Chris Jericho: On Top of the Westling World

'Rowdy' Ross RutherfordSenior Analyst ISeptember 8, 2008

In recent years, WWE has benefited greatly when they have had heel superstars as world champions.  Some perfect examples are Randy Orton, Edge, and Triple H: all heel champions that had really good runs that made the brand seem more interesting. This is due to the overabundance of face superstars as contenders to their championships, but that's another discussion.

Jericho has been a great heel up to this point, and now that he has the World Heavyweight Championship he will finally be viewed as the "Top Star" on Raw that he has been for the past few months.

Chris Jericho has been the top star on Raw for the past few months, even when he didn't have the world title. Vince was smart to take the title of off CM Punk. Punk wasn't ready for the title and didn't feel like the "Top Guy" he was supposed to be.

Chris Jericho will be a great heel champion and this is just what Raw needs right now. Y2J can give Raw a champion that can be viewed as "The Top Guy" and not as a under carder that got lucky.

However, Punk deserves to be given some credit. His reign proved to be much better than I had expected, but this only proves the "Underdog Champion" thing will never work and I hope WWE doesn’t try it again.

Jericho can now become a champion everyone hates with a passion, much like Triple H, several years ago. He is the type of heel that has too much pride to hide behind a team of jobbers and will take on all comers just so he has a chance to come out afterwards and say, "I beat you, and I did it without any of you fans".

"Y2J" is out to prove that he is everything he says he is, and so far he has lived up to his claim. Vince recognized Jericho's hard work and awesome microphone work skills and ring work that he has been dosing out lately, and now we have Jericho on top of the wrestling world. It will be smooth sailing from here on out.

Here is a quote from my article “Chris Jericho IS Wrestling”:

“Jericho should finish his epic feud with Michaels around January and then have the "King of the World" win the Royal Rumble and Have Y2J have his moment in the sun at Wrestlemania. Then he can come on TV and tell us how he did it without any of our help and how much he deserves this and go on about Shawn Michaels and (insert former champions name here) can't hold a candle to him (I would eat that sort of thing up).”

Chris Jericho accomplished his ultimate goal six months ahead of schedule, and he did exactly what I thought he would. He rubbed it in the faces of Shawn Michaels and all of the fans. I love it.