless of course as I mentioned above that CM Punk was the higher power behind Nexus all along, then I can see Barrett stepping back and letting Punk doing his thing.

Let me know what you think.