My Buys and Sells for the FSU-Kentucky Music City Bowl

WaltCorrespondent IDecember 30, 2007

Kentucky mascot: Another clothed mascot that looks more like it belongs on Sesame Street than a football game. I am selling.

FSU will have 50 yards or less in penalties: The 'Noles have a lot of new players who will probably take stupid penalties. They are averaging 64 yards a game of infractions this season. I am selling.

Bobby Bowden will put on  his headset during the game: Not sure why he would, since he has nothing to do with play calling. However, I think he will put them on sometime during the game and pretend that he's still the coach. I am buying.

FSU and Kentucky combined will score 50 points in the game: The Wildcats average almost 37 points a game, while the 'Noles are at 23 points a game. I don't see the 'Noles scoring a large number of points, and Kentucky is missing some of its key players. I am selling.

Kentucky QB Andre Woodson will be sacked at least two times: The 'Noles need to get to Woodson to have a chance. I think Mickey Andrew's defense will. I am buying.

Kentucky QB Andre Woodson will be intercepted at least once: The FSU secondary has to step it up and make some big plays. The 'Noles will be missing interception leader Patrick Robinson but I think they will get at least one pick. I am buying.

FSU QB Drew Weatherford will not be intercepted: Drew has had only one interception this year. Pressure to perform will probably force him to throw some ill-advised passes. I am selling.

De'Cody Fagg will have at least one TD: Fagg will be playing his last game as a 'Nole on Monday. I think he will get one in the bowl. I am buying.

Kentucky will rush for 100 yards or more
: The Wildcats rank fifth in the SEC in rushing, with almost 157 yards per game. The 'Noles are missing some of their key defensive players. I am buying.

Seminoles will rush for 100 yards or more: The 'Noles need to run to eat up the clock and keep the Wildcat offense off the field. They have to run the ball. I am buying.

Preston Parker will get at least one TD: He has been the playmaker for the 'Noles this year. I think he will score. I am buying.

"The Weed" will get at least one FG: Cismesia is making almost 80 percent of his kicks. I am buying.

Noles will score at least 30 points: FSU is averaging a little under 24 points a game. They need to get the offense going, but I don't think they will hit 30. I am selling.