Manny Pacquiao and the Most Fan-Friendly Boxers (With Video)

Tyler CurtisAnalyst IDecember 28, 2010

Manny Pacquiao and the Most Fan-Friendly Boxers (With Video)

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    Fan-friendly fighters are the can't miss attractions in boxing. They may not be the best fighter at a given weight or the best in the sport, but they are fighters that you always watch.

    This isn't a list of the best fan-friendly fighters so you may see some guys that you have never heard of. This list could go on forever, but I have decided to go with mostly active fighters.

    You will also see some of the best action fighters ever and some guys that have recently retired. That's enough from me though and like these fighters do, let's go to the action.

Jorge Arce

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    The first of many Mexicans on this list, Arce is a Mexican legend when it comes to action fighters. He has held titles in three different weight classes and has amassed 56 wins in his career.

    In those 56 wins, he has knocked out 43 of his opponents. He also has six losses and has been iced in three of those. Win or lose he is going to put on a show.

    He is still plugging away at 31 and still brings an all-action style to every fight.

Archie Moore

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    Moore is a fighter who is often overlooked when it comes to most exciting fighters and one that some people don't even know about.

    Moore has the most knockouts in boxing history with 131 stoppage victories in 181 wins. His fight with Yvon Durelle is one of the greatest fights ever and can be seen above.

    Moore was a big-time puncher and was one of the greatest fighters ever.

Alfredo Angulo

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    Angulo boasts 16 knockouts in 19 wins and has been in one dull fight his whole career. All of his victories since late 2006 have come by knockout.

    His knockouts are some of the vicious in the sport as well. His KO win over Joel Julio this year was one of the best of the year.

Marvin Hagler

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    Hagler scored 52 knockouts in 62 wins and was in the greatest fight ever when he won a three-round war against Thomas Hearns.

    He followed that win with another very impressive win against undefeated number one ranked John Mugabi. He knocked him out in the 11th round to retain his title.

    He got a lot of knockouts and he wasn't doing it against poor opponents.

Carl Froch

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    Froch has gone more to his boxing skills as of late but he is still one of the most exciting fighters out there.

    His all-out war with Mikkel Kessler is a contender for Fight of the Year and his 2008 fight with Jean Pascal was one of the best fights that year too.

    His fights aren't always pretty but they are usually near the top as far as best of the year is concerned.

Joe Louis

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    The Brown Bomber iced 52 opponents in 66 wins and is one of the greatest heavyweight champions ever. He held the title from 1937 until 1950 and beat the top heavyweights of his era.

    He knocked out all but four challengers during his run as heavyweight champion and won one fight by DQ.

David Haye

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    The former cruiserweight and now heavyweight champion is one of the biggest punchers in the sport today. His 23 knockouts in 25 wins is very impressive to say the least.

    He is also one of the few man to actually hurt "The Russian Giant" Nikolay Valuev. He is also one of the few men to stop the iron-chinned John Ruiz.

    His opposition hasn't been great lately but he is still racking up the knockouts.

Julio Cesar Chavez

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    Recent Hall of Fame inductee Chavez is a Mexican icon and is arguably the greatest fighter ever to come out of Mexico.

    He has 86 knockouts among his 107 victories and was stopped four times in his six losses. He epitomizes the Mexican warrior style and never gave an inch of ground in his career.

    He held titles in three different weight classes and is an all time great fighter who fought the best out there.

Fernando Montiel

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    We will stick with Mexicans and go to the current WBC and WBO bantamweight titlist Montiel. He was a fighter who was often overlooked but is getting respect now.

    He has knocked out 34 opponents in his 44 wins and five of his last six opponents. His knockout win over Hozumi Hasegawa (in which he broke his jaw) gave him the notoriety he deserved.

    His next fight should be a barn burner as he fights Nonito Donaire.

Thomas Hearns

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    The other half of the greatest fight ever Hearns was rarely in a dull fight. His fights with Hagler, Ray Leonard, Roberto Duran and Pipino Cuevas were the best of his day.

    He held titles in multiple divisions and he went in and mixed it up even though he could use his height and reach advantage to stay outside and box.

    Hearns is a fighter that only comes around once in a blue moon.

Ricky Hatton

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    Speaking of blue moon we now turn to Ricky Hatton. He used "The Hitman" nickname like Hearns but was just a tad less exciting.

    He fights were usually ugly and involved a lot of inside fighting by they were rarely boring. His win over Kostya Tszyu was one of the better fights in recent memory.

    His win over Carlos Maussa was a brutal knockout. He knocked out 32 fights in 45 wins and was knocked out both time in his losses.

    The crowd also made Hatton a can't miss fight.

Mike Tyson

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    Another recent Hall of Fame inductee Tyson is a fighter that will never be left off of lists like this. He cut a swath through the heavyweight division like never before and fell just as fast.

    He knocked out all but six opponents and was knocked out in five of his six losses with the other being a disqualification.

    He is the youngest heavyweight champion and possessed the power and speed to beat any fighter of his time. Even when he was losing he was doing it in exciting fashion.

Juan Manuel Lopez

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    Lopez may be the best young fighter out there and he is certainly the most exciting young fighter out there. He is another great fighter from Puerto Rico that has power in both hands.

    He has knocked out 90 percent of his opponents and in his last fight beat another great action fighter in Rafael Marquez.

    His questionable chin only adds to the excitement factor of his fights. His fight with Bernabe Concepcion, that featured four knockdowns in two rounds, this year was one of the best.

Matthew Saad Muhammad

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    Another fighter that often gets over looked in lists like these is Muhammad. He was one of the most exciting light heavyweight champions ever.

    Muhammad gave us some of boxing’s most unbelievable fights. On at least four occasions, he came back from seemingly certain defeat to snatch victory.

    The way he could be relied upon for thrilling fight after thrilling fight was quite extraordinary.

Lucian Bute

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    Although not one of my favorites you have to give Bute the respect he deserves. He is currently waiting for the Super Six to end so he can fight the best but he has kept the knockouts coming in the meantime.

    He is riding a four fight knockout streak and has been in some of the most exciting fights since late 2008. The Montreal crowd loves him and that only adds to his fights.

    Hopefully he can get his hands on a top tier super middleweight sometime next year and prove to his critics that he is the best super middleweight out there.

George Foreman

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    Big George Foreman was one of the biggest punchers ever and was exciting in the first and second part of his career.

    He scored 68 knockouts in his career and held his power late into his comeback.

    He started his career by knocking everyone out and destroying the undefeated great Joe Frazier in two lopsided rounds that saw Frazier go down six times.

    He then became the oldest heavyweight champion by knocking out Michael Moorer.

David Tua

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    Tua is one of the greatest fighters to never win the heavyweight title. He was near the top of the heap for a long time but never got the title.

    Tua beat future world champions John Ruiz (KO 1), Oleg Maskaev (TKO 11), Hasim Rahman (TKO 10) and former title holder Micheal Moorer (KO 1).

    He has a huge punch and was always out to knockout the man in front of him.

Muhammad Ali

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    Ali only had 37 knockouts in his 56 wins but he was exciting because of his personality. He was a fighter that everyone watched and most loved.

    He was a three-time heavyweight champion and beat some of the greatest heavyweights of all time. He was a fighter that used his brains just as much as his brawn.

Tomasz Adamek

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    Adamek is the second former cruiserweight titlist turned heavyweight that is on the list. He was a can't-miss fighter as a light heavyweight, cruiserweight and now heavyweight.

    His fights with Paul Briggs are among the best of all time, and his war with Steve Cunningham was one of the better fights of the past 10 years.

    If he is on the card it makes the card a can't-miss event. He isn't as exciting as before but he is still one of my favorite fighters out there.

Israel Vazquez

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    Vazquez was never in a dull fight and always left it all in the ring. His four fights with Rafael Marquez rank as some of the best ever and are certainly the best of the last 15 years.

    He also won wars with Oscar Larios, Ivan Hernandez and Jhonny Gonzalez.

Yuriorkis Gamboa

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    The only young fighter that may be more exciting then Lopez is Gamoba. He fights at the same weight as Lopez and hopefully they will meet in the ring one day.

    He has 15 knockouts in his 19 wins.

    He has a combination of speed and power that is rarely seen and leaves himself open enough that he hits the canvas a lot.

    He has gone the distance the last two times he fought, but that shouldn't become a common occurrence.

Sonny Liston

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    Liston was the original Mike Tyson. He had most fighters beaten before he got into the ring and had a big punch.

    He was a fighter controlled by the mob and everything about him is mysterious, but he knocked out Floyd Patterson twice in the first round each time.

    He eventually lost to all-time great Muhammad Ali twice.

Rafael Marquez

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    The other half of Vazquez-Marquez was also a "leave it all in the ring" warrior. Marquez may be best known for the Vazquez fight, but has been in other great fights.

    His two wins over Silence Mabuza were exciting and his win over Tim Austin was another great fight. His losses were exciting and he may be at the end, but he was a real treat.

Manny Pacquiao

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    Pacquiao is the best pound-for-pound fighter in the world today and is the most exciting one out there.

    He just keeps going up and up in weight and keeps knocking out fighters. His last fight was the most exciting one sided beat down you will ever see.

    He is truly a fighter that comes along only once every so often, and if you don't watch him in awe then you need to check your boxing fandom at the door.