A White Christmas at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway

No NameAnalyst IDecember 26, 2010

Most people love the idea of having a white Christmas. The folks with ties to the Indianapolis Motor Speedway are no different.

This year, the area had plenty of snow, and IMS was all dressed in white for Christmas day. With a visit from Santa himself on Christmas Eve, there were many things to see at the world famous venue. Santa made a trip up to the Pagoda tower, and even dusted off some snow at the start/finish line in order to kiss the bricks with a couple of his elfs.

Normally when people see the track on TV, it is always shown with one of two things; Either some type of race car, or an empty track due to rain. Nobody likes to see rain during the month of May, as everyone has to sit around when they could be out doing laps.

Not many people really get to see the famous track covered in snow. The pictures are very interesting, and give a totally different perspective of the speedway. Could you imagine if it looked like this during the month of May? It would take an incredible amount of time to get the speedway cleared.

The countdown to Christmas is over, and now most of us have started the countdown to the Indianapolis 500. For those who are keeping track, at the time this article was written, there are 153 days until the big day. The inaugural Indianapolis 500 took place 100 years ago this May. Ray Harroun won that historic race in the Marmon "Wasp."

While these images are nice to look at, and give a rare view of the historic speedway under a blanket of snow, there is nothing I would rather see than this snow melt away, and IndyCars make their way out on the track.

May can not come soon enough.


You can see more pictures of the snow-covered IMS here.