College Football Predictions: Baby's Losers Week 3, The Mystery Deepens

BabyTateSenior Writer ISeptember 8, 2008

                                      BABY'S LOSERS WEEK III

Now, before we go into the latest episode of college football projections we must look back at week two. The ranking of the top three predictors from last week:

RANK/ NAME              LAST WEEK        MISSED                        FOR THE YEAR &      %

1–(Tie) Timothy        7-1                      West Va.                                    14-2             88  

1–(Tie) 12                  7-1                      West Va.                                    14-2             88

1–(Tie) Michael         7-1                      Wake Forest                               7-1              88

Baby Tate was 7-1 last week, missed West Va., 13-3 for the year, for 81%. 

Thanks to Paul and Robert who each went 6-2, Kristopher and Chris who both went 5-3, and to Miami Mitch, who went 3-5. Good luck to all next week.


1) Michigan @ Notre Dame

There are so many questions surrounding these two squads that it may come down to ball-control.

Baby's Loser: Michigan.


2) Georgia @ South Carolina

The Gamecocks have struggled at quarterback since Phil Petty graduated. That's bad, man. That was the 2001 season. Look for Brinkley, Pepper, and Norwood to play well on defense for Steve Spurrier.

Baby's Loser: Carolina, in somewhat of a close game, .


3)  Auburn @ Mississippi State

The Maroons improved last week after the ghastly season opening loss. The Tigers have a stellar defense and depth. Still, Croom could be the spoiler and this game could have upset written all over it for Auburn.

Baby's Loser: Miss. St.


4) Arkansas @ Texas

One of the historic rivalries of the old Southwest Conference, the Razorbacks vs. the Longhorns (see picture above from the 1969 "Game of the Century"). In the seven seasons from 1963 to '69 these two schools won three national titles.

Baby's Loser: Arkansas, in a tight, tense, game.


5) California @ Maryland

Could the ACC be served up as another victim for the PAC-10? The Bears have been awesome so far but, Coach Ralph Friedgen will have a better effort planned for his Terps than they showed last week. The Terrapins will put up a good fight however, in the end...

Baby's Loser: Maryland


6) Hawaii @ Oregon State

After watching the Warriors come back in the second half last week, it is tempting to go against Mike Riley's Beavers. Let's take the coach that played for Bear Bryant at home against the WAC opponent.

Baby's Loser: Hawaii in a tossup.


7) Oklahoma @ Washington

Ty Willingham's Huskies were unfortunately robbed of a certain overtime game with Brigham Young last week by a bad call. Not this week.

Baby's Loser: Washington



8) Ohio State @ Southern California

Everyone has been waiting for this game to kick off since it was announced. In this particular match we have the No. 1 and No. 3 teams of the 11 Best 11s in a titanic struggle on national television this Saturday night.

The Trojans are at home. They have been off for a week to prepare since destroying Virginia, and the Buckeyes have looked worse from one week to the next. The Trojans are so heavily favored you wonder why anyone would watch this game. Sometimes when everything looks to go one way it goes another. 

Baby's Loser: Southern California.