Patriots' Tom Brady Wants To Destroy the NFL and You Can't Stop Him

Joe GillCorrespondent IIDecember 26, 2010

Brady is here to destroy the NFL!
Brady is here to destroy the NFL!Elsa/Getty Images

Are you happy?

You pissed off the man with the flowing locks.

Now Tom Brady is going to destroy you!

If you thought 2007 was an assault of biblical proportions, just wait for this postseason!

You have already witnessed his wicked ways thus far this season.

You said he would miss Randy Moss. Well he proved you wrong yet again.  

Moss factor? Excuse me.

Since Randall Moss committed career suicide, not once but twice this year, Tom Brady has just set two NFL records. He has extended his NFL record to eight straight games with two-plus TD passes and no interceptions. He also shattered Bernie Kosar’s record with 319 consecutive pass attempts without a pick.

Ho-Hum. Just another day at the office for #12.

He doesn’t have a “go to” receiver any more, he just goes to the receiver that is open. It looks like this system is working just fine, to the tune of 34 touchdowns to only four interceptions.

You say that he is in a “dog fight” with Michael Vick (yes, I had to go there) for MVP honors?

But Tom Brady knows that the only MVP award that counts is the one awarded after that little game in February.

Oh, and by the way, Brady has thrown 14 more touchdowns than Michael Vick, and started all 15 games. So just give him the MVP, so he can hang his dirty laundry off of it.

Tom Brady has never been more focused or driven in any season including the almost perfect 2007 season. He was visibly upset against the Bills in Buffalo this week. He was only 15-for-27 for 140 yards.

He was incensed.

He was himself.

Brady is his own worst critic, and he sets the bar so high that he can barely attain it.

This is why Brady is one of the best to every play the quarterback position. He is not even satisfied with passing for three touchdowns and a 28-point lead because he knows that he has to be perfect to give his young team a chance to win.

Tom Brady leads by example, and if you don’t like it, there is the [expletive] door!

His mission is to destroy the NFL, and his reign of terror will not end until his day of reckoning in Dallas.